Watching Men Masturbate

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by maxgirlnc, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. gino

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    FYI....GINO...I am banning you......

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    Sorry thats NOT what we are about here.....
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  3. enough_already

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    It's guys like you who make all men seem desperate and single-minded.

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  4. enough_already

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  5. BentBuddhist

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    In my opinion, it doesn't matter. It's just sex. Even though it's one sided, it is masturbation, it is self sex, and it's not sad to beat off in front of a women. Besides, they wouldn't be watching if they didn't want to. Rape is sad and wrong. Not exhibitionism. I have done the whole web cam thing and I'd do it again. I get off from pleasing a woman and if that means letting her watch me jerk off there's nothing wrong with that. It feels good to please her, and to please myself. It's a win/win. Ladies, hit me up [​IMG]

  6. BentBuddhist

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    Ha, don't get me wrong, though....I wouldn't go as far as Gino.

  7. GrahamS

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    I don't think it's sad at all on webcam. Especially in the situation when you and your partner are physically separated for a period of time. I've done it a few times by request for my lover.

    It's especially good if the other person is enjoying it and you can see them on their webcam appreciating it. Brings out the exhibitionist in me.

  8. SumSumpin

    SumSumpin New Member

    Well I won't go so far as to offer my masterbating services. I'll save that for my wifey.

    I will, however, make a comment that I love to touch myself infront of my wife. I wouldn't call it masterbating cause I only do it when we are playing. It's especially sexy when I get close to cumming. she get's a little jealous and wants to make me cum herself, which I am more than happy to oblige.

    Now on the other side of the fence. I absolutely love it when she touches herself. It's even better when she's on the operating end of her dildo, I really enjoy watching her slide it in an out of herself. Damn Sexy. I really love that woman!

  9. Farlyngston

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    honestly I love watching men masturbating which is why I don't mind hanging out at MrSexCam every so often

  10. lovely-jubbly

    lovely-jubbly New Member

    I love watching men masturbate! Me and my boyfriend will do it together and it feels great! During sex I will ask him to masturbate over me whilst I touch myself for a bit and then we will go back to having sex. If someone is comfortable enough to do that then why not. Personally I'd prefer not over webcam but everyone has there preferences and they shouldn't be judged for that

  11. Ginger

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    Why are there 2 Watching Men Masturbate threads?

  12. Bubba

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    I'm a sexy 25 year old man. Who is horny and loves to have women watch as he masterbates with his big bard cock. Any girls who want to have some fun on Skype. My Skype is bubba.smith29

  13. Rickinator1969

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    I prefer to do it in real life where a woman can see me :eek:

  14. Rickinator1969

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    wow, hot that you like it.

  15. Bren

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    I do it a lot with couples, I watch them have sex and masturbate to them doing it, and I always enjoy, especially the more interactive they are

  16. Bren

    Bren New Member

    I do it a lot with couples, I watch them have sex and masturbate to them doing it, and I always enjoy, especially the more interactive they are

  17. Dave

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    As one who is watched, I've been doing this for about fifteen years now. I'm fit and attractive, have a great relationship with my partner and we've done it together sometimes. I'm blessed to have a larger and somewhat unusual member the ladies find very appealing. I've learned how to control myself so that I can ejaculate twice or three times within five or ten minutes. This also seems to interest women. I don't unusually get many offers to reciprocate on cam, because it seems most women claim they don't have a cam (really? Dollar store sells them now, lol). Regardless, I find it exciting when I know I'm turning a woman on. If I can help her with her release, then I'm happier. There are many women that check on me regularly. I do it most days, and I'm still having daily sex with my girl (my libido is through the roof). My girl likes to watch me too.

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