We Had Sex Already!!!3 Weeks Post Partum...

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Guest, Jul 31, 2008.

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    WARNING: Graphic post!
    I know a lot of 'proffesionals' say you should wait until your check up,or the 6 week mark...but I didn't...Guess what girls...I am ok! LOL

    Have been horny for a while which is unbelievable to me because not even 3 full weeks ago,I gave birth...however,I had no tearing,just grazing and although I have stopped bleeding for a few days now I was afraid it would hurt.

    So we were just fooling around (it was not planned,I had intended on waiting at least another week or so)and we kinda just attempted it,I was worried it would hurt and be like 'hotdog in a hallway' because...well I just had a baby.Almost worse for me than it hurting would be like feeding a tictac to a whale with no friction for him...

    Thankfully,for us both it did not feel like that,it felt really nice,although it was short and experimental more than anything.I think we will have to use lube/condoms though,I am not getting an IUD for a while and we are not going on the pill,but I just wanted to say,if your not torn/cut during birth,you CAN have sex,do not worry!Hubby is pretty large as well,so don't loose hope all those ladies who are afraid of having sex again.I am doing pelvic floor exercises everyday and when I pee's last night it stung a bit which made me think we should have waited a bit longer but today it's fine again and I have no soreness/pain.

    Anyway,sorry for the TMI post but I thought I'd document it for research purpouses and the sake of ladies who wonder..."how soon can you have sex after childbirth!"I'm sure I'm not setting any records but still.. Almost 3 weeks after the birth seems pretty soon to me.My friens who's a labour and delivery nurse told me,as long as you have not bled for 3 days in a row or more,it's ok....

    Anyway...thats all!
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  2. Penguin-Goon

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    shes right, i had an episiotomy and still we had sex after like 5 weeks, once i was all healed up and not bleeding. i was kind of scared that it would hurt or rip me back open or somthing, and also like you said that i would be like some cavernous hole lol. but it was fine, a tiny bit sore afterwards, but nothing to bad. plus he said it felt like the dr might have stitched me up just a tiny bit tighter lol. bonus for him i guess

  3. *mel*

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    When my sister had her second child she asked how long she should wait before having sex and was told whenever she felt ready. She had sex THREE DAYS after giving birth and had no problems!!!!!

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    It was 10 days after having Alex that we had sex. Was a bit sore and scratchy but then again I was stitched from tears and up my vagina from surgery after a uteraine rupture. Cervix was sore too. Dont think we should have though looking back on it now as I still hurt when we have sex, after 5 mths!

    We were told when ever we felt ready, just happened that we were ready at 10 days lol

  5. sky5209

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    Wow, HOLI that's great!!! Not so lucky here. I have still absolutely NO sex drive. Poor DH!!!!

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    WHAT......I would just like to remind everyone what Miss Kitty told me when 2 weeks PP.....

    yeah.......you see it too!!!!! at LEAST until your 6 week PP appointment!!!!! Your a naughty little minx Kitty kat!! LOL!!!!! [​IMG] I hope you are sat there reading this laughing with me!!!

    All jokes aside though we did end up getting it on about 3-4 weeks PP as I recall and for me it felt quite dry and I experienced this horrid burning sensation (due to the dryness!!) but thankfully thing's are all back to normal [​IMG]
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  7. Alluring-Ash

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    I'm sorry to me that it just so funny!! [​IMG]

    So happy for you dear
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    I know!LOL after doing some readin I realised what a crock of @$#%^@ it was!I am sorry that I said that babe,I had read a horror story in a "womans weekly" or something about some lady having a baby and having sex 2 days later,she died because an air bubble got into her blood stream and caused an embolism,I think I was young when I read it and although it was a one off freak occurance,it worried me!LOL
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  9. gutterflower

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    Way to go Holi!!!

    Can't say the same for myself [​IMG] but after 7 months PP it was somewhat not nearly as painful and was more pleasurable. I had an episiotomy and tearing and wasn't healed until 7 months PP. I think I have been psychologically scarred with my recovery process, since I am always nervous to do anything intimate [​IMG]

  10. rylee mack

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    Nika: That's funny, what you said about the stitching up. My dr actually SAID to my DH, "I put an extra stitch in just for you!" No kidding! I was like what the crap?? LOL. It was very funny though and something I'm not likely to forget [​IMG]

    Kitty: Congrats on DTD [​IMG]

    I honestly don't remember when DH and I did it for the first time postpartum (though I'm sure it's in a thread here somewhere). I do recall it not being very comfortable and I think it was more of an "Ok, lets get this over with" than me actually being turned on. lol. It got things started though I guess.

  11. Lily_Blossom

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    Ok, I am just laughing my head off at Cleo's post!!!! You know Kitty, as long as it isn't hurting, I wouldn't worry. Just don't get preggo!!!

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    really!lol...i do not want that to happen...i know i am ok for this second but when we next do it...condoms i think.i hate them but...needs must...I am looking forward to having some chandelier swinging sex in the not too distant futur!LOL
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  13. Lily_Blossom

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    BTW, Kitty, I love your new signature!!! You must be a t-shirt Hell fan like me!

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    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!I got LOADs moroe that I stole from that site....however...the "slavery gets @$#%^@ done" one I thought,would perhaps not go down quite so well!LOL

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    Did it again teehee...no soreness this time!

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    OK - I have two questions for you!

    1.) How have you had time to have sex twice already??????
    2.) How do you have the ENERGY to have sex twice already???????



  17. *mel*

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    Just a word of warning here. I know a girl that got pregnant during the first month after giving birth [​IMG] Hope you are being safe kitty [​IMG]

  18. Penguin-Goon

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    good lord, i couldnt imagine getting preggo that quick and dealing with a newborn too!!!

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    Yeah I know.we are being "safe" I guess,pulling out.I know that doesnt work but for now it's all we have,I think also the chances of me getting preg are very slim because I had only stopped bleeding for like 2 days before we did.

    Today I am having AF pains and what seems like a little lilght bleeding.How soon can you get AF after birth?

  20. *mel*

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    I know, she got a real telling off from her Dr and had a terrible labour too! Too much stress for her body to go through twice in one year!


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