Wife experiences sudden pain during sex

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by WorriedHusband, Aug 21, 2016.

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    We've been together for almost 9 years, married for 5. Sex was pain free while were dating, but when we got married, she got on birth control. This unfortunately led to lowered sex drive due to the hormones and the few times times we had sex, it would hurt. After about a 2 years of trying different pills that would help according to her OBGYN, we had no improvement. The doctor said she was fine, even after doing an ultrasound to be sure. Now, after 3 years of no birth control, she still has sudden pain during sex.

    According to her, the pain is internal and deep, and she feels it only when I fully enter. At times the pain also feels like cramps. We can be in one position and everything is ok but suddenly the pain begins, and once it starts it will hurt regardless of the position. We have also taken foreplay into account, and there have times where inter

    We have tried multiple positions but once it starts, it is always there but to different degrees. We can be in one position for a few minutes and it will just start hurting out of nowhere. The positions can also vary since in one session can be fin

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    oh well... I do know what she feels, or at least I can guess so because I've also had extremely bad and sudden pains during sex. However you mentioned that everything started after she started to take birth control pills so it might be something else. For me it was everything as usual, we did started to have a little bit more of "intense" sex but then out of a sudden an extreme pain in my belly started. Like he hit something while inside of mine. The pain was so bad that I couldn't move for like 5 minutes... or maybe even more. and I literally couldn't move and barely breathe. I only wanted to say that you're wife is not alone with this and just wanted to ask if you find out what's that to let me know either. I am going to do the same.


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