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Discussion in 'Natural Birth Control' started by MyrtleWarbler, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. MyrtleWarbler

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    The Natural Birth Control subforum was created to meet the growing interest in birth control methods that do not involve any kind of medication or internal device... not even herbs or non-hormonal medications. While there is no official definition, I’d say it could be defined as any method that reads, records, and interprets the signs of fertility that Nature provides without any intervention... and utilizes them for the prevention of pregnancy! These methods might involve nothing more than your own fingers and a pencil and paper... or a fancy computer-integrated thermometer like the LadyComp and others!

    I see this forum as a place to talk about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), charting interpretation and problems, LadyComp questions and concerns, etc. Do keep in mind it is not intended solely for LadyComp users, although that will understandably be a large part of the discussions. You are encouraged to start new threads about specific problems or ideas related to any form of Natural Birth Control!

    Many women use charting for the purposes of getting pregnant, rather than contraception, and the makers of LadyComp provide the similar BabyComp for the same purpose. So, there will likely be ttc visitors now and then... but those ladies are good at interpreting charts, so their input is welcomed, as long as the focus here remains on contraception! Plus, many of them may be considering putting those skills to use for birth control after or between their children. Most importantly, this will be a subforum where new users might learn something about their bodies, and their contraceptive options.

    PUMPKIN and D4A have been added as moderators, because of their extensive experience with these methods!

    Have fun, ladies!

  2. Amanda34

    Amanda34 New Member

    yeah!! Our own category! Thanks Myrtle! Goodie! Pumpkin and D4A for moderators!!


  3. Leticia

    Leticia New Member

    Yihaaaaaaa, here we are!!

  4. Temptress Tally

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    I really need this

  5. RedDirtGirl

    RedDirtGirl New Member

    This is fantastic!

  6. MyrtleWarbler

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    Hi Ladies!...

    I just wanted to announce what you may have already noticed yourself!... Jessica83 is now a Moderator in Contraception so that she can be of direct assistance here in Natural Birth Control! I'm sure you have all realized how helpful and knowledgeable she is! Due to her change in birth control use and therefore change in her amount of forum activity, Pumpkin stepped aside as a moderator... but she wants you all to know she is still checking in and will continue to remain as a member who can answer questions!!
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  7. kath0lee

    kath0lee New Member

    Hello Ladies..I just joined this forum because I started doing some research on natural birth control and you guys came up along my quest. I just ordered myself a LadyComp and am sooo excited about using it and finally getting myself off of birth control. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions along the way and all of you girls seem to be so supportive [​IMG]
    See you around!

  8. sherifa

    sherifa New Member

    Hi. I am a new member. I have beautiful 2 yr old daughter. I am interested in a natural birth control.

  9. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    I just wanted to introduce myself to the board. [​IMG]
    I'm 31 and I've been using the Ladycomp for about six month. I've spent some time reading the old posts on this board and I have learned a lot from them. I feel even more in control now, and I'm very comfortable with my choice of birth control.

    See you in the threads! [​IMG]

  10. MissAngela88

    MissAngela88 New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I just got LC but I'm also going to start charting on FF. Question, what is the best way to check CM?

  11. Calanou

    Calanou New Member

    I dunno what´s "best" - if you follow the FF online lessons, they talk a lot about it, the lessons are reeeeally worth checking, and they´re for free.
    Personally, I just observe my panties and occassionally wipe with toilet paper (before I go pee). Seems enough to me to know.

  12. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I always check at my cervix. It's more accurate and reliable because by the time it makes it down to the opening so that you can check it when you wipe, several hours will have passed from the time it was at your cervix and it is already starting to dry up. It's not the most "current" information by the time it gets down there.

  13. MissAngela88

    MissAngela88 New Member

    Thanks guys!

    I started checking my CM and so far, so good, it's super easy.

    I finally got my period, thus first green days with LC...I hadn't looked forward to a period like that before! (Does happy period dance)

  14. Eres11

    Eres11 New Member

    I am really excited to see there are a number of women who are switching to natural fertility management. Three years ago I purchased the Lady-Comp while in Europe and it changed my life. After many years of suffering horrible side effects from the pill and the 'ring' I was extremely frustrated by the lack of options available to me. Having tried various pill formulas and brands over the years, many of which were touted as "lighter" with fewer side-effects, my experience was the extreme opposite. The side-effects I experienced evolved from the discomfort of cramps and headaches, to extremely frightening symptoms including frequent and long bouts of respiratory infections, to extreme lower back pain and leg pain, which can be a sign of a blood clot. At that time, the Today Sponge was not available either (it is back!) and there were few feasible options available. Using the Lady-Comp has not only provided a reliable way to track my cycle, but it has also given me the added (and unexpected) benefit of a sense of empowerment and well being. I finally feel connected to my body and good in my skin. The leg pain and back pain vanished, my immunity has definitely improved, my periods are less painful and more manageable, and I know that my choices are now completely within my control.

  15. Eres11

    Eres11 New Member

    I would like to add one more comment about using natural fertility management.

    Our generation is so conditioned to believe the answers lie outside of our nature, our control, and our personal awareness of our bodies. Well, in fact they do not. There is no "magic pill" as we are taught to believe and more often than not, the magic lies within taking responsibility for one's actions and body. Every hormone-based contraceptive method comes with a long list of negative, if not potentially fatal, side-effects. We are constantly told that the cases of massive injury or death (related to the pill or ring) represent a tiny minority (35+ female smokers) when in fact, these injuries and deaths are happening every day to very young and otherwise healthy women who do not fit that profile. The media simply does not give this subject adequate coverage and the pharmaceutical companies spend millions each year on advertising campaigns to keep us convinced that their products are perfectly safe and appropriate for every application from controlling acne, to birth control, to stopping our periods (who needs mother nature?!). Millions of us have handed over our wallets and our most precious possession - our bodies -- at a very high expense.

    I personally wish that every woman would stop to consider that she is perfectly capable of knowing and taking care of herself absent the harmful drugs. Having an intimate relationship with one's cycle is a gift.

  16. DQ143

    DQ143 New Member

    Hello Ladies,

    Just wondering if anyone here is using FAM? I used it ttc and now I'm hopeful to use for bc since I don't want to go back on the pill or do an IUD. Just had a couple of questions to help me out with a few things. Pls PM me so I won't everyone w/ them.

  17. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I do. I've used it in the past with no problems. I started doing that again a few months ago with a Baby Comp, but since BF and I aren't very careful on my fertile days we decided to "sort of" try and are kind of just seeing what happens instead of really diving in and going for it right now.

  18. JenJ

    JenJ New Member

    Hi everyone
    I am 39 and just coming off the pill. I wanted to stop taking the hormones, so I recently purchased a LC for contraception and have been using it for 10 days now. Thanks for this forum so that there is somewhere to ask questions!

  19. Meagan

    Meagan New Member

    Hello ladies-

    I wasn't sure where to post this question, but here goes...

    I stopped taking the pill and decided I want to go with an all natural method of birth control. The LadyComp sounds great, but money is a factor for me because I have to make a few other big ticket purchases right now (tires for my car, etc) and so it's kind of bad timing.

    So my question is, has anyone used just a regular fertility/ovulation monitor from the pharmacy? If so, can you please offer some feedback in terms of effectiveness, etc?

    Thank you very much! Your advice and opinions are much appreciated.



    NKLOUIS New Member

    regular fertility methods from pharmacy are expensive. test strips type. if money is an issue you should buy a cheap basil thermometer from the pharmacy and join fertility friends. much more economical. I bought a babycomp last year, it was quite expensive, but I did financing so it wasn't too bad. I have noticed the price has dropped considerably and that you can finance for about $30 a month for 12 months. you may want to try ova cue though it is similar to babycomp, with the exception of the price tag and has optional vag sensor.


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