ttc could this be implant bleeding?

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    Hey, i'm new to this so i could be in the entire wrong thread lol
    Basically i have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year and last year i got told i was ovulating.
    My "period" arrived 2 days earlier on the 3rd of feb.
    Usually i know when shes about to show, i get pains in my ovaries and my mood swings are crazy. this month i have had nothing ... only a week ago I have a weird stretching/pulling feeling in my stomach behind my belly button. (could be nothing)
    So anyway the only reason I saw could be AF because I had just been to do number 2 and i noticed after wiping front first that there was brown on my tissue. I panicked thinking it back from behind lol So i started going crazy trying to see if it had actually gone inside =O thats how i found the discharge, it didnt go onto my underwear or anything. I checked again and the discharge changed colour, dark brown, pink, spotting red and then brown. I shouted up my husband to see if i wasnt going crazy.
    That night i went to bed thinking my cycle would start during the night, so i wore a tampon to bed. My cycle is usually heavy the first 2 days and then goes light the red. The next day when i checked the tampon barely had any blood on it, small amount of red/brown blood on the side.
    Instead of wasting tampons (plus i didnt have any blood of cm to help place the tampon in) i wore a pad. During the day i kept checking the pad and saw nothing. No sign of blood at all, that night i went for my number 2 and noticed red/pinkish blood on the tissue. Here we go I thought shes gonna show now. But I went in the bath and still no show of AF. Before i went to bed i put on another pad and the next morning nothing again.
    Basically i checked again after another number 2 and each time blood is there. But if i dont there isnt any sign of my period. Im in no pain at all like i usually am.
    I'm just getting worried now that it could be something worse than my period. Could it still be implant bleeding? Ive heard people online saying they have had the same experience?


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