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Discussion in 'General Health' started by laura1234, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. laura1234

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    I did a search and didn't come up with anyone else posting on this. Has anyone had pain from varicose veins? I've had pain in my left ankle and back of my knee for some time. It was a while before I discovered what it was as the veins are not very prominent.

    The pain isn't sharp, just a constant ache. It hurts most when sitting for long periods and in the morning. It used to hurt even when sleeping at night but that has gotten better recently. The pain also seems tied to hormonal changes. It's worse around ovulation and around my period. It feels better when I'm walking and doing other exercise.

    I've tried horse chestnut extract and pycnogenol, both to no effect. I also tried wearing some tight socks/hose to compress the area and keep it from swelling. That helps a little, but not much. Ibuprophen helps, but I don't want to be taking that indefinitely.

    Does anyone have ideas on what might help? Creams or herbal remedies or even doctor prescribed remedies that worked?

  2. Raunchy-Row

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    Is it swollen? I would see a doc just to rule out a thrombosis (blood clot) of some sort.

  3. laura1234

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    good point, i probably should see a doctor.

    no, not visibly swollen. but i assume the swollen vein is what's causing the pain.

  4. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    yeah, I would check to be safe.

  5. sultryprincess

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    most vein thrombosis cases have a pretty warm calf area, you might want to check that. claudication may also be a differential diagnosis for your narrated symptoms.

  6. laura1234

    laura1234 Member

    thanks you two for your input. i actually just went to the doctor, and it was as i suspected. she said not to be worried about blood clots. the pain is more in my ankle and back my thigh. the veins are pretty visible on the back of my thigh, so she was quite sure varicose veins are my problem. she said i can wear compression hose or have surgery, and that the pain is likely to stay the same or get worse. yay!

    i looked up claudicatioon, but that seems to be more pain from exercise. i have pain when i'm not exercising--exercise actually makes the pain lessen.

    i was just wondering if anyone had treated this pain successfully with herbs such as horse chestnut or white oak, etc. i've seen some commercial preparations with several herbs included, however i'd like recommendations if anyone has them before trying them out. thanks!

  7. bookworm05

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    Can't the dermatologist just give you some sort of shot these days to dissolve the veins?

  8. Absy

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    My mom and I were just talking about the same thing-- she has a large vericose vein in the back of her knee that was hurting today. She had them quite badly when she was pregnant. She says the best thing to do is keep walking/ light exercise and put your leg up when you can-- sitting around is what makes it hurt most.

  9. kirst87

    kirst87 New Member

    I have this problem too, I went to the doctor and he completely ruled out varicose veins!! He said because I'm young (22) and don't smoke that it can't possibly be my circulation. He prescribed me some Quinine Sulphate tablets that I think are more for muscle spasms or something. I don't know, do you think I should get a second opinion? Some dark veins appeared a few weeks ago, and they've been hurting for the past week. My sister has bad varicose veins down one leg and shes 24. I told the doctor this but he still ruled it out for me.

  10. laura1234

    laura1234 Member

    Is the quinine helping? I'm only 33--older than you of course, but comparatively young for this problem. I believe a lot of it has to do with your own body chemistry and family history. No one in my family has the exact problem that I do, but my mom said she did have vv that hurt after one of her pregnancies. I've read these vv after pregnancy usually go away--unlike mine which seem like they're here to stay.

    I only discovered that it was vv after looking on the back of my thigh (not a place one normally looks) and seeing them. And that's where it was hurting. I can't see the ones in my ankle, and that's where it hurts most. I would be inclined to think it was something else in my ankle if the pain weren't exactly the same in both places (aching, tired, heavy, kind of like cramps) and if the pain didn't happen in both places usually at the same time.

    Have you tried compression hose? That's another thing that convinces me it's vv. They don't totally take the pain away, but I find I can sit and work with them on without the excruciating pain I had before.

    So yes, I would definitely get a second opinion. I wasn't particularly impressed with my doctor either. She barely looked at my leg and pronounced my own diagnosis of myself as correct. She then went on to say there was nothing she could do, and I had to go to a vascular specialist if I wanted help other than compression hose.

    So maybe that's it. Vascular specialist. Anyone been to one?

  11. laura1234

    laura1234 Member

    Oh, and I just remembered--I read somewhere about progesterone exacerbating varicose veins. Progesterone is why pregnant women sometimes have vv during and after pregnancy. And I find my vv are worse just before my period when progesterone levels are at their highest.

    Perhaps excess levels of progesterone cause this vv problem?

  12. Urchin

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    Yes, a vascular surgeon, actually, and she's been very helpful. In my own case, varicose veins around my ankles tend to protrude a lot if my feet get swollen and/or from friction with socks/shoes/etc., and one actually started to bleed once, which wasn't fun.

    On a couple of occasions she's given me injection treatments with a "sclerosing agent" (?) solution that actually collapses the veins and shuts them down (not exactly a technical term, but that's my limited understanding). So far this has been pretty effective.

    There are other tests (e.g., ultrasound) and treatment options depending on your individual situation, of course (I've known other people who have seen vascular surgeons and had different treatments), so it might be a good idea to seek out a good vascular surgeon.
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  13. laura1234

    laura1234 Member

    Hi Urchin, thanks for your input. That sounds quite painful, but I'm glad the treatment has helped.

    I wanted to give an update on my situation. I have been taking a herbal supplement the past 4 months or so. I tried just horse chestnut by itself, but it didn't seem to do anything. Then I tried a combination supplement with horse chestnut, butchers broom, and several other herbs - it's called "Leg Veins" by Nature's Way. About the 3rd month of taking this I noticed some improvement, like I no longer have pain while sleeping. If I sit with my leg elevated, I don't have pain either. I just feel pain when sitting for extended periods of time and when I don't prop my leg up.

    I also have been very conscious about not stomping on the ground when doing any activity. I believe my problem is intricately linked to this and was initially brought on by trauma to the veins in my ankle by digging out in the garden last winter. I'm hoping that continued use of the herbal supplement along with being very cautious about my ankles (my husband says I walk like a ballet dancer now) will bring about more improvement!

  14. jlynn1978

    jlynn1978 New Member

    Hi guys
    I understand what you guys are going through I had varicose veins in my legs that started after my second baby. I thought because my grandmother had them that they were hereditary and I was so young I didn't realize that there was treatment out there. I now have 5 kids so needles to say they got horrible and I had to go to the Dr and he actualy referred my to the USA Vein Clinics and my insurance even covered the procedure. I'm glad I did because as a young woman it not only affected my looks but also my self- esteem and confidence so if you have this problem do yourself a favor check them out. You wont regret it, but you will if you don't do anything at all and continue to live with them.

  15. dbscott

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    For any varicose pain, castor oil for varicose veins is very much effective in relieving the pain. It is purely natural and it has also the health benefits especially for any muscle pain.

  16. johnturner234

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    I suffered for years with the throbbing and burning pain, severe cramping, and ankle swelling. At first, I covered them up with makeup, but as time passed… the raised lumps and bumps gave me away… so I had to wear long pants all the time, even in hot weather.
    In just 6 weeks… you could hardly see my varicose veins and my skin was smooth, even color wise and younger looking that it had been in years!

    I was able to stand on my feet for a long 12 hour shift and not be in agonizing pain – what a HUGE RELIEF this was for me!

  17. john8998

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  18. Karina

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    Hi! Varicose veins are very common problem. My mom has had this problem after pregnancy and she had an operation. But it could be prevented if she tried some natural varicose veins home remedies at the early stage. Sure, that it is better to consult the doctor. But I think it won't harm you if you try applying such natural remedies like apple cider vinegar or garlic, witch hazel. Now mu husband has the problem with one leg and he has liked the effect of the horse chestnut. The extract should be massaged gently on the affected areas.

  19. francesreid

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    Now you don’t need to suffer a lot with varicose vein pain and discomfort as there are easy solution to cure this also without going through surgically process. You can overcome this discomfort by following simple changes in your diet and besides this you also have options like Venorex cream which is the advanced formula to treat to appearance of varicose veins. The most amazing thing about this cream is that is completely made of natural ingredients, the combination of herbal extract and other clinically proven ingredients makes it more effective.
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