TTC after ectopic, some input please ladies

Discussion in 'Surviving Miscarriage' started by tonyahernandez, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Im new here. And happy I found you ladies. I have my own fertility website but dont have any members who have suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

    A little about me. I had my tubes tied in 2003 and TR 11/18/09 and got pregnant just 2 days after my surgery (yes,even the Dr's were suprised) Anyway, it was ectopic. On Jan 8th I had 2 injection of Methotrexate (one in each butt cheek at the same time). Well here it is in March. Just had 1st AF after ectopic and have already resumed my ttc journey. AF arrived on March 13th. My chart shows that I ovulated at some point in this time frame, (24th-29th) and my DF and I have BD'd every single day from the start of CD1 to date. We pretty much made sure that we covered any chance to become pregnant this month. We will continue to BD every single day until next AF is due (4/8-4/10).

    Right now im 8DPO and feeling no symptoms really. Well I am.. but I guess im trying not to get my hopes high, especially this soon. I have had heart burn, strange dream, very tired all day, have trouble falling asleep at times, cramped last night, Strange cramps actually and im bloated, extremely moody, and its just all sorts of odd things lately. Maybe im paying too much attention to my body. I have tested just aout every day this week ( POAS addict here) all BFN's Any way, all the symptoms above have happened in the last 3 days.

    Now my quetion is, has anyone gotten pregnant 2 months after ectopic & methotrexate? And is all of this BDing helping or not?
    When should I test? Is 8DPO too soon? Sorry but TTC has taken over my life lol [​IMG]

    Thank you ladies so much for your time and what a wonderful forum you have here.

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    Yes, 8DPO is most definitely too soon. Implantation doesn't even happen until about 7dpo, and it takes 2-4 days for anything to show up on the stick. According to my charts, implantation took place on 7 dpo and on 11 dpo, my test was so faint that I wasn't even sure that it was a positive! And my levels weren't really low!

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    I had an EP in Jan as well but had it removed through surgery which resulted in my right tube being removed.
    This is also my first month ttc again and I am back on Clomid. I just got the results back from my progesterone test and the doctor said I DID ovulate so it is very possible I could be pregnant. The only problem is I am not sure which side I ovulated on but since I am on clomid I am hoping both [​IMG] Also, my DH and I only BD'd the day before and the day of clear CM.. we couldn't any days after, so I may have missed O but I am still keeping my hopes up and also anxiously awaiting the 8th of April to test!!
    I may run to the dollar store tonight and start testing every morning until then though.. Idk, for me, that just relaxes my nerves a little more then not testing and just waiting for a week.
    Good luck to you!!! Lets hope for BFP the first cycle after an EP!


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