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    Have you fallen into the friend zone with a woman that you have secretly always loved? Well if this is your situation, I would not feel too bad about it! The truth is that almost every guy gets in this situation at some point in his life - and the better news is that you can get out of the friend zone and make her your lover.

    Stop the Girl-Talk
    Guys who are 'friends' with women will undoubtedly become a part of her girl talk. In other words, you will be one of the people she will go to vent about the things in her life she's having a tough time with - especially the other men in her life. Put a stop to this right away.

    Start Saying No
    You undoubtedly fell into the friend zone because you made yourself too available, needy, or even desperate. What you need to understand is that women are drawn to men which pose more f a challenge. If she feels like she could easily get you - then she just won't have that desire to have you in the first place.

    Start saying no to her requests and fill your social life with other activities - and she will begin to see that you're in high demand.

    Don't Be Afraid to Walk Away
    Finally, never be afraid to walk away from a woman. It can be extremely painful trying to be friends with someone who you care so much about. Sometimes it just comes down to walking away from the friendship and spending some time apart. This will give her some time to realize how good she felt with you around, and when you two reconnect it will be under a different frame.

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