We Had Sex Already!!!3 Weeks Post Partum...

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Guest, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    haha thats what we do, the pull out meathod. it worked for 2 years too, kaydance was concieved the one single time we didnt pull out lol. we are back to doing that again, until march of 09 when we wont do anything and see what happens. i guess we will be TTC, but not trying hard, just letting nature take its course lol

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yeah yikes!I bet that was hard!

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I never trusted the pull out method,thats how I got preg with my ex boyfirend. [​IMG]

    Either way,its' condoms until i get an IUD or hubby gets the snip.

  4. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member


    You are really fertile after you have a baby, bleeding or not bleeding!!! OMG you are nuts hunny!! YOu kept telling me to NOT do the pull out method (I was like 7 months post partum NOT 3 weeks!!! haha) that you got preggo with Teo that way....naughty girl doing things she used to tell people NOT to do, haha!! Good luck ever using condoms, haha, we are soo not condom people, the real thing is just feels too good to be covered up, so I hope to not have to follow you through another pregnancy soon, but if I have to, I'll be your support the entire 9 months LOL!!

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    LOL,I wont get preg gutter don't worry.I do know a LITTLe bit about it!LOL...I know you have to quit your PP bleeding for more than 3 days in order to ovulate,your cervix closes and your eggs release...Also breast feeding although not a contraceptive lowers the chances even more.I am still kind of spotting from before on and off.But thats it now.no more bareback until one of us gets "fixed" LOL I don't want to risk it anymore than you!

  6. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Bareback, LOL!!! Well Holi, glad you know what your up against, hehe!

  7. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Holi... my guess is that the bleeding is still post pregnancy bleeding. The thrusting action may have started it up again. [​IMG] Remember, you gotta give things in your uterus time to heal and settle.

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah thats what I thought too.It's obviously suffered a huge trauma down there!LOL,it makes sense that the bleeding is still post partum .However,these last 2 days I have been having AF type cramps again...perhaps it's ralted to that but perhaps it might be just things still going back to how they were before.The whole after baby contraception thing is really a problem isnt' it.I have noticed everyone here seems ot be having trouble getting their heads around it.

  9. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Holi, you aren't the only one, so it doesn't matter what you decide you want to do. Personally I had no desire to have any hanky panky at 3 weeks PP, I could barely walk because my recovery was traumatic. But I mean if you can do it at 3 weeks, your recovery must be spectacular and only wish I could rub some of that off onto me...do what your little heart desires and I know that there are others that can do the deed just as early as you can, so I'm glad to hear that it is possible, just not something I could imagine I'd be doing at 3 weeks PP, hehe!

  10. Lily_Blossom

    Lily_Blossom New Member

    Holi as far as the uterus cramping, with a second baby, you may cramp more as your uterus gets back to size. I don't know why that is, but my friend said that with each baby she has (she has 4) the shrinking of the uterus becomes more painful, and lasts longer, it even comes and goes for a while.

    If you have the withdrawal method mastered, it can be very effective. Hubby and I used nothing but the pull out method for an entire year, when we weren't TTC. As soon as we made the decision not to pull out, and TTC, I was pregnant that same month.

    I think it just comes down to the man knowing his body really well, my hubby has the withdrawal method mastered, he always pulls out before the "business" happens.

    Holi, I realize you got preggo with Teo using the withdrawal method, but I think if you are careful, you wouldn't have to worry now [​IMG] Just make sure your DH pulls out before the release starts, and that he keeps the release away from your womanly parts [​IMG]

    Here is what an article says about the withdrawal method.

    "Like many methods of birth control, reliable effectiveness is achieved only by correct and consistent use. The primary cause of failure of the withdrawal method is the lack of self-control of those using it. Poor timing of the withdrawal can result in semen on the vulva, which can easily migrate into the female reproductive tract. Some medical professionals view withdrawal as an ineffective method of birth control. In contrast, a recent study in Iran found that provinces with higher rates of withdrawal use do not have higher fertility rates, and that the contribution of withdrawal use to unintended pregnancies is not markedly different from that of other commonly used methods such as the pill or condom.

    It has been suggested that the pre-ejaculate ("Cowper's fluid") emitted by the penis prior to ejaculation contains spermatozoa (sperm cells), which can easily pass into the upper female genital tract in the presence of cervical mucus. However, several small studies have failed to find any viable sperm in the fluid. While no large conclusive studies have been done, it is now believed the primary cause of method (correct-use) failure is the pre-ejaculate fluid picking up sperm from a previous ejaculation. For this reason, it is recommended that users of withdrawal have the male partner urinate between ejaculations, to clear the urethra of sperm, and wash any ejaculate from objects that might come near the woman's vulva (e.g. hands and penis).
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  11. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    yeah i said it earlier i think, but me and DF used the withdrawl meathod for 2 years very succesfully, and we got pregnant cause hid didnt pull out at all the one time (lol, we talked about it first, its not like he just decided not to!). so apparently we are very fertile, but were ok for 2 years! we have also been using that ever since kaydance was born from 5 weeks PP and nothing so far, so i guess it works for us.

    from now on though if we decide we want him to finish inside me, he puts on a condom!!!!!

  12. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    D4A and Fifi, are members that fell pregnant from withdrawal. You've been extremely lucky!

  13. Spotless__Mind

    Spotless__Mind New Member

    Me and husband used withdrawal method for 11 years.

    Only when we decide to ttc did he stopped pulling out.

    And now we've been using it again since first time we have sex 5 weeks after V was born.

    I guess it works for us too!

  14. adelahorn3

    adelahorn3 New Member

    Everyone is different. There's no norm, or set time, when you should aim to have sex after pregnancy. The most important thing is to wait until you are physically and emotionally ready.


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