TTC after Ectopic - Part 4

Discussion in 'Surviving Miscarriage' started by leeaman7777, May 24, 2010.

  1. leeaman7777

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    I will leave the old one up and locked for the remainder of the day, so you can access the latest posts! After that you can find it in Archives.

  2. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    So how ridiculous is this. I had an appointment to see the doc on Mon 5/24, but they called that morning to cancel. She was delivering a baby. Nice. So I rescheduled for today and guess what! She is delivering another baby! This was "our talk" to discuss Clomid and possibly go on it. Haha. What a joke. So, of course I rescheduled for the next available appointment. I just thought someone else might enjoy this story. Congrats to those new moms who took my appointments!!!

  3. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    ((((Elsie)))) Hun I'm sorry! Where are you in your cycle? I'd be highly irritated if you should have started it but can't bc of the baby deliveries. ERR!

  4. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

  5. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    Unfortunately, I don't know where I am in my cycle. My temps are all over the place and I haven't gotten AF since the ectopic. I was hoping the doc could shed some light....I have a lot of "stuff" going on (graduation, moving, etc), so maybe this just isn't the right time.

  6. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Well I would stay in communication with your doctor. They can give you Provera to bring on your af if it doesnt come on its own. I have a prescription of it at the house that I keep on hand. I've never actually had to use it but may this time if my new cycle doesnt start up in a timely manner.

    Can you remind me of how long its been since your ep? Once I finally started bleeding it continued for almost 30 days. Then I think maybe about 4 more weeks until af showed up. I'd have to go back and look at my old calendars.

  7. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    The EP was March 21, 2010. That's over 2 months ago! Still no AF. I have an appointment with the doc on June 11, so maybe we will see what we can do before I move. Once we move, it's a new job, new insurance, new doc. I almost feel it will be starting from square one. But if that's what it takes. For now, my DH and I are just going to enjoy ourselves, and try not to worry about all of this. We will start trying again in August or September. Maybe AF will come?

  8. Seerah

    Seerah Member

    Hi Elsie,

    After my EP, it took nearly four months before my AF was back on schedule! I had some spotting (barely) here and there but that's about it. When I finally started watching what I was eating and getting exercise in, just basically trying to get healthier, my body responded to it! Sounds like there's a lot going on right now for you and that you're under a lot of stress with the move and job and all. Just try to focus on getting healthier and getting your life in order and I'm sure AF will come! EPs and MTX can really throw your body off. Just hang in there, ok?

  9. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member


    I hope everyone is doing well. Elsie, I had my ectopic surgery July 1 2009 and I don't think I got my actual period until 3 months later. I had persistent ectopic, meaning that my HCG levels weren't dropping as they should have. I totally agree with Seerah. Although a lot is going on, just really try to relax. Take a day trip somewhere and really try to clear your head.

  10. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Seerah and Bobeba its so good to hear from you! HOw are you ladies doing?

    Elsie, Seerah is right, MTX takes a toll on your body. I actully lost a lot of hair, had seriously messed up af's,and shortened luteal phase.
    I still think if af doesnt come, I'd see the doctor for some provera to bring it on and get things moving.

    I hope you had some rest and relaxation today.

  11. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    Thanks Ladies! It's good to hear that there can be variance in when the cycles get back to normal. I got the "6-8 weeks" estimation from the surgeon that did the surgery. Since the EP had ruptured, I was too late for MTX. And they took my right tube.
    I am sorry to hear about your EPs. I wish you the best, and as everyone says, Baby Dust! Thanks for your input.

  12. Apies1819

    Apies1819 New Member

    Hi everyone. I dropped out for a little bit and finally came back. We are starting the IVF process. I am on day 3 of my meds. They put me on a short process so at this rate they will be taking the eggs out in a week as long as my body responds well to the medicine.

    I am saying prayers for all of us to get our little miracles.

  13. Seerah

    Seerah Member

    Hi Love, Bobeba, and Apies!

    Same here, kind of lying low... Apies, good luck to you on the IVF process; we might do the same thing in the next couple of months! A friend of mine suggested that I go see her RE who is supposed to be a renowned specialist so I thought that can't hurt. I'll go see him and do another barrage of tests before IVF. I had wanted to just to IUI but I don't want to risk another EP and at least with IVF they can check the egg and sperm.

    Just still trying to take things day by day. Today I was going through a list of celebrities who just had babies or who are pregnant, and checking their ages; I turn 35 in August and to be perfectly honest, I am feeling like the clock is ticking!

    My husband and I have heart to heart talks, and yesterday it was about the three lost pregnancies (mc, ep, then mc w/in 14 mos) and he said something to me he hadn't said before; he told me he felt guilty, that if we had used protection then I wouldn't have gotten pregnant and then wouldn't have lost them. He can't stand to see me suffer and even though he doesn't fully understand and doesn't feel the same way about losing the pregnancies, he doesn't want to cause my any pain. It's such a paradox because in one way, I am a little scared of TTC because I don't want to potentially go through another loss but then again, what if we have a baby?

    A friend of mine was telling me a story about one woman who was having fertility issues so she went to an RE for IVF, and it worked and she found out she was pregnant with twins! This woman actually went back to the RE and asked him to terminate the pregnancies! The RE was like, "Do you want reduction?" and she was like, "No, I don't want to go through a pregnancy with twins, I just want to start all over again!" Can you believe that? True story!

    I would love just one baby, twins would be a miracle too! Twins run in my family, actually the women in my family are extremely fertile, and so I can't help but wonder if it has to do with my husband's sperm morphology. He had one test last year and the number and motility was really good but morphology was 0. Then again, that was only like a small sample of sperm (100-200) out of like the 150million or so that he had but IVF is probably the way we're going to go because at least this way the doctor's can pick out the good (and good looking sperm shape-wise!) sperm!

    It's just hard sometimes because I also want a baby that looks like me (crap shoot I know but) and as much as I love my stepdaughter, I want a baby of my own because I want to experience motherhood to its fullest capacity if I can. It's the complete opposite of how I used to feel when I was younger. I used to be somewhat horrified of pregnancy, the thought of being a host body if you will, I had found it grotesque. Most of that was just based on fears and insecurities, and now I would love a swollen belly! It's hard remembering what it was like to be pregnant; all three times the symptoms were pretty much the same. I know my body so well and I can honestly say I KNEW when I was pregnant with the stick tests just confirming what my body had already told me.

    I miss that initial discovery of physical, mental and emotional change, and to have it all taken away with nothing to show for it hurts deep. I've heard stories of women who have had 6 or more mc and I just can't imagine such pain. One is bad enough.

    I also miss how happy it made my husband; his 1st pregnancy wasn't planned (ex-gf tried to trap him into marriage) and even though he loves his daughter (she's almost 10), he wants to have a baby conceived out of love with his wife (we've been married since '07).

    Anywho, I hope everyone is hanging in there and yes, prayers and baby dust to us all!


  14. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Seerah, thats such a wonderful post!!! Every woman deserves to experience pregnancy, and the feeling of another life growing inside you. Whatever way you acheive that (IVF IUI), will be truly worth it.

    Losing a baby is extremely painful. I remember after my ectopic, I felt such a loss. Like part of me was missing. I instantly felt the lack of symptoms after my surgery. It was heartwrenching. My husband also told me the same thing. He felt that by getting me pregnant, that it was his fault that I was going through all that pain and suffering. He still feels terrible, and I always try and remind him that it takes two to tango, and its not like he forced me to get pregnant.

    I will be keeping up with you ladies. Even though I have since conceived, I love to try and provide some hope and support. Im so glad that no one here has given up and kept their chins up. Your little angels are on their ways!! [​IMG]

  15. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    Apies - I wish you all the best. I hope everything goes well. My fingers will be crossed for you.

    Seerah - All your thoughts are normal. My first pregnancy was ectopic. I was so super excited. The second pregnancy I felt I couldn't be excited as I didn't want to get my hopes up just in case. Hang in there. It sounds like you have a very supportive husband. You are very lucky. Some of the husbands I bet just don't understand the pain. My husband had a hard time understanding. To him, it wasn't much of a loss as we never actually had the baby. To me, it was a loss of a person.

    Nessa - how are you doing?

    I am doing fine. I am 23 weeks now. I just found out that I have a low lying placenta. I didn't fully understand what it was at the doctors, however I guess the condition generally hurts me more than the baby. The majority of placentas do move up later in pregnancy, so I have my fingers crossed. After the ecoptic, I was kind of hoping that this pregnancy would go smooth.

    The best to all you ladies.

  16. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Bobeba, as far as I know, a low lying placenta is not really a problem until delivery. If it's too low, they may have to automatically do a csection since it will be too close to the cervix. Did the doctor explain anything to you about it?

    I'm doing fine. Just enjoying life, and watching my little girl grow like a weed. She just turned 7 months old. They really do grow up fast!!!!

  17. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    What a story, Seerah!

    Bobeba, I don't think your pregnancy is at risk although I seem to remember reading that they may recommend bed rest. Absolutely don't take my word on it, however. As your doctor.

  18. Bobeba

    Bobeba New Member

    At this point it is not a risk. They like to wait to see how the placenta moves with the growing uterus. However, if the placenta doesn't rise and grow with the uterus, the baby is usually fine until delivery, however the mother can have bleeding. So that is when bed rest is issued. I will know more in 6 weeks after my next ultrasound.

  19. Elsie

    Elsie New Member

    Good afternoon ladies. I hope everyone is doing well.
    I have been temping since April of this year, a couple weeks after my EP. According to FF, I O'd on May 25. Day 64!!! Holy cow. I will be surprised if this is the case. I should expect AF on June 9. I have an appt with the doc on June 11 to discuss why I haven't had AF, ovulated, etc. It sure would be lovely to have AF (or, dare I say, even a BFP!!!) and cancel my appt. So we will see. Fingers crossed.

  20. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Good Luck Elsie!


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