TTC after Ectopic - Part 4

Discussion in 'Surviving Miscarriage' started by leeaman7777, May 24, 2010.

  1. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Hello. I hope since this board has been relatively silent that every thing is going well. I wanted to wish you all a wonderful Holiday season.
    Just a little story on the birth of my baby ... I had to be induced with cervadil as I was 2 weeks late. I went into labor and had a reaction to the gel where my uterus was hyper stimulated and I had contractions every minute for about 1 minute long. Not fun! Any ways that started things going real well. I started labor around 9 pm and started pushing around 8:30am. My little boy was born at 10:40am. He's perfect.
    Happy new year everyone!!!!

  2. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Congrats Bobeba! Glad to hear that everything went well. I can't believe you were 2 weeks past due! Thats crazy.

  3. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    How are you doing love?

  4. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Hi Bobeba- I'm doing well. Things are going smoothly, knock on wood. I've been very tired the past couple of weeks, waiting to gain some energy back. We are starting to look at furniture for the baby's room and going to register here pretty soon. How's the new baby? I hope things are going well.

  5. RN GU3

    RN GU3 New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I have been off for a long time, I was posting in the methotrexate board. I had my EP on Oct 31/10. This was my first pregnancy, we got pregnant two weeks after going off the pill. I chose to have the methotrexate injection and my levels were back to normal right after Christmas. I got my first period January 17th and got my second one 28 days later. I am so glad my cycles seem to be normal. I am going for an HSG either next Friday or the following Monday, anyone have one of these tests? I'm a little scared!! I hope everything turns out ok. My OB said he thinks the EP was a fluke, as I had no risk factors to begin with. We're going on a cruise in March and will TTC then if everything comes back clear! Wish is luck, I'm scared!!

  6. Apies1819

    Apies1819 New Member

    Just stopped in to see how everyone was doing.

    My twins were born @ 36 weeks and 6 days 2/9/11. I have a heatlhy baby named Landon 6lbs 8 ozs and a heart baby named Zander 4lbs 4ozs . Zander stayed in the NICU for 7 weeks. He was born with 6 holes in his heart. Not something a sono ever showed us and something I found out after that IVF can cause.

    Zander had one heart surgery and has one in the near future. Its been hard. I hope all is well with everyone here!

  7. Seerah

    Seerah Member

    Hi Everyone, wow it has been a while!

    Apies *HUGS* Congratulations on your babies and good luck on Zander's heart surgeries! I can't believe he had 6 holes in his heart!!!

    So, it's been a while since I posted because I put off the TTC for a while to concentrate on getting healthy and trying to get my life in order. I started with a running team this past January and I did a ten mile race at the end of May and was in a half-marathon and got to the 8th mile before it got cancelled because of the heat! It was so bad that one poor young man collapsed and later died! He was only 22! Eleven other people had to go to the hospital, kinda crazy!

    SO... I just took a pregnancy test today and it was positive! Actually, I took two and both had those blue positive signs!

    I'm not sure how to feel, honestly. I had three miscarriages in fourteen months with one of them being an EP and I just don't really want to get my hopes up again, you know?

    I'm actually on the East coast visiting my family and my husband is supposed to fly in tonight (graduation ceremonies/parties) and so I haven't talked to him yet!

    I did call my ob/gyn and have an appointment on Monday. I also called and asked for a prescription for progesterone suppositories but I haven't heard back yet.

    Overall, it's just going to depend on my numbers! I'm only at 5 weeks so really early, what got me thinking I might be pregnant was that A) period didn't come last week like it was supposed to and B) last night my brothers were making fun of me for eating so much and I had to ask myself why I was so hungry!

    My breasts are a little sore but again, I don't want to get caught up in all the feelings and emotions until I find out what my numbers are, you know? I'm going to try to see if I can get into a dr's office here so I can get tested today or tomorrow! Someone draw my blood!

    Anyway, today also reminded me of all the wonderful women on here who shared themselves and allowed me to share myself and I'm thinking of all of you and again, have always appreciated your support!

    So, I'll keep you all posted!


  8. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Hi Seerah, I am glad to hear of your positive. I haven't been on here for over 2 months, and thus, missed your announcement. I see that it has been about 5 weeks since you posted. Any updates?

    Apies, gosh, what a nightmare!!! Wishing you and Zander the very best! Congratulations on motherhood. I hope Landon is doing well.

    RN GU3, how is it going?

  9. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    It was been a long time. How are you all doing? I hope every one is doing well.

  10. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Is there another thread to this? There hasn't been much activity since 2011 - which can be good!

  11. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Tracy. Sounds like you are happy. Grandsons must be such a joy!

  12. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Hi all...I haven't been on here in a very long time but thought I would drop in and see where everyone was. Glad to see that most are moving on. Tracy I'm a grandma too now and I try to enjoy him as much as possible.

    Hang in there everyone.

    Love always,


  13. scarlettF

    scarlettF New Member

    I was looking back at old posts & it seems that it has gotten so quiet. Hope it doesnt mean everyone has given up! I have a daughter adopted thru foster care, I am 44. I thought I was done...but have this desire to go thru the pregnancy thing one more time esp for hubby's sake. I had one ectopic b4 adopting and 2 miscarriages since. My diagnosis WAS unexplained infertility. Have alot of thinking to do on how far I want to take this. Finances are an issue. I hope I am not a Grandma for awhile, lol! But eventually it would be awesome [​IMG] Still...upset about the last m/c, & do i want to put myself thru that pain....

  14. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member


    It is a good thing that this board has gotten quiet. My midwife just called and said that my HCG levels are low. So I have to go in for an ultrasound today or tomorrow. I can't believe that this is happening again. I thought I was in the clear as I tested positive with a home pregnancy test 7 days before my expected period. I can't imagine going through this again.

  15. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Bobeba, Im so sorry you are going through this. But I'm curious as to how "low" is low? Maybe your MW didn't want to tell you your numbers for fear of creating more anxiety? I hope things turn around for you and that your ultrasound shows something more positive. I tested positive before my expected period, and still wound up miscarrying. Unfortunately, early pregnancy tests can be a bad thing!! I would have rather not even know!! Keep us updated!

  16. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    My last period was Jan.6.

    My numbers at 4 weeks 6 days was 1500 something.
    My numbers at 5 weeks 3 days was 3000 something.

    MW said that it is not conclusive with those numbers that the baby is not ectopic (not doubling and were on the low scale for that gestation period).

    I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning at 9am. I have just been in shock since I found out last night. She didn't sound very hopeful.

    How are things with you Nessa? We haven't chatted in a long time. Since then, I have had a wonderful baby boy.

  17. scarlettF

    scarlettF New Member

    so sorry Bobeba, fingers crossed for you! Congrats on your baby boy!

  18. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yes I remember seeing your post about the birth of your baby boy! Congrats!! I hope your ultrasound goes well. I've had an ectopic and a miscarriage, and both sucked, but the miscarriage was over and done with quick, while the ectopic dragged on for weeks.

    Im doing good, currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second, another girl. It sucks the hardship and hurdles that some of us have to overcome to carry a healthy pregnancy to term, huh? I'll be praying for you and baby tomorrow!!

  19. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Congrats! That is very exciting news for you. Some good news for the day.
    This morning less than an hour before my ultrasound I started spotting. However I have a little heart beating peanut in my uterus. I am not out of the clear as my hcg levels are still low and I have had some spotting. But no ectopic is amazing. Fingers crossed

  20. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Had my ultrasound and I saw a beating heart in MY UTERUS. I was in tears. I am still a bit worried because I am spotting a bit and my HCG were not that high when they tested. However my MW said that since they saw a heart beat that I shouldn't worry and just relax. Fingers crossed.


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