Why I'm choosing organic tampons now

Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by Annie P, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Annie P

    Annie P New Member

    Found a really cool Kickstarter project that has taught me heaps about what goes into regular tampons. I'm making the switch for sure, what do you guys think?

    There are so many toxins in regular tampons and we need to talk about it. I've been uses tampons for over 10 years now and I won't be anymore. I think this is a really worthy project!


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  2. GPH

    GPH Member

    I switched to organic tampons and pantiliners/pads several months-a yr ago. I was having a lot of irritation during my period, which has gone away/vastly improved since switching to organic.

  3. Moni5

    Moni5 New Member

    I will look into it. I think of organic food but never tampons.

  4. Deally55

    Deally55 Member

    thanks, I found it useful, generally I want to use everything only organic!


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