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Discussion in 'Reproductive Health' started by TryingtoConceive3019, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Hey ladies,
    So ttc3019 here of course not ttc anymore. 15 weeks pregnant and feeling much better than I did the previous couple of weeks. Morning sickness is pretty much gone hopefully that is lol....Feeling lots more stuff going on in my lower belly definitely starting to pooch out a little more not so much to notice a pregnant belly but give me a few more weeks or maybe 1 month and hopefully I will have a pregnant belly. Next doctors appt is Monday Jan 8th and get all my blood work done at that appt I hear the fetal heartbeat. Of course my mom brought here doptone home from work so I can hear the heartbeat tommorow before my appt. Thats the bonus of having a mom as an OBGYN. Well love to all and babydust to those ttc....

  2. starrkitty2006

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    Hey TryingtoConceive3019

    That is so funny. I am one week behind you. I am 14 weeks and I go for a Dr. appointment on Monday 8th too. Weird we live in two very different places but yet have some what the same schedule. My sister lives in NYC I am will be attending her wedding in May and will be about 7 months preggers. I hope everything will go okay so I can fly and come. I am really excited about coming to the big apple again. Anyway you take care of yourself and we will talk soon!!! [​IMG]

  3. mckinney

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    Hi ttc3019, good to hear your pregnancy is going so good. I'll be 25 weeks tommorow. This past week I've started having to wear nursing pads because leaking has started (fun fun). I've only gained 15 lbs which is awsome except for its only in my belly so you can definatly tell I'm preggers. My skin broke out pretty bad at first but now its better than its been my whole life. All of my blood tests have come back great. I go back to the doc on the 12th for my monthly checkup and to get tested for gestational diabetes.
    You seem to be just around the corner for your next ultrasound..are you going to find out the sex of the baby or wait to be surprised? We're having a boy, and we're naming him Anthony Scott Jr. after his daddy.
    Anyways hope your pregnancy keeps going smoothly and hope everyone else is doing well with their pregnancies, and if you are ttc I hope it happens soon.

  4. lesley007

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    Congrats on your healthy pregnancies so far ladies. How exciting to be having ultrasounds...I can't wait!! I am only 5 weeks, but the nausea is already hitting me (badly for the first time today). I feel pretty awful today, have been lying around (I contract/work from home, so can do that), and felt like I was going to vomit after eating an orange, although thankfully didn't. I have a pounding headache, like my brain is working overtime, probably pumping those hormones. And am just tired and yucky in general. Oh, and my breasts don't feel tender, just very heavy. Okay, enough of my complaining! I am VERY happy, but just didn't expect to feel so badly so soon [​IMG]

  5. saltydog

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    hey ladies so good to hear about everyone's pregnancies! glad they are going well!

    i will 33 weeks on sunday so you can definitly tell i am pregnant! baby boy (elliot) has hiccups all the time! sometimes like three times a day! everything is going pretty good except for i have had some high blood pressure so they are being extra watchful with me and telling me to rest as much as possible. if high blood pressure conitinues i will be put on bed rest before the end of this. the only upside of this is that i get to have another ultrasound this coming week to make sure he is growing on target. my uterus is measuring fine and i swear this baby is growing because i can feel body parts through my belly which i could not feel a few weeks ago! so i am not too worried about him. plus he is really active, lots of kicking/punching me in the bladder!

    i don't know if anyone remembers my story with the father, but we have had a very rocky relationship since finding out i was pregnant. i wasn't even sure if he was going to be involved. but things are looking up in that regard. he even came with me to my last dr's appointment and tomorrow we are going to pick out a coming home outfit for elliot. he is being much more helpful which is good especially since i can't do much these days.

    all that being said i CANNOT wait to have my baby. i am definitly getting the pregnancy crankies.

    hope everyone continues to have healthy pregnancies followed by healthy babies!


  6. hey ladies glad everyone has decided to join this thread. So I went to my moms tonight and she did the fetal heartbeat, it was so amazing. I heard it loud and clear and it was between 156 and 160 so its a strong heartbeat thats for sure. It was so amazing, and my mom said the baby is moving around alot. So 15 weeks and my little person is quite active [​IMG] Good luck to everyone that is preggers and I wish all of you healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Keep informing us of your progress. My husband and I find out the sex of our baby at the end of Jan beginning of Feb.

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey girls congrats to you all! mckinney I LOVE you little sign off thingy its so sweet,well I am not pregnant,but I am getting married some time this week and in a few weeks time I will be having my coil (IUD) taken out so we can get started on baby number 2 and join the TTC club!

    Hehehe,just wanted to share sorry!


  8. shog

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    hi there, i'm now little more than 12 weeks pregnant. I've got a question for all pregnant ladies. How much weight did you pick up?

  9. shog, I haven't gained any weight and I am 15 weeks pregnant. I actually lost 14 pounds during my first trimester because of lack of appetite and morning sickness. But, I am a little heavier so I am trying not to gain much weight anyways and just hoping the baby takes it from me which the little one is doing anyways. If you don't gain much don't worry about it, typically I think they say lke 3-5 pounds in the first trimester. Hope this helps, wish you luck with your pregnancy. Trust me in the next two weeks you'll start feeling stuff much more like stretching and pulling and little flutters because I have.

  10. shog

    shog New Member

    I think I have gained about 5 pounds. But it was also Christmas holidays...and I morning sickness did not prevent me from eating - sometimes it was actually only eating that helped with morning sickness.

  11. demon-dolly

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    TTC3019, based on the heart rate, I predict that you are having a girl.

    I am anxious to find out if I am right!
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  12. gutterflower

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    Well I'm in my 6th week and I go for my first ultrasound on January 22nd. I think it would be quite interesting to find out what gender we will be having, but then again, I want it to be a surprise. DF asked me what I wanted to do a few day ago and I know we discussed it before I got pregnant that we were going to wait until birth, so I said we'll just stick to that.

    I haven't had any major symptoms, the only one thing that I have is major fatigue, but I don't have any nausea anymore (DF's got the nausea right now, hehehe) and my boobs only hurt a few times.

    Anyways, I'm happy to hear that every one is doing great. Chat with you all later!!

  13. **Cleo**

    **Cleo** New Member

    Gutterflower can I please ask you or any of you pregnant ladies did you get cramps that kinda felt like AF cramps but not!?? if you know what I mean, simular but you know that it isn't AF!!??

    I have had these strange cramps coming and going all afternoon but I am un-certain to whether they are related to the fact DH and I had a Bding session last night??

    x x x

  14. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Sparkle_heart, I was getting very mild like feeling as though AF was going to show up, but not AF painful cramps. Just that mild feeling and that's probably why I doubted feeling pregnant. I ran to the bathroom all the time thinking AF showed up and it was just a yellowy coloured CM. I started about the day before AF was suppose to show up.

    I had weird cramps around 10DPO and it was sporadic, kind of painful, but each cramp lasted like a few seconds and it lasted in total about 30 minutes. It was really unusual, something I've never felt before, I think was implantation cramping.

    It's funny because I really want to show you how it feels, but it's soooo difficult to describe, I hope I've done an okay job describing it.

    Sparkle_heart, good luck, I wish you all the best hun!!!

  15. **Cleo**

    **Cleo** New Member

    Thank you so much for answering me, I appreciate the difficulty it explaining how something feels you have done a good job though - thank you! this is such a weird feeling that does come and go it is so un-like AF not the burning type cramps but a very mild glow type cramp barely detectable! but I am once again constipated so this may be the reason?? I did feel something earlier and thought to myself could this be a little bit of blood i will find but nope nothing!!!! I haven't really had any CM today at all! I have never wanted to see blood so much as I do now at 8dpo!!! lol!!!

    I keep getting these weird blouts of excitement in my tummy as well, but I do suffer from mild anxiety attacks so I am holding out any hopes!

    x x x

  16. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Sparkle Heart, if you are getting this strange cramping at 8DPO, then there is a possibility. I think I had my cramping actually at 9DPO, which was unusual to get cramping. Like it didn't hurt, just noticeable and it kept coming and going and wasn't constant at all, so I was quite curious. Anyways I hope this is your month, good luck hun!!!

    Oh yeah and I barely got any CM too, I just found that the day before and during AF, everytime I thought AF started, it was only yellow coloured CM. I still don't get much CM at all, but mind you I had a mild yeast infection, pretty much the day I got a BFP. It seems to kind of gotten milder, and it was never accompanied with any discharge, just a bit of itchyness. Oh I don't know, but I'm glad I could kind of help!

  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hello all, just confirming again lol

    I'm 3 weeks so I'm pretty new lol...but very happy.

    Sparkle Heart, I had severe cramping and pains for about a week. We are talking about worse cramping than when AF was due. But the kind of pain was different. It was a bit more below and to the back. My doctor had to give me progesterone to help calm my uterus. Thanks goodness, I'm much better now, just a few twingles now and then.
    Also, I used to have one day of headache before my period arrived. I had the headache again right on schedule but..no period this time. I also kept going to the bathroom thinking that AF had started..but nothing.

    I also had the exact same yeast infection as gutterflower. Remember I posted a thread about getting an infection because I slept with the sperm inside of me 3-4 times? I didn't have much discharge either, just the itchyness, like Melanie. I also don't get much CM not even today..its more like suddenly I feel it coming down and the next minute its there, and that happens 2-3 times a day.

  18. Norah, your pregnant????? Congratulations I didn't even know because you didn't post. I knew it would happen for you. Email me I want to know more? Love ya TTC3019

  19. **Cleo**

    **Cleo** New Member

    Thank you Norah. I am un-certain whether these mild crampy glowing feelings I get are in my head or not? It is always more obvious in the evening almost as soon as I get home it starts and b/c it's only me and DH at home all i can really think about is the feeling I "think" I am getting!

    On the subject of CM I barely have any too but I didn't really pay much attention to this on the previous cycles so I am unsure whether this is usual for me after ovulation or not?

    I am now 10dpo and really hoping for some solid symptoms!!that leaves me with no doubt that what I am feeling is not in my head!!

    x x x

  20. shog

    shog New Member

    i'm 13 weeks pregnant and I also had terrible cramping before I knew I was pregnant...not like AF...worse! from i think just after conception. And throughtout my first trimester I had mild cramps, twinges, stretching feeling...as my uterus expanded. Very normal!


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