TTC with an endometriotic cyst

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by april2011, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. april2011

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    hi all, just got back from the gyn today....not good news.. apparently i have been detected with a small endometriotic cyst on my left ovary.. To add to that.. the invasive vaginal sonogram probe did not exactly do wonders to my already anxious mood! The discomfort was evident.. considering today was the 3rd day of my period (sorry TMI!!)

    I have now been asked to come back for a detailed pelvic exam (both ultra sound and vaginal probe--again! grrr) 4 days from now and then another vaginal probe to check follicular growth (on the 10th day of my cycle)..

    this totals it to 3 vaginal scans in 1 week-- really grossed out to say the least!

    I was wondering.. has anyone overcome this problem of endometriotic cyst and successfully gotten 33 and so the concern as my biological clock is ticking....

    thanks and baby dust to all....

  2. Weirdartist

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    I haven't overcome these things, but I can say that if you just keep remembering why you are doing all this, you will get through the invasive stuff [​IMG] good luck, baby dust your way... I'm sure there are lots of women here who have been through a variety of TTC issues, and tests, ho might be able to offer more personal advice/support x

  3. *mel*

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    Sorry you are going through this, I don't have any experience with cysts so can't help you there. I can sympathise with the invasive tests, we had a hard time ttc and had to go through a whole host of invasive fertility tests before finally having IVF which of course involved a whole load more of those nice internal scans!

    Keep us updated on how it goes and good luck! It will all be worth it when you are holding a baby in your arms [​IMG]

  4. april2011

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    thanks a lot weirdartist and mel--for your words of comfort..they mean a lot to me...

    got done with 2 out of my 3 scans..the doc discovered that the cyst was on my right ovary.. not a very large one thankfully but definitely something that would need an intervention to resolve..

    anyways, so got 1 more to go to tomorrow (to check the follicular phase of my cycle)

    the invasive scan hurt a bit and was not very comfortable to say the least..but as mel rightly put it.. i am keeping the end goal in mind...

    once again, thanks ladies for your support.. xx

  5. april2011

    april2011 New Member

    congrats mel on the BFP--sorry read your last line only now! really happy for you! yaay! good luck and stay safe! xx


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