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Discussion in 'Dieting and Weight' started by leeaman7777, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    I just wanted to welcome everyone to the new area we have....

    You can use this area for weight loss Q&A, advice, share achievements you have made with other members, to help encourage each other with what they are doing as well as share what works or has worked for you and workouts that you enjoy.

    This is not just for members that are losing or wanting to start to lose, but as well members that have already lost or wanting to just maintain their weight.. I would say anything to do with weight this is a good place to discuss....

    Hope you all enjoy...

  2. Falkner

    Falkner New Member

    Hi dear,

    Most welcome. I like this area, it is good place for sharing the information about the weight loss. It provide great help for losing the weight and maintaining its average rang. It provide good information about the best weight loss exercises and weight loss foods.

  3. Allon Watson

    Allon Watson New Member


    Thank you

  4. mackwhite

    mackwhite New Member

    Thank you so much for such a warm welcome.

  5. ennysmith@in.com

    ennysmith@in.com New Member

    Thanks for such welcome.

  6. Aiden1

    Aiden1 New Member

    Hello guys h r u/
    My name is Aiken and i am a new user on this forums/I live in USA.I really love this forum very much and i also like its thread too/Guys i introduce the topic of related health in this forums/ Because every one know that health is a wealth/I hope that you are feel more enjoy and also get more information with my comments/thanks//

  7. sharjeel

    sharjeel New Member

    thank you so much for a warm welcome

  8. LidaLi

    LidaLi New Member

    Hi Ladies!!!

  9. fanbrits johnson

    fanbrits johnson New Member

  10. StarJane

    StarJane New Member

    Hello every one! I am in good form now but just four monthes ago I was very fat, more then 70. If you have this problems too, please thing about your nutrition firstly, then follow sport actions every day. And also I recoments you to visit pressure therapy for making your skin more beautiful and stressed. It's really helps!


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