Watching Men Masturbate

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Fenrir202, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Fenrir202

    Fenrir202 New Member

    Guy here. Are there any women out there that like watching guys on cam masturbating?

    I'm just wondering how many of you are turned on by it. Thanks for your input!

    (I hope it's ok to post in a women's forum, sorry if it's not!)

  2. chrisclo

    chrisclo Member

    I've actually been asking my BF to give me a 'show' for months, but he's really shy. I'm not sure if I could keep my hands off and just watch, but it's a really hot idea in my head [​IMG]
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  3. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    Watching porn of men masturbating...Nope not for me!

    Having my SO masturbate on a cam for me while he's away....YEs!! [​IMG]

  4. YES on both counts. Very Inspiring sight, the second one!!!
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  6. Fenrir202

    Fenrir202 New Member

  7. naughty_nurse

    naughty_nurse New Member

    I adore watching my man masterbate in all his male magnificence mmmmm yum yum its even better if I lup up after he is done

  8. MissS

    MissS Member

    I love to watch!
    We do it in front of each other so we both get a good show.

  9. mollyhart

    mollyhart New Member

    It looks pretty amazing when it shoots high so i've ridden and then i jump off to see. And he likes me to swollow but i also mouthed off him and saw. Also a boy at the beach last year did at the beach when i kissed my girlfriend lol its funny to kiss in front of guys.

  10. sallyjoseph

    sallyjoseph New Member

    I don't know if every women like to watch men masturbate, but I can't think of anything I don't like watching a woman do naked except stand in front of the TV when the game is on. I have found... that in a committed sexual relationship... that watching your SO please themselves is perfectly normal... voyeuristic aspect.. of a complete relationship..

  11. I don’t enjoy watching men masturbate.

    I do enjoy the show that my DH puts out for me frequently, on his own or at my request.
    I also enjoy watching him do that for me when he is traveling.
    And of course I LOVE to watch him being masturbated by his wife….. he screams for mercy,,,,

  12. TrentHarris

    TrentHarris New Member

    It's amazing.

  13. mica

    mica New Member

    My man likes to cum in my panties

  14. hi mica,
    like,,,,, he fucks you and when he is going to cum he pulls out, grab your panties, put his dick on them and release his load to avoid impregnating you?
    he fucks you with your panties on and when ready he comes out and unload between you and your panties?

    I would say there is a BIG difference in those two very similar results.

  15. mica

    mica New Member

    Hi hot dreamer2011 he likes me to give him a pantyjob I wrap my panties around is cock and masturbate until he cums,and is cream dribbles on to my panties,it makes me so wet

  16. mica

    mica New Member

    What does men's cum taste like never tried it

  17. OK, what it seems to be is that your man has a fetich related to girls panties. Nothing wrong in itself with the exception of whether he makes you orgasm each time or turns around and go to sleep.
    Thanks for replying on the subject. Good luck.

  18. mica

    mica New Member

    I would luv to watch a man masturbate while I'm on my own,for me it would be a great turn on watching and listening to him

  19. JennL

    JennL Member

    watching guys masturbate is one of my fave kinds of porn to see. after a few minutes of that I am *ready*!! :)
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  20. psychology007

    psychology007 New Member

    Hi guys, this topic seems very relevant to my research project.

    its about the effects of mutual pornography use on sexual and relationship satisfaction in women. If you are female, in a relationship and watch pornography with your partner could you please fill in my questionnaire? Should only take 5-10 mins, thank you!


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