TTC for a year or more **part 10**

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  2. dee

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    YAY!!!! Thanks BJ for updating us! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. MyrtleWarbler

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    Yay for Candy!! I wonder how many made it far enough to go on ice?? I'm sure Candy will let us know! So, now she is PUPO (IVF lingo for "pregnant until proven otherwise)! [​IMG]

    Beth... I could easily believe CD14, and I think CD13 is more likely than CD15. Lots of people get a slight fallback just after O before the sustained rise. O'ing right on the OPK day does happen too, but the night after or day after seems a bit more likely. Anyway, I'd guess CD14. You're right, it doesn't really matter. You had some boys waiting when the egg popped, so you did what you could! The nice thing is just yet another month of demonstrating ovulation, even if it was with meds this time! I'd like to see you get some more assertive help from doctors now. Did you ever look more into DHEA? I know a woman who was ovulating regularly, albeit often late or sporadically. Soy helped her out. Then her doctor prescribed DHEA to help with egg quality while they considered the next step, and she got pregnant (not necessarily cause-n-effect, but worth research!).

  4. JoanieD

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    Oh yahoo!!! Candy I am so excited for you!!!!

  5. leeaman7777

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    YaY congrats Candygirl, so Happy and so proud of you darlin'...

  6. Alluring-Ash

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    Candy, I am SO excited for your "perfect" little ones [​IMG] I hope you are resting up and staying comfortable you have people from all over the world thinking of you and hoping for nothing but the best. xoxoxo [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. sapphire

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    Congratulations Candy on your PERFECT embryos!! You know we're all praying and sending you all the sticky dust in the world. Like Ash said, you have good thoughts coming from all corners of the world!! I am just so, so excited for you sweetie!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Beth, I'm not sure either, your chart is a bit of a mystery this month! Don't be too discouraged by the thought it could be CD 15, though. Both my pregnancies were on months I thought I didn't BD close enough to O or often enough. You just need one. [​IMG]

    Edit: I just checked, and we BD-ed on Sunday, then not again til Thursday night. According to dates from the ultrasounds I've had, I conceived on the Wednesday that week, so anything really is possible!! This is actually what I wrote to someone that Thursday during the day: "I should be ovulating today actually. We haven't BD-ed since Sunday. oops. Totally wasn't paying attention. I knew it was close, and tried to make it happen yesterday & the day before, but it just wasn't going to happen (we were busy in the evenings, tired, etc) and I didn't want to push it by saying "but we HAVE to right now!" That's the last thing I ever want to say again. Hopefully tonight we will, especially b/c I don't actually know for sure today is O day." All that to say you just never know, especially after all the months I had "perfect" timing and got nothing!!!

    BJ, I see you're nearing the end of the 2WW yourself, I am thinking of you!
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    Thanks Sapphire...

  9. **Cleo**

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    Still lurking and still wishing Candy all the very best...STICKY VIBES for candy!!! x x x

  10. demon-dolly

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    Congrats on your transfer, Candy!!

  11. *mel*

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    Candy hunny I just wanted you to know that although I am not posting here much at the moment I am still reading this thread every day looking for your updates! Congrats on the transfer hunny! One step closer!!!!!

  12. candywannababy

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    Hi girls. Sorry this is gonna be short and no personals. If hubby knew I was up he'd have a fit! This morning they transferred two perfect embryos . Embryologist said they could not ask for better embryos. She showed me a picture of an excellent embryo in a book and she said mine was even better. I cant stay on long. Gotta go back to bed. I'll update with more details tomoorrow

    Oh and I have 3 to freeze. My clinic is very strict in what they freeze.

    Estrogen is 1085 and progestrone is 57

  13. dee

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    Yay Candy!!! GO BACK TO BED! *NOW*!
    Love you x

  14. JoanieD

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    Yay Candy! Rest Up!!!

  15. sapphire

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    Candy that's awesome hon!! I don't know what estrogen numbers should be but that's a fantastic progesterone number [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get to bed and rest up and know we're all with you (in the least creepy sense of course!!)

  16. BethG

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    *laughing at sapphire's "creepy" comment*

    So does anyone know how long Candy has to stay on bedrest? And how long before we can get a BFP confirmed? Lol, yeah I said "we." I feel like this/these baby(ies) are for all of us!

  17. BJ99

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    Not sure about the bedrest but since she said she will be back tomorrow I take it that it isn't long or she is planning on being bad again.

    As far as the wait she told me 9/10 days when I asked...still almost like a 2ww....geeez.

    Like dealing with our own isn't bad enough...we have to wait her's out as well!!!!! [​IMG]

  18. dee

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    LOL @ sapphire [​IMG]
    Beth, I feel the same! I think we all do - having shared her journey as openly as she has [​IMG]

    She said she had to be on bedrest 2 days, but that today she will be on the sofa instead of in bed, so presumably she has the computer at arms reach from the sofa [​IMG]
    She also said that Wed she might test to see if it's a BFN Meaning all the trigger is out of her system so any test after that would give a true answer. EEEEE!!!!! [​IMG]

  19. T.E.

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    Get some rest Candygirl!!!!

  20. BethG

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