tubes tied, pregnant???

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by flower, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. flower

    flower New Member

    Tubes tied feb 2007. Last period, Jan 2016, a week ago started having spotting only when I wiped, bocame a little heavier thru the week but still only when I wipe, cramping also started a week ago and has gotten worse, pain in lower back. All test say neg, very concerned because I didn't realize til I looked back that husband I was intimate on the day I was ovulating. Based on my period app anyways. Periods have all ways been on time since the tubal, now I'm really late and multiple symptoms. I'm 33 and some say I'm premenopausal. Any advise plz

  2. flower

    flower New Member

    Nausea, heartburn, tired, cramping in lower ab, pain lower back, some weight gain, headache, diarrhea, have to pee a lot. Thought I would add symptoms. I feel like I may be but also feel as if something is wrong.


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