Who here has had depression/anxiety/ocd?

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by Tempting Toffee, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member


    As most of you know I have depression, anxiety and ocd. Pretty much all linked together.

    I just wondered who here has depression etc, how you're dealing with it, or if you've gotten over it completely? How long did it take?

    I've been depressed since January 2006, I'm much better now, but I'm not 'myself' still [​IMG]

    Jen xxx

  2. pinkdoodler

    pinkdoodler New Member

    *raises hand*

    I've always suffered with anxiety. I get anxious over such stupid things, and instead of getting angry or upset, I throw up.
    When my first bf left me (we were together for 6 years)I was very depressed for months, and had such bad anxiety with it. I was sick every morning, I couldn't eat, and my parents literally had to FORCE me to! I'd have a mouthful of spaghetti and I'd feel full. I lost about a stone and a half in a month! (Kept most of it off, which was one good thing I suppose.) I was adamant that I didn't want anti-depressants, so I took sleeping pills and beta blockers (but they did nothing) and I also had counselling.
    Met my current bf quite soon after, which was also a big factor in my recovery.
    I guess because I knew what caused the depression, it was easier to deal with. I had a lot of good friends and family around me to help. It was like grief, I suppose. I'm still not fully over that though. I'm the most paranoid person you'll ever meet, and I convince myself I'm fat even though I way less than 8 1/2 stone.
    As you know I suffered from pill-related depression recently too. But this is still ongoing. Got a lot better though!
    I've never had the ocd thing. There are certain funny things I do but I've always done them, like collecting sticky labels. I'm the messiest person and I've never understood those people who have to clean the toilet 700 times a day!
    My depression isn't as severe as yours, but I still understand when people say they're depressed. I used to think it was just an excuse but now I've suffered with it, I know it's a difficult illness and a lot of people don't understand that!

  3. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Anxiety fo sho. Only rears its' ugly head when I'm super stressed out though, or feeling insecure. I had it mildly when I was younger but it got WAY worse after BCP.

  4. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    I definitely have had anxiety and depression.

    I have had it my whole life, but my panic attacks started a few years ago. They got so bad that I started to get really sick. I had lots of stomach problems and so on that were being caused by my anxiety. Finally I sought out help with the help of a psychiatrist and my regular Doctor. I took zoloft for about two years and also went to therapy for a while.

    I finally got off all my meds May 2007 and I have been doing quite well. Life is never perfect that is for sure, but I never felt myself on the antidepressants. They were my lifesaver for a long time, but I am glad I am off of them...but I know now that they work if I ever needed them again.

    I could go on for days about my anxiety, but I will tell you this. Things get better. I still have my bad days which are horrible, but then sooner or later it is followed by a good one [​IMG]

  5. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    Oh I should probably add that when I got off birth control my panic attacks nearly vanished.

  6. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    i've recently (over the past year) developed anxiety and panic attacks. Over stupid things too like going to the grocery store-stupid. Its gotten much better since i stopped bc pills but i have good days and bad days.

  7. Jessucka

    Jessucka New Member

    I've experienced anxiety, but I wouldnt say I have it. My guy has it. He's on medication for it. It's a social anxiety, which I find ironic b/c he is a social butterfly. A ham. Loves to be the center of attention.

    I have OCD tendencies. I HAVE to wash my hands and put lotion on them whenever they get wet. I get antsy if it cant be done and will go out of my way to make it happen. (stop a vehicle. Open a bottle of lotion of the shelf at a store, etc.)

    Not really sure if that is what you meant.

    My friend thinks I am depressed and in denial. According to her i've been denial for atleast a year. I think i've just been lazy and unmotivated.
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  8. Tonglen guy

    Tonglen guy Active Member

    Depression and anxiety. Meds help, but the anxiety can creep up on me from stress, which I deal with in my job and at home. My wife has been fighting depression all her life and has been disabled from work for about six or seven years with chronic pain. My depression developed slowly; it may actually be all anxiety. Sometimes it's impossible to tell the two apart. At any rate, it pretty much shuts me down from time to time. I can tell its getting out of hand when I start a particular spasming cough. Its a trademark of sorts; always leads to a gag reflex and then I lose my lunch. Has nothing to do with how my stomach feels because the action is all up around my trachea. Pisser.

  9. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    I have had anxiety for years.

    Have had depression since my son was born (diagnosed as post partum depression) and I am still on meds for this, but doing much better. I wasn't able to work for 3 years, but am now back to work, 2 jobs actually!

    My anxiety has gotten to the point now that when it starts I actually am getting chest pains, that radiate all around to my back. I am finding this concerning.....

  10. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

  11. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dolly, have you tried Omegas? DHA and EPH or whatever it's called? They're doing front-line research on the use of Omegas to treat anxiety and depression, and you can't OD on them or anything--they might be worth a shot.

    Also, try rescue remedy--you can get it at the healthfood store. My mom used to use it when she got asthma attacks--she would panic because she couldn't breathe, and it really helped. Hang in there!

  12. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    I've just started adding evening primrose oil to my diet, it's rich in omegas? ( i think).

  13. pinkdoodler

    pinkdoodler New Member

    This morning and last night were horrible. I'm trying to come off 5-HTP but I'm finding it really hard! I've been a lot more teary than usual. I've started taking it every two days rather than every day and I'm feeling that the days I don't have it I feel really low. Like this morning I had a fight with my bf for no reason. Anyone have any advice with coming off 5-HTP? Or should I keep taking it?

    Toffee I hope you don't mind I copied your idea of a weight loss ticker, hehe!

  14. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Hehehehe not at all [​IMG] It wasn't really my idea. Yours is lovely!

    I'd keep at it for longer if I were you, no point in coming off too soon.

  15. pinkdoodler

    pinkdoodler New Member

    I might do then. I forgot to take it one day and felt fine, so thought it would be ok to stop! Also I've been told to stop taking my B-vits cos I have a stomach bug so that's probably not helping!

  16. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    Row, I take Omega 3-6-9, when I remember to.

  17. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dolly: Remind yourself more! The 3s are what are really beneficial [​IMG]

    Pinkdoodler--I agree with TC, stay on until you start to feel solidly good ALL the time, then slowly taper off and stay at a lower dose until you feel stable there, etc. All in all I think I was on it for a year, possibly longer, before I came off.

  18. Tonglen guy

    Tonglen guy Active Member

    I'm taking buspar for anxiety and, when I remember to take it, it seems to be effective. I notice more when I do not take it. I'm on 30 mg in the am and another 30 mid day, but frequently do not take the second dose. That seems to be when I have difficulties. It does address the whole chest/stomach pain thing and the tracheal spasms.

    I'm also drinking green tea instead of coffee and I expect that is helping. I have one cup of real coffee at 6 AM in the morning and no more for the rest of the day. Used to drink it by the potful and that went nowhere good.
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  19. Tarsia

    Tarsia New Member

    Yeah, I hit some depression pretty hard not too long before leaving my Ex. Bad bad scene and he was the root cause of some of it.

    I got into counceling a few months before I left him (it's been two years since I left him). That at least gave me some validation as to what I was feeling and understanding that what I was going through was okay (more or less).

    I found exercise really helped me.. going for long walks especially helped me sort out what was going on in my brain. I would walk and dialogue to myself. I also bicycle and do some weights off and on, which also all helps. Getting out and socializing I think also helped. Took a couple random vacations to some friends on the other side of the country.. just got away for a bit to .. rediscover life.

    I'm still not sure I've fully kicked it. I found my depression played odds with my creativity. Now I'm more to the point where I can be creative if I pay attention to it, but I don't get consumed by it anymore like I did a few years ago. I haven't really had any depressive spells in, probably, 8 months at least. I get down sometimes, but it doesn't seem too abnormal. Not that I ever got depressive spells really bad either. The joy of life was just sucked out of me for a while.

    I never really hit any OCD. The only anxiety I've had was when my thyroid was acting up too much (I'm a little hyperthyroid). Well, I think I might have had the occasional anxious burst over something, but maybe like, two in three years that I don't think I can link to my thyroid.
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  20. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hey Jen,
    My last year in college 2003 I was really depressed, thinking suicide all the time, just wasn't doing well at all. I also had a panic attack over missing the bus!!! That was just plain ridiculous!! [​IMG] I went to talk to the college doctor and she gave me a prescription for Paxil. I was on it until December 2003 when I decided to wean myself off of them on my own (which apparently is definately NOT recommended without talking to someone) , because I was in a different city and didn't have a doctor and didn't want to be re-evaluated since I was feeling better so to speak.

    In 2005 I went through soooo much stress and not too sure about depression, but I have coped with it quite well this passed year. It sort of came back a bit after I miscarried, but I was strong and let myself talk about my feelings and was back to myself again. I have to honestly say that I do have days that I don't feel like doing anything or that my life is going no where, but I have improved so much and for being unmedicated I am very happy [​IMG]

    My family has a history of addiction and depression, so it was bound to get me somewhere. Anyways I have learned to keep positive and relax and give time to myself. Also another thing that helps me is when I wake up I brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed and I feel better all day long afterwards. If I don't , then my day is lost and quiet like it is today, haha!

    Jen, i'm really sorry to hear about your depression hun, I completely understand where you are coming from. I honestly have to say that I have not completely overcome the beast but am doing much better coping on my own.

    Oh and my ocd was soooo bad before I had Audrey, now I'm not nearly as paranoid, don't know how that happened, but I guess having a baby may have restarted my body in some way, shape or form, hehe!


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