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    Good Morning ladies,

    I had a pretty wacky April! I usually follow my menstrual app on my phone to see when my AF is expected. The app is pretty spot on if not I will be one day early or one day late. This month I had scare because I was 7 days late. Like all of us women do we assume we are possible pregnant. I took a hpt and got a negative. So it put my mind at ease but last night I had some mild cramping. Not unbearable cramps just like an uncomfortable feeling and my back started to ache. I thought it was all due to me cleaning my restroom and room from head to toe. Okay let me make this short now I'm blabbing. Before bed I went to use the restroom and I wiped and I had light pink/brownish discharge. I look down in the toilet bowl and there was....

    Idk how to describe it. I didn't have any pain during it. Like I said mild not even mild is not the word. Just small cramps hours before. I had to take a picture. Sorry I wish I could've taken a better picture. And no more bleeding after that until now. It's the next morning and I am bleeding pretty heavily. Seems like I am on my AF! Lol any one have any idea of what these things are in the picture? Or what's going on with me?

    Thanks :)


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