Who here has had depression/anxiety/ocd?

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by Tempting Toffee, Aug 12, 2008.

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  2. pinkFlames

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    I've suffered from social anxiety all my life. Sometimes I've lapsed into bouts of depression. I also have serious self esteem issues. My mother walked out on me and left me in the company of tradesmen when I was 3 or 4. Then I was bullied and ostracized at school because my eyes weren't straight and I had a nervous speech defect. In my teens I lived with my father and my step-mother who doesn't like kids and obsessed with every one of my defects/quirks, especially my figure. I get nervous making coffee for visitors and never cook if anyone other than my daughter is around. I would even stop cooking if any of my boyfriends entered the kitchen. When I've been at my worst, I've panicked when neighbours have spotted me checking my letterbox. I'm just beginning Schema Therapy which is a form of CBT.

  3. courtneygirl84

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    i have depression and anxiety (and panic disorder), was diagnosed at 16, im now 24 [​IMG]

    i have been on a few different meds -zoloft made me even more depressed, sorta helped the anxiety.
    effexor was the worst, made my panic attacks a billion times worse/more frequent, felt like my skin was crawling, i was dizzy, and i actually felt suicidal for the first time ever, but not coz i was depressed, just to make the horrible feelings go away.
    i got off that and was put on lexapro for around 2 years, and xanax to control the panic attacks...
    Ive been off all meds for about a year now, and although i do have some bad days here and there, i feel better for not taking them, and just using the techniques i learnt in counselling.
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  4. Tempting Toffee

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    I'm glad you have gotten it under control [​IMG]

  5. MNM

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    Well I've had bad anxiety for years now and finaly went on meds for it about 6 months ago. I did realy well on them and actualy felt normal for once. Then after being on the meds for 2 months my prescription ran out and I didn't re-fill it. That was a mistake. I have a DR's appointment on thursday to re-fill my "acrphex" for the acid reflux and my anxiety medication as well.....

  6. *melcat*

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    can someone help me i dont know what to do. basically i have a history of very bad depression, eating disorders and self harm since quite a young age. i have tried to not take anti depressants as much as poss but have taken them over 2 periods of time and then come off them myself without doctors advice.

    anyway my husbands daddy is in the hospital and it looks like he is dying. he has heart , kidney and liver failure. he also has multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. it seems like he may only have afew days to live but of course no one really knows. anyway my husbands entire family is so close, his dad is really the backbone of the family. he has also been so good to me. my daddy left when i was young and then didnt bother with us until he was dying from cancer 6 years ago. anyway what i really mean is this is way worse for me cos my father in law has been so good to me and i feel loved by him in a way i never felt loved by my actual dad. but i just dno how im gonna get my DH thru this. hes so close to his dad and is such a good caring person anyway. im waffling now but im so confused. mainly cos i know i need to be strong and the only way i know how to do that is revert into myself and be destructive with drink, drugs and self harm. all secretly of course.

    i really dont want to take meds again but do u think it would be a good idea to pre-empt this whole thing and jsut go to the docs tomorrow and get something? im sorry im just so lost

  7. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. (((hugs)))

    I'm not sure if meds would help when the issue is situational. Perhaps some one to talk too would work better.

    All you can do is just be there for your hubby! Hug him. Don't be afraid to show your emotions! Your hubby will understand, and perhaps will find it easier for himself to discuss it.

  8. *melcat*

    *melcat* New Member

    thank u TC for replying i am so grateful. u are right it is very situational. altho i have been to the docs just this week about not coping very well in general so im not sure whats happnin with me! this was before we even knew how bad his dad was. anyway i think u are right i shouldnt just jump right in there in terms of meds, especially as im not comfy takin them anyway re side effects etc.

    really, thank u for taking the time to reply. i know u have had ur struggles and ur advice comes from the heart and i am so glad to talk to someone who understands

  9. Slvrtide

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    I think Toffee Crunch is right. Talking to a therapist might be great for you right now. When I was dealing with some mental stuff that's what helped me, more than the meds. Someone to talk to, who's removed from the situation and who's job is to help you feel better can sometimes be incredibly helpful.

  10. Myste

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    Don't discount the value of the meds either. You've got a lot on your plate already coping on your own with your depression. You're handling it quite well, but why not let the meds help with that burden while you cope with the new ones? I didn't like taking the meds I was on either.

    I look at it like this: Depression is like having a 100 lb weight dragging you down all the time. No matter how well you're coping with that one, you're having another 100 lb weight added with all the stress you have coming up. Why not let a friend (meds and therapy) help lift the first weight while you deal with the new one?

  11. Allison_82

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    Great advice, Myste. A combination of meds and therapy is actually the solution shown most effective in research (esp. for depression).

    Melcat, while your problem does sound situational, it also sounds like it has the possibility to have some long-lasting consequences. Grief is grief and not depression, but grief can trigger a bout of depression...and that could last awhile. So I agree with what others are saying in that therapy and maybe meds is a great idea. Also do lots of good things for yourself...self-care is so important in dealing with loss.

    Pinkflames, I was wondering how Schema Therapy is going? I integrate some schema work into my practice (although I am not a purely CBT therapist) with clients and I'm interested in the client perspective.


  12. sapphire

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    melcat, I'm sorry to hear all you're going through (((melcat))). You'll be in my thoughts. I think you've got some good advice from the others here already, so I really don't have much to add, but I will say you're not alone. Obviously you have support here, and while I know you'll be strong for DH, he's there for you too. You'll need to lean on each other. You're also not alone in that I can relate a bit (though I'm not trying to say that I understand how you feel) - I too have a history of self-harm and disordered eating (was never actually diagnosed with a full-blown disorder), and when things got hard for me in December I found myself wanting to revert back and it terrified me (it's been 8 years since I worked through that, so it scared me to see it again). I think it's understandable that we find it tempting to go back to old ways of coping when we're under extreme stress. The fact you recognize it and are looking for help to get through is a really, really good sign. You'll be in my thoughts.

    I don't want to take away from the current discussion, but I was wondering if any of you might have some advice for me? I don't have a history of official depression or anxiety, but as I just said to melcat, I do have the self-harm & disordered eating in my past. And in the past 2+ years of ttc, I've had some pretty dark times where I've found it hard to cope. Just before Christmas I really struggled - didn't want to eat anything, which for me is a huge danger sign. It was situational - I had miscarried a couple weeks before, was staying with my in-laws hours away from home and was dealing with Christmas. I got through that, and generally have been doing okay since. Not great, but okay.

    The past week, though, I've been feeling really down. Just sad and kind of blah all the time, not motivated to get stuff done (work, my class, my volunteer thing, things around the house) and feeling like the stuff I do need to do is too much; I feel overwhelmed. Yesterday was especially bad, I came home and cried on DH's shoulder and just felt like crawling into bed and not facing anything. It sounds awful when I write it out like that. I am still going through the motions, I'm getting up for work, talking with friends, etc, but this is how I feel inside. Some days I realize that it will get better and some days are just harder than others, but sometimes it scares me to feel this way too. any thoughts?

  13. loveeAllee

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    i have depression and ocd. a couple weeks ago there was a fire in one of the houses across the street from mine. from that day i have been preoccupied with checking my basement and house all over to make sure there wont be a fire. i do this a couple times a night, i even set up an alarm to make sure i wake up every half hour to check the house. i am so afraid of this and am on pills to control this. my psych says its a form of ocd and anxiety with of course depression. it is totally true that all these come hand in hand. with the depression i am not even attending school because i am not social at all and dont have many friends there. i am also very scared to leave my house, yet again because of there being a fire there. i will be home schooled now. depression ruins peoples lives. its my senior yr and this "disease" happened to me. i hope i will get better. hope all of you will too.

  14. paleokaren

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    I have been diagnosed with bipolar, severe anxiety and ocd. I have been dealing with these issues since i was about 15 and am now 32. My husband and I want to have a baby but with my current mental state it seems impossible to deal with. I am currently on meds for bipolar and the anxiety. I see that many of you have had to deal with this issue. My main question is how do you come off the meds so you can become pregnant with out going completey crazy!? If it wasn't for the meds i wouldn't be able to handle going to work and just doing daily activities. Especially the bipolar. It's like being on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I can only imagine what becoming pregnant and dealing with those hormones are going to be like. I'm very scared about coming off the meds and going straight into pregnancy. Not to mention I've been on the pill since I was 18. So any advice and/or recommendations on how to proceed is greatly appreciated!

  15. demon-dolly

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    I would recommend that you talk with your doctor and discuss which meds would be safe for you to take while pregnant. I would not recommend abandoning all of your meds, I think that would do you more harm than good.

  16. Raunchy-Row

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    I agree with dolly. Changing the types of medications used to treat bipolar disorder is something that should be done under the supervision of a trained professional (MD or psychologist) who can help you determine what course is the best for you--it's not something you should do on your own. Keep us posted, and good luck!
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  17. paleokaren

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    thanks guys...i figured i would just have to stop everything but have been told by my ob/gyn that some anxiety meds are ok in low doses...i still have to talk to my psychiatrist to figure out what i can do about the bipolar meds....so far it looks as if they're not safe for the baby but maybe there are some out there that are...one problem is that my husband doesn't want me to be on any meds while pregnant...wouldn't that be wonderful..but he doesn't live w/bipolar and anxiety like i do so i guess i have to find some middle ground...i appreciate you all getting back to me though!

  18. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    I know this thread is old, but I'm curious to know how everyone is doing. With such a common illness being discussed, I'm surprised there aren't more recent posts.

    I'm suffering from anxiety after going off birth control and it is so hard. I really feel for everyone having gone through this and would love to hear how you are now.

  19. JillF

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    Funny you mention birth control pills-- because for me, I think the pill made my anxiety worse! I think coming off of them helped in me getting a better hold of my anxiety.

    I think I would have still had anxiety even if I never took the pill. But I think the pill elevated it to a much higher level.

    When did you quit the pill Kimberjean?

  20. novi

    novi New Member

    Colostrum. Anyone wanting a solution needs to try this. It's 100 percent natural.

    See my postings over on the Contraception forum. If you want any chance of fixing this... give it a try!! I literally woke up after drinking a couple small glasses of this and am... amazingly... a new woman.

    If you want to continue life struggling, thinking negative thoughts, thinking something is wrong with you and not knowing what, feeling like you can't control your own body, being tired, sad, emotional, having OCD, paranoia, not caring about sex... all like I was, then ignore this post.

    FYI - if you have EVER been on birth control, or currently are... it's likely the cause of your depression and mental problems. I KNOW because I was there for waaaaay too long.

    The colostrum can fix this... but only if you ditch the hormonal birth control.


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