TTC for a year or more **part 10**

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  1. BJ99

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    pissed off and sulking [​IMG]

  2. BJ99

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    Anyone up for a new thread so I can put last cycle and this thread to rest and Candy can have a fresh thread for her upcoming BFP?????

    My personal before anyone makes a new one let's see what others think?

  3. demon-dolly

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    BJ99, I was thinking the exact same thing.....

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  4. *mel*

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    A new thread is a good idea! This one is getting pretty big!

  5. BethG

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    I already said I'm gonna smack the pissed-offness right outta you! lol.

    New thread, good idea....but I want a new title. Ideas? How about "Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo." or someting like that. Put a POSITIVE spin on it, you know, because we want POSITIVE pregnancy tests?

    I know you all are getting positively sick of my positiveness right about now....
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  6. BJ99

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  7. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    All in favor for the new title "Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo." ?

    I am for it.. Think about it and I will archive this one and start the new fresh titled one...

  8. why

    why New Member

    I am all for it, IDK maye aready been done...

    Well guess not...
    don't have much time I did want to send congrats to candy I stayed away 4 days I wanted to be away at least until after the transf. Can't wait to SEE a BFP!!!!

    Beth I will be thinking of you on Sun hoping there will be some good news when I come back over the weekend.

    Mel, Jen, Court Heya!! hope you all are doing well I think our focus has been on candy and her exciting news I know for me it helps to know her progess despite my daily pitty parties.

    I went to the RE yesterday, mainly about my abd pain and discuss progesterone. The US showed everything was good, no growths and such on my ovaries.
    So why am I still having pain?? She wants me to go back to the surgeon since this pain has come after the surgery, probably adhesions or possibly the right (good) tube is messing up and causing referred pain to the left side. DH came with me, she talked to him about getting the SA when we left he was like "does she think there is something wrong with me?" UMMMMM no but she does have to rule everything out. Like WTH?? No baby it's just me with the broken vagina. P-d me off!!
    Anyway as for the progesterone she said to wait to talk to the surgeon and see his thoughts.

  9. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    I love the new thread name [​IMG]

  10. BJ99

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    sounds like a go then...

  11. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    Hey my lovelies. Bedrest is over. Obsessing has commenced......
    How is everyone doing? Thank you girls so much for all the well wishes. I have been reading up on all the messages you guys have left over the past 3 days and i am so touched. Well I went to the store today to get some pregnancy tests but I ended up not getting any. The pharmacy I go to has the tests in a cabinet that is locked and you have to get a clerk to open it for you Wel the clerk that was available was the same woman who has opened up that cabinet for me time and time and time again. I felt so ashamed that I didnt even ask her. I just turned around and left. That made me so sad.

    bj- 12 dpo today? any sign of af? I really really hope not honey. and I hope t hose house people get their act together too

    Melly mel- I am sorry af found you. ((Mel)) How are you doing otherwise? Getting ready for vacay? I know its in August but I sure as heck cant wait till mine! lol

    Bethie- hoping for y ou this cycle honey!! Looked at your chart and whichever date you o'ed there is still a very good chance

    Why- did you figure what what you will do abot the prog. yet? When I wanted to bd (the sunday before transfer) I just made sure I had not put in my night dose yet and then afterwards , a few hours later, I put them in. They are'nt too too bad just like chalky/creamy cm x's 100. I have figured that if you place them far up enough (i know yall are loving me for the visual right now)it really doesnt leak that much at all.

    well ladies, I'm here. nothing more to do now than wait.....

    ETA- Looks like I cross posted with a few of you.

    Why- Thanks for staying away!!!! lol. So THATS why I had such GREAT embies [​IMG]

    oh and I am all for the new thread

  12. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    Alright ladies I am going to lock this up now and I will leave it for a couple hours for everyone to cetch up and then archive it..
    I am sure everyone else will agree with the new name, thanks to Bethy.... Thanks babes...


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