wife wants to be restrained and blindfolded

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by super dad, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. super dad

    super dad New Member

    So the wife said this is one of her fantasies, her exact words ... in a text message were I wan to be tied up and blindfolded and for you to have your way with me.

    Now how do I go about this with out scaring her off? And any ideas on what to use , was thinking neck ties as they soft

  2. mynekogirl

    mynekogirl Member

    This is a level of BDSM.

    In order to be able to understand this request you both have to understand the roles of the submissive and the domme.

    First its not all black leather, whips, chains and safewords. That is for More Experienced players of BDSM and it can get very exotic and odd.

    First if your wife is feeling this from 50 shades of grey then take the book away and give her the Book of O. The Book of O is far more accurate. The movie is almost as erotic as the book. 2 tablets and a visit to Amazon will get you the book.

    Now as for the submissive aka the slave, pet, slut, kajira, servant you have to learn her hidden desires. This is were the eroticism begins. No two women are the same so this is a slow process. Tieing her up and having your way with her is an opening for new erotic adventures like Anal.

    I will recommend you try this. Buy handcuffs and a blindfold a collar. Don't tell her. Next check her calendar and make sure she is finished with her menstrual cycle and not approaching it. Her feeling bloated doesn't feel sexy.

    Its winter. If you can and have the means rent a cabin. Bring rope in the car.

    Ask her to wear a dress. Have dinner and an evening out. Don't tell her about the cabin. On the way get her to remove her clothes. Then blindfold her. When you get to the destination apply handcuffs and her collar. Get the rope from the trunk and lead her nude to the cabin.

    The cold air and night noises will both scare and arouse her. Once inside since she is handcuffed then handcuff her to an object. From there play with her body. Use items to trace her skin. Hopefully by now you woukd have figured out to have oils lotions fruit jelly wine already there. Play with her body for a good while before penetration. You should already know what your wife likes so begin there.

    Now you are the master aka domme. Before you and any other guy reading gets an erection thinking that as a master that you are the big dog......your wrong. You are not in control. Let me repeat it once more. You are not in control!

    The submissive is the one in control. She or if there is women reading this and dream about dominating their guy; He is the one with the true power.

    Your submissive is allowing you to have control over them. Which means that they can take it away. A true master/mistress knows this to be true. So leave the ego out of the game.

    Now using the rope.

    It can be used in many ways. Now my late wife loved anal and she loved public. So on a trip to las Vegas I tied her arms behind her and lead her to a window. I placed her body against the window and I used a strap on and penetrated her from behind. Before her orgasm I removed her blindfold. Knowing she was getting it in her back door and being an exhibitionist really got her off. But the best part was during the cuddling was kissing and looking at the window and seeing were her body left marks. Hottest part was the idea of a female housekeeping getting turned on by that while cleaning it up.

    BDSM can be very fun. And depending on her fantasies can get very exotic. So here is one more piece of advice. Don't judge her fantasies. Let her explore it. The more fantasies she explores the higher the chances of you living out your own secret dreams aka threesomes.

    And yes I can even explain how BDSM can get you a second girl even with a wife/girlfriend who is unwilling.

  3. super dad

    super dad New Member

    Never read or seen 50 shades movie this was solely her request

  4. super dad

    super dad New Member

    My only reservation is she hasn't set any boundaries or limits, how do I know how far to take it? The only thing I do know is she is not into pain

  5. mynekogirl

    mynekogirl Member

    That's a different form of BDSM. Allow me to explain:

    Think of BDSM as a restaurant. Different choices for different reasons and people.

    Bondage and being dominated is part of the lifestyle. Your wife is looking only to be tied up and used.

    Humiliation is another form of BDSM. During the sex some women like to be told why they are bad girls others more extreme were they want to be truly humiliated. For example when I was younger I had 3 submissive women. One evening one got a little disrespectful so I bound her took her home locked her in her cage and she had ro watch as I had sex with 2 of her sisters (aka fellow submissives). She had to watch me with them and during the sex I would say to her "don't you wish this was you?" And because she was still bound and in the cage she couldn't leave nor touch herself.

    There are other forms of BDSM. Public is one were she is put on display for others to watch.

    Other forms get into extreme such as:
    Pain Dolls
    Leather Dolls
    Blood Dolls
    Shock Dolls
    Death Dolls

    Then you get into dark extreme like urinating, enema and defecate. personally I find the latter gross but some people are into it.

  6. Mobarakk

    Mobarakk New Member

    you seem to be a sexpert..thamk you for advice

  7. mynekogirl

    mynekogirl Member

    Lets just say I have been around the block a few times.

    I have done some crazy things in my youth from all girl orgy to nude base jumping.

  8. Jason_Hunt

    Jason_Hunt New Member

    Just fulfill what she wants as per her text message. The use a rope and neck tie should suffice. Make the act of tying up and blindfolding part of the foreplay. That should arouse her even more. After you tie her up and blindfold her, do what you normally would do in a sex session. It seems to me that she is very expressive. Ask her what more she wants by whispering into her ear sensually and lovingly. She would let you know where her limit is.

  9. flower

    flower New Member

    Yes fullfill what she wants. She is lucky woman to have a man that wants to and asking around for advise to plz her. I myself have often asked first in hints then bluntly. I also want blindfolded and tied up. But husband refuses. He reason is he has been in handcuffs for overly speeding and didn't like it. So refuses to do it me. Good luck and enjoy.

  10. jcromp

    jcromp Member

    Did you do it? How did it go? Being dominated is a very common fantasy for women and personally, I love it. Not every time, of course. I still love gentle, romantic sex too. It all depends on my mood. Anyway, if you haven't done it yet, definitely try it. She wouldn't ask so explicitly if she wasn't really into it and didn't trust you a lot. Don't worry about her limits, just do what she's asking. Once you have her tied up and blindfolded, spend a lot of time caressing, kissing all the places she likes to be kissed, lots of foreplay. Whisper in her ear asking if you're meeting her expectations. She'll tell you and you'll likely already know by her response to what you're doing. If you're getting a good response from her, try being a little rougher, like grabbing her firmly, speeding up your erotic kissing, grab a handful of her hair while you're deeply kissing her. You'll know by her response if you're going down the right path. Afterwords, ask her what she thought.

  11. mynekogirl

    mynekogirl Member

    Ok curiosity beckons. Did you try it?

  12. Mr. Wonka

    Mr. Wonka New Member

    If she wants to be blindfolded, she wants to be surprised. If she also wants to be bound, she wants to be teased. Use a new feather duster and slowly slide it up and down her body. Use an extra soft artist's paint brush and glaze over her nipples. Slowly slide it down the center of her stomach, and then on down to her mons. Use pure imagination and tease her with anything that will make her purr! When you find one of those delishious spots and she squirms, continue to tease that spot! Then of course you can proceed with the usual palette of sensual love with your OWN tools! Main thing is, keep surprising her and make it known, that once you discover a sensitive spot, there is nothing she can do to stop you!


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