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    a group of us on here are determined to get this info out to the public at large...we arent going to let Oprah's rejection rain on our parade! I still have the stories originally sent to me...but...many of them were requested to be anonymous, which is fine, BUT! I NEED STORIES WITH CONTACT INFO AS WELL! So, if you are new on hear, havent sent in a story, or know someone who me at Likwise, if you had originaly sent me an anonymous story or simply a link to where it was posted on this forum and would like to provide you name and contact info...please PLEASE re-send me your stories!!!!!

    Those who wish to remain anyonymous your stories are just as valid so please dont be affraid to share!

    There are numerous ideas floating around about differnt journalist and authors who may be willing to help us out....we will keep you all posted

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    I was on hormonal BC for around 7 years. I went from a happy, horny teenager, to an irrational, mentally disturbed person who wanted to lash and kill the people around me. I am now 4 months off BC and starting to get feelings back, anger has gone and things are improving week by week slowly.

    My Side Effects:

    Dianette: 9 months
    Severe debilitating depression, Psychiatric Disturbances, Nausea, Vommiting, Weight Gain, Water Retention, Dry Skin

    Cilest:6 months
    Crying spells, Depression, Severe Weight Gain, Ridiculous Water Retention

    Yasmin:3 years
    Uncontrollable Anger, Depression, Lack of motivation, Nausea, Diahorea of first week of taking it (caused by dsp progesterone in yasmin) Irregular Heart Beat, No Sex Drive, Dry Vagina, Contsant Constant UTI with bloody urine, Dry Skin

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    D 4 A

    thanx for posting! but can you email the info to me with your name and a contact email order for us to use it, the journalists need a contact source. That is unless you wish to remain anonymous

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    Ill PM you my details [​IMG]

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    I am 27 and have sufferred from ovarian cysts and fybrocystic disease in the breasts. Most often, I get the same cysts in the same places and more so in the left breast. They also swell during ovulation. Now, however, I have been taking Loestrin fe since September. I began by doubling up every day for the first week, per my OBGYN b/c I had a week lapse in my previous bc pill(Ovcon). I have since gained 10 lbs, experienced nausea, had no period and more importantly, my left breast ONLY, has swelled up at least a cup size or more. The cysts are in the same place, but the swelling is more than ever before. This is also mildly painful. I spoke to my doctors office and was told that I could stop taking this pill for about 2wks until I get a normal period adn then begin on Ortho Cyclin b/c it's a lower dose hormone. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am going to try to get an appointment w/ my OB anyhow so she can see the breast and see if there's anything else wrong w/ me and if there's anything else that can be done to decrease the swelling. I am currently taking Vitamin E 400 IU, Evening Primrose Oil and Salmon Oil and have been off the Loestrin fe since Sunday.


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    You may be interested in these British Medical Journal letters

    The bleed you get coming off the Pill is not menstruation but a drug induced withdrawal bleed. The drug steroid sex hormones are not the same as your bodily hormones but much more powerful. They completely suppress the bodily hormones in the ovaries and in the immune system.

    When the woman comes off the drug (withdraws it) once a month, the levels of the drug in the body drop suddenly and the womb is forced, entirely artificially, to shed its lining, but this is not menstruation and nothing to do with the woman's own hormones. It is not a sign of fertility or a sign of not being pregnant. It is a drug induced withdrawal bleed. You have to wait to see the true state of your menstruation and that can take at least a couple of months. So it doesn't make sense what your doctor's office says about a "normal period". It's a withdrawal bleed not menstruation. Although sometimes the womb lining can be thinned because progestins can also thin the lining of the womb permanently.

    You may also interested in this webpage

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    come on ladies....I see new posters on here every day! Send me your stories...dont forget your real name as well as your screen name

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    I'm 25 and was on the BCP Ortho Tricyclen for a little over a year. I would just like to say that I think it's terrible that doctors refuse to believe that this tiny little pill could cause so much damage.

    I started going out with my boyfriend a year and a half ago and since starting the pill I completely changed. It almost ruined our relationship and he wanted to break up with me due to my severe mood swings, crying at the drop of a hat, anger, jealousy, rage, and just general bitchiness.

    I can't tell you how glad I am to have found a message board like this one, I thought I was going crazy!

    It's now been 2 weeks since I stopped taking birth control. The first week was awful, I experienced SEVERE depression and anxiety. Two things I have never experienced before in my life. I phoned my doctor and she told me that was an "unusual" reaction to have to the pill and that it should "wash out of your body" fairly quuckly. LIES!

    I'm now on anti-depressants and I feel 100% better. I was really against putting any other medication in my body after what I experienced on birth control but I just couldn't live with the anxiety or depression. Hopefully in a few months I can put this behind me.

    I can tell you one thing, going off birth control was the best thing I've ever done for my relationship, my boyfriend says I'm so much more relaxed and happy now. Hope this story helps!


  9. Hi my name is andrea and I am from canada, I was on the pill for just over a month however I experienced severe moodiness and extreme migraines, nauxiousness and so on the worst part was the withdrawls from the pill which i stoped taking 10 days ago and I was layed up for a whole day throwing up dizzy and with a major migraine, none of the symptoms have ever been explained to me from my family doctor and nor was any other type of contraceptive discussed, constantly he is trying to prescribe me more and more like last time he wrote me a prescription for 6 mths worth ... well im sorry but I would much rather chance getting pregnant than go through pregnancy in 4 weeks every month with Ortho Tricylen-lo I have 2 children already and being pregnant with them was more pleasent than being on the pill or the ortho shot, with the ortho shot I bled for 2.5 mths straight non stop... wow what a sex life I had then ... I am now 23 and in a serious relationship so I'd rather take my chances ...


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    Name: Jen Makin

    Age: 19 (18 when I first became depressed on the pill)

    Pill: Logynon ED april 2005-april 2006.

    Fine for 9months, then I ran two packs together and thats where all the fun started....

    Lost motivation,felt emotionallt detached from friends/boyfriend and family. Lost sex drive, couldn't even watch t.v/listen to music without feeling worse. Came off the pill 3months later and found that I have a hormonal imbalance-depression/anxiety. 7months later still depressed but I'm getting there slowly. Started acupuncture 2months ago and my cycles are now falling into place.Before I started it, they were upto 56 days long!!!!

    No body deserves depression, I'm 19....I should be enjoying uni life and not stuck in my room avoiding people!The reason how I know its the pill is basically because after running the 2packs together I felt awful 21 days, the week on the withdrawal bleed i wasnt great but it eased.

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    Name: Alicia


    Pill: Cerazette

    I was also fine for the first 4 months...

    Then i just became very down all the time, constantly crying and feeling detached from my boyfriend...feeling guilty ALL the time.
    Lost my appetite, loss in sex drive, had no interest in things that i usually enjoyed.

    Been off for nearly 2 months & im slowly starting to feel like myself again.

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    I have been on BCP for over 5 years now not thinking it was having any effect on me but also not really knowing exactly what it does to your body. I guess I was ignorant not to do any research on the short/long term effects. But I guess since I didn't notice anything except for a tiny bit of weight gain probably water weight I thought it was fine. I was on Yasmine for about 5 years and a month ago switched to the lower dosage called Yaz. Right around the same time my doc found abnormalities in my pap and a few weeks later did something called a colposcopy. She tried to make me feel at ease about it but it was a pretty painful procedure where they pluck cells off your cervix for further ananlysis. She told me that the findings from the pap were that I contracted HPV and that I might be at a low risk for cervical dysplasia which is a lesion on your cervix with precancerous cells. Anyhow a week later the results came back and it now turns out that i have HIGH RISK Cervical Dysplasia. I have a large amount of precancerous cells on my cervix. She assured me not to worry that this happens to many women. Now I have to go in for laser surgery for them to remove the cells and there is a 5% chance they will came back. Cervical Dysplasia is NOT Cancer but can lead to it in years to come if left untreated. Anyway-my whole point of that story was that I did plenty of research on my BCP and this condition, including the forums on this site which I find very informative and found out that most BCP's deplete many of the B Vitamins in your body, specifically folic acid. Folic acid contributes to a healthy cervix and prevents certain cancers among other things. Yes, I am aware that Cervical Dysplasia is caused by HPV but had I known all of the effects of BCP I would have taken alot more supplements and vitamins to override what the BCP was doing to my body. I do notice alot of other symptons that I have developed over the years that I had no idea had to do with the deficiency of the B Vitamins in my body. I suggest to all women on BCP to incorporate extra B Vitamin supplements including Folic Acid on top of their Daily Vitamin into their diet. It is not going to hurt and could prevent you from getting what I have. Also, do plenty of research on BCP especially the one your taking because although no hormonal BCP is healthy for your body, I'm sure there are things you can do or take to counteract the negative aspects of it.

  14. Lindsey924

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    Name: Lindsey
    Age: 23

    Pill: Yasmine for 5-6 years
    Yaz for about 1 month

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    I am 30 years old, no kids. I have been on BC pills since I was 16. I probably have been on four or so different brands due to insurance changes, however, I never had any side effects that I am aware of from taking the pill. Now that I am older and the risks are higher, I plan to quit taking the pill and get an IUD next month. Any opinions and advice would be appreciated on my choice to change birth control method.

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    On the topic f HPV, cervical cancer and the pill....check this out!

    "The study supports what many gynecologists have long suspected: that there is a causal connection between the pills and cervical cancer.

    Nearly all sexually active women will be infected by HPV sometime during their lives, but in most cases the immune system quickly eliminates it. However, in some cases, the virus does not go away. If the infection persists, the chances of cancer increase enormously.

    In this study, researchers pooled data from eight earlier studies of 3,769 women from four continents. Of those, 1,853 had cervical cancer, and 1,916 did not. Nearly all the women with cancer tested positive for HPV, while hardly any who were cancer-free had the virus.

    The women who had taken the pill were no more likely than the others to be carriers of HPV, according to the WHO researchers. However, those infected with HPV who had used birth control pills for an accumulated total of five years or more were nearly three times as likely to develop cervical cancer as HPV-infected women who had never taken the pill. The increased risk persisted for up to 14 years after stopping the contraceptives.

    Women who had taken the pill for 10 years or more were four times as likely to get the disease as those who had never taken it. Using the pill for less than five years did not result in a higher chance of cervical cancer.

    So, based on the results from this study it seems logical to conclude that if you've got an HPV infection, oral contraceptives may actually be promoting the rate at which that progresses to cancer."


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    Meeting last Friday in London, England

    1. Dr Ellen Grant, BSEM Founder member, Kingston-upon-Thames

    Effects of progesterone/progestin and oestrogen on blood vessels, nutrition, immunological diseases, and cancer.

    2. Dr Sebastian Mirkin, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, USA

    Effect of progesterone/progestins on vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF mRNA in breast cancer cells. Angiogenesis in breast cancer.

    3. Professor Jan Brosens, Reproductive Sciences, Imperial College, London

    Progesterone/progestin breast carcinogenesis: tissue factor TF gene expression, procoagulant activity, and invasion in a breast cancer cell line.

    4. Dr Jinqiang Chen, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelpha, USA

    Oestrogen carcinogenesis, phytoestrogens and oestrogen and progesterone receptors in mitochondria.

    5. Dr John McLaren-Howard, Laboratory Director, Biolab, London

    Essential nutrients, anti-nutrients, oestrogenic pesticides, toxic metals and DNA-adducts.

    6. Professor Maurizio Cutolo, Research Laboratory and Division of Rheumatology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Genoa, Italy

    Effect on hormones on immunity, immunological diseases and carcinogenic oestrogen metabolites in women and men. (Video presentation)

    7. Professor Dr. med. Martina Döeren, Charity - Berlin University, Berlin

    Epidemiologist's Overview. Meta-analysis: three times more breast cancer with progestin-containing HRT. Annual increases in breast cancer internationally.

    8. Dr Steve Hickey, Department of Chemistry, Manchester City University

    Antioxidant Nutrition and Cancer.

    It may be possible to contact these speakers through

    or individually by searching on the web

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    I am 22 years old and went on Sprintec at the end of June. Everything was ok until almost exactly three months later, I experienced a severe panic attack. I have never had any problems with depression or anxiety in my entire life and it doesn't run in my family. I began to feel completely guilty about insignificant "mistakes" I had my throughout my life. It gave me anxiety and depression. I thought if I didn't confess these things, the anxiety would never go away. This is totally unlike me. I am not a bad person, but I began thinking I was a terrible person. I became extremely homesick and started going home from college every weekend. I never experienced homesickness before while at college. I decided to go off the pill. The anxiety and depression have lessened. I just couldn't believe that BCP could make you mentally so turned-around. I also felt scared everywhere I went. After reading these posts, I feel strongly that BCP are the cause of these strange and scary symptoms. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms???

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    Okay, I saw my doctor this week about this cyst. she says it's an urethral cyst that is caused simply from irritation. she says it will go down in time or it will burst on it's own. she says it's not becuase of the nuvaring since it's placed so far back. i personally don't feel very good about this whole thing. here i am, tryig a new birth control and all of a sudden this thing comes up. i go and take a look again to see how everything is doing and now it appears i have a little rash at the beginning of my vagina. luckily it doesn't hurt or itch but i've had it. it's been just 3 weeks on the nuvaring and i am stopping NOW. I've taken it out and i never want to see this darn thing again. I'm stopping birth control completely to let my body rest from all of these years. i just want to be normal.

    ORTHO-LO: i was on it for a year and started having weird period patterns. i would spot every now and then. Sometimes, I would get my period then spot for the next 7-10 days. I would have pain during sex, and my sex drive went tumbling down. No yeast infections.

    ESTROSTEP, I have never had a bad experience with this however I only spotted during my period. I never had a normal period and I was on it for 8 months. It did give me reoccuring yeast infections though. This never affected my sex drive however I was also celibate (i think spelled it right) at the time go figure.

    NECON 1/35: I was on it for a year. I was fine for the 1st couple of months with the sex drive however after that it went down yet again. i never had a period so don't be surprised. I was on this for a year as well.

    I hear you know of vitamins to help your body during detox. Can you give me some ideas? Thank you for your input. You sent me a website on what birth control does to your body. I really appreciate it and I can't wait to have my life back again.


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    Click on my name and view all my posts and you'll find stuff on what may help.


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