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Discussion in 'Natural Birth Control' started by MyrtleWarbler, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. PinkNett

    PinkNett New Member

    I am going to continue to look for a class in a somewhat near area. Along with reading all the books I can get my hands on that deal with Natural BC as well. That seems to help me. Keeping my mind focused on the positives.

    I think I would pefer to be labled crazy- and feel as well as I do off the pill then to be normal and miserable on the pill.

    Oh if only others would see!

  2. keppers

    keppers New Member

    I hear you. I was to the point that I thought an unplanned pregnancy would be better than staying on the pill! I mean we're still TTA, but I just came to terms with the fact that it was possible, and was I ready for those consquences? Funny, because since starting to think about coming off the pill and stopping the pill, I actually am starting to think fondly of the idea of getting pregnant. LOL! Actually, maybe it is just the fact that I turned 30. So cliche...ugh... Anyways, we're still TTA...

    Anyways, I agree with you about the trade-off. And I am so happy to be off the pill!!! I guess only other people will see if people like us take the risk of modeling it as a possibility and proving that it works?

  3. PinkNett

    PinkNett New Member

    I feel the same way at times while using this method. I think I appreciate the full aspect of conceiving and having a child more now. Hopefully you’re not as bad as me, I've already picked out the names. LOL!! And we are TTA. I am 25 and I do find that it gets more and more appealing each year that passes. Usually for me I will go for a few months really wanting a child, then my senses will kick in and I am ok for a month or so.

    I am starting my 5th month of charting now. Things are looking much more clear and I see a better pattern. The one thing I still seem to have a problem tracking and noticing is CM. Mine seems sporadic and out of balance.

  4. keppers

    keppers New Member

    LOL! We've casually discussed names, too. That's a good way to describe the feeling. One becomes sentimental and then reality kicks in. Of course, they say somehow, it always works out. [​IMG]

    I can't remember...did you come off hbc or not? I think my body is still adjusting so sometimes my chart still seems a little vague and lc has been very cautious. Also, I used to O early and now it's on time or late. Kind of weird.

    I think my main problem with the CM is having the discipline to check it. The tempature reading is a little easier for me. But I guess I probably still don't have much finesse in reading CM...except fertile and not fertile.

  5. PinkNett

    PinkNett New Member

    I did come off HBC, and I think that may have some affect on my CM. I have seriously considered taking pictures of it each day, then after ovulation I can look at every day and distinguish what it would be. I seem to be able to use the pictures in TCOYF to identify it, but then it just seems out of order. Like yesterday I found what appeared to be EW after two day of creamy. Then today we are back to creamy, but all the days have had very wet sensation. But what really makes all of it seem out of whack is that I typically do not O until day 16. So fertile CM seems to soon now?

  6. keppers

    keppers New Member

    Yes, I think it would effect your CM just coming off HBC. And I think it is okay that it seems a little out of whack so far. Someone was explaining on one of the threads, that it is like your body is trying to O, and then stalls, and tries to O again and stalls, and then finally makes it? I think it is called patches of CM? I think maybe your body might still learning how to function again?

  7. PinkNett

    PinkNett New Member

    Would someone mind to take a look at my chart (link below) I was sick days 12-14 and fertility friend is not able to pin point my ovulation, if there was one. It looks to me like O happened on day 16 which has been my average day for the last few months.

    What do you think?

  8. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Looks like day 16 to me. Maybe if you added any fertile CM you had to days 14, 15, 16 it might verify O? maybe play around with that...

  9. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    It looks likely to be CD16 to me as well. I think FF is not confirming it because you had several discarded temps right before that time.

  10. PinkNett

    PinkNett New Member

    Thanks for taking a look- I’m just not sure what is going on this month. My temps are up one day and then down (on or below what would be the cover line)the next. I think for now I will have to treat this like a anovulary cycle and be cautious. I didn't enter my CM on FF yet due to the fact that it is a little off still from the HBC.

  11. WhiTniZZle

    WhiTniZZle New Member

    Hey there!! I just wanted to share my excitement! [​IMG] I'm on Cd51, and I finally ovulated post pill!!! It wasn't quite as long as I was afraid it might be!!! Woo hoo! AND the best part is I got my first green light on Saturday and have had green ever since!!! [​IMG] YAY! Now I'm just waiting for my menses to show up any day now, seeing as I am 12 DPO.
    I am still just so amazed at how our bodies work! and that it is not more common to know thsi much about ourselves!!! I feel so powerful!!! [​IMG]

  12. mcrmama

    mcrmama New Member

    Awesome! My baby started waking more at night and I have gone back to a more annovulatory pattern, both with my temps and cm. Last month my temps had really started to get more consistent and my cm was looking a lot more fertile so I think it was it's first attempt postpartum.

    I am going away for a coue of days in 2 weeks and I think I have decided not to tKe lc with me. It is likely that my little one will have strange sleeping patterns while we are gone and I will be in a different time zone so unlikely to be worth it for such a short trip. Since I am not yet cycling either, it is probBly not a big deal to miss a couple of days

  13. Weirdartist

    Weirdartist New Member

    hello [​IMG] I am currently using condoms, but want to move towards only using them for part of the month, now I finally have OH on board (when he is convinced I am unlikely to get pregnant!) lol. Personally I want 1 more child, and would rather sooner than later, but he wants to wait a few more years, so I'm kinda hoping for an accident (would never deceive my partner), much as I'd s**t myself if I was pregnant.... Anyhoo, I have started temping again, but only on FF because I cannot afford a ladycomp (saving up in case I did get pregnant) hoping to have a few days of bareback this month between ovulating and AF, and maybe getting a bit more serious as we get our confidence up.

  14. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    Hi WA- this thread looks pretty old but I suggest you check out the most recent Lady Comps posts as they have lots of tips for natuarl birth control, beyond a Lady Comp.

  15. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Hi WA,
    in my experience the FF application isn't great for contraception. It's designed for achieving pregnancy and it's ok as a tool for visualizing your temps, when you use a lady-comp for example.
    I'd recommend you get the book "Taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler and start either manual charting, or use the tool on her web site that will let you decide if you want it for contraception or conception; it's a much more reliable IMHO. Or if you have a smart phone, I can recommend the mynfp app, it's based on Sensiplan, which is a well studied German fertility awareness method.

    Alternatively, there is also the cyclotest fertility computer, which is a lot cheaper than the lady-comp and basically does the same!

    Good luck!

  16. Jenny13

    Jenny13 Member

    Hey ladies!

    I usually post in the "Effects of stopping birth control" forum...so I'm new here. Hopefully you guys can help. I started doing fertility charting back in Oct 2012 after I stopped taking the pill (soooo many awful side effects!). I wanted to find out if anyone else does this and whether you do it online or on paper. I've decided to build a new website that will help women chart and help educate women who want a natural method. Fertility Friend and the other sites I've seen feel really old and don't quite have all the features I'd like to see. Women who chart deserve an amazing, beautiful website that wasn't built in the '90s, so I'd love to get some input on things you'd like to see on a new site (e.g. symptom tracking over your cycle, symptom severity, etc)!

    Any help whatsoever would be SO great! Thanks =)

  17. Meagan Teutsch

    Meagan Teutsch New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I started using the fertility awareness based method 2 months ago.

    Is the lady comp recommended by my most users on this forum as an accurate and effective means of birth control? What about Centchroman?

    Currently I'm taking my basal temp with a basal thermometer. I've been very diligent about charting my temperatures and cervical fluid and everything else. However, despite this, there's some ambiguity about which days I'm infertile, especially proceeding ovulation.

    The Lady Comp's system would seem to be more error proof. Than using a basal temp reading and cervical fluid reading alone.

    My biggest concern is fertility after my period and before I ovulate. I've had differing symptoms like dryness that would indicate I'm infertile on my 9th and 10th day. Another concern is someone ovulates twice, I would imagine that progesterone would rise regardless after the first egg is released.

    In any case, I would love to know other people's experience with it as an effective means of birth control.

    Thank you so much!

  18. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Hi there and welcome to the forum!

    Centchroman or Saheli is also a form of birth control that messes with what is happening in your body whereas fertility awareness works with your body

    What is your specific concern about the pre-o time? The lady comp will initially give you 5 days at the start, no matter your personal circumstances or observations. It will then each month approximate closer to your expected o date. The pre-o time is the weak point of all natural methods.
    The lady comp is good but expensive. If you have already learnt fertility awareness I'm not sure which particular benefit you are going to get; unless you are getting lazy of course, then it's brilliant.

  19. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Meagan,

    I've been using Lady Comp since Sep and have found it most useful as a check with what I've already learned about FAM. It is an expensive backup to traditional charting, but worth it to me because I did not immediately feel comfortable with the signs my body was giving. One major reason for this is that I was previously using hormonal birth control (for 9 years!) and my body is acting a bit erratically (temps sometimes a little confusing, spotting early, light periods, lack of most cervical fluid stages). So the Lady Comp is very useful to me for these reasons.

    I was also concerned about the rare event of a double ovulation and brought this up in a post on this site. I was assured that this event is known to happen only within 24 hours of the first ovulation. I've verified this with studies I've found online. Lady Comp (and the rules of FAM) account for this by requiring 3 high temps before assuming the fertile phase is over. I've also read about the hormonal process that must take place for ovulation to occur. It is a process, and this has given me assurance that my body won't just ovulate on the fly at any given moment!

    As for the time before ovulation, my DH and I are pretty certain we need to avoid pregnancy for the time being, so we've been abstaining after my period until after ovulation happens and I have the three high temps and green lights from Lady Comp. It's really a small window of time, since I also have that week of spotting pre-period, but obviously most healthy women don't have that so there's usually a couple weeks of freedom to do whatever you want. I would recommend that waiting time for anyone, at least until they feel completely comfortable with the signs of ovulation. Also, my Lady Comp gives me red lights immediately after my period, although this may be unique to women with shorter cycles since they tend to ovulate shortly after their period.

    And I'd also like to mention that at first I was afraid this method would limit intimacy between me and my DH, especially with my body recovering from hormonal birth control, but it has actually done the opposite. So the 2+ weeks out of the cycle that certain things are off limits, isn't as bad as it sounds. [​IMG] I hope that it is working out well for you too!

  20. CTgrell

    CTgrell New Member

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