Watching Men Masturbate

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by maxgirlnc, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. sacrebleu

    sacrebleu New Member

    It's cool man, fantasies are personal. Whether others approve or not, eh, no diff no how, ya' know? If it makes your socks roll up and down and you're not harming unconsenting parties, what the hell? [​IMG]
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  2. incognito

    incognito New Member

    Oh, I agree! I don't think you're sad for wanting such a thing.
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  3. sacrebleu

    sacrebleu New Member

    Sorry, were you speaking to Married Curious? I was just giving him a thumbs up to dream on, not expressing that I'd ever want to be on cam.

    In-store cam filming me with a hot lady, yeah, but webcam, eh, not my thing.
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  4. maxgirlnc

    maxgirlnc New Member

    A girl friend of mine does masturbate with her boy friend on cam. You can do it on MSN or Yahoo. Yahoo is great because can go in room called Self Pleasure and IM guys who have cam. This is not pay sex but guys doing natural thing that would otherwise do it alone. Some guys have a headset and you chat with them (on MIC). That is pretty cool...can see and hear. As I mentioned to kick this subject off, I sometimes find my self turned on...and the guy on the otherend can hear me. Sometime, if with right guy, cam to cam would be cool!! Better than masturbating alone!! (we all masturbate - let's admit!!)
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  5. sacrebleu

    sacrebleu New Member

    I don't masturbate. I'm pure and chaste.

    I'm also the King of Italy.
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  6. courtneygirl84

    courtneygirl84 New Member

    Normally i find it quite off putting...

    But my ex recently sent me a video of him doing it (by phone) as i had previously sent him one (of me).... Now, because he NEVER masturbates (seriously, he did like twice in the whole 5 years we were dating, he thinks it feels unnatural... but thats another story), i found it hot and really cool that he would do it so openly for me.

    so i guess, the answer is yes. lol [​IMG]

  7. wyme

    wyme Active Member

    And how's that working for ya, Your Highness??? o
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  8. sacrebleu

    sacrebleu New Member

    The hours suck, but the pay is good.
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  9. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    LMAO....So thats what we gotta do to stop killing kittens..Become the king of italy..... [​IMG]
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  10. incognito

    incognito New Member

    Gargh. Yes, I was talking to MC.

    MC, I don't want you to feel judged from my post. I was answering from my own point of view, which could be utterly wrong. =)
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  11. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    lol, that cracked me up....

    I love to watch my man stroke himself. Very sexy. Mutual masterbation is the best of both worlds.
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  12. slow4g63

    slow4g63 New Member

    Hey i will masturbate all day long for girls on cam, if u wanna watch my yahoo name is [just a PM away. contact him if you want it].

  13. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    Hey slow down there turbo, thats not what we do hear... [​IMG]

    (sorry juls, just taking out his name - c)
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  14. lazergun

    lazergun New Member

    id watch my hubby do it but i feel a bit left out, i dont mind him doing it though. we used to do it for eachother over cam when i was abroad which i liked!
    my postie would do it on cam now and again for me though - i find it kinda hot.

  15. incognito

    incognito New Member


  16. Juicy-Juls

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  17. Rodth

    Rodth New Member

    Hehe... I am from NC orginally. Oh, this thread, nah, can't let you watch as much as I want too and would enjoy it... wife would not aprove.

  18. lazergun

    lazergun New Member

    postie - my post man or i think they are called mail man in america

  19. actually .. i do lol

  20. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    I like watching too i find it sexy but then i normally end up putting my mouth there over his head or stroking him with my tongue while he's busy
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