TTC after Ectopic - Part 3

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  1. Love0322

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    Well my Karotyping (?) is finally in! The doctor's office called today. My dh and I are going in for results on Tuesday afternoon. The nurse thinks that the big blood test results may be back in by then too. I hope! I hope everything is ok.

  2. Confused-Hasya

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    Love, what a lot of c**p! If he sees something, regardless of how many times a person has an m/c, is is significant. As if a third m/c is a magic marker. It is statistics, not biology, that makes them wait for the testing but once they do it, no treating results "lightly".

    Fingers crossed for your results.

  3. victoria88

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    Hey Ladies,,

    I know this is not the right forum for this but just need some encouragement or success stories..
    I was diagnosed with my second ectopic, this time its on the ovary.
    My hcg levels were at 2300 on tuesday May 18th. The doctor decided a MTX shot is a good option at this point so I got one intra muscle injection. I went for my follow up HCG test today and my levels are at 4233 4 days later. Is this normal?? Is there hope this one shot might still work....? Feeling very helpless and worried at this point...

  4. BJ99

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    Victoria...I'm so sorry your going thru this, yet again making it much worse.

    The four day test went up with mine from 7300 to 9000+, it's the 7 day test where it will really count. Mine went up from 9000+ to 11000 and then I had the injections again.

    Hang tight I wouldn't put much weight in the 4 day test.

    I wish there was something I could say that would miraculously ease your mine...but all I can do is be as supportive as I can and tell you patience is the best thing and the one thing we all lack and realize just how bad during this process.


    You can also post in the Ectopic and Metho thread


  5. Love0322

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    Hi Victoria-
    I'm so sorry! 2 eps thats horrible. I had my metho shots 4 days apart. I didnt have the 7 day wait that Jen mentioned. So i'm not sure if there is something standard or not. My levels continued up just like yours. I can't recall exact levels right now. But I do know that at my highest my levels were over 10,000 which is really too late for Metho. But that was the route my doc chose and I didnt know any better.

    Jen's right though, patience is the best thing. And probably the hardest. But time will past and you will get through this too.

    Thanks Confused for your comments. I am eager for the results. Does anyone know what questions I need to ask about my pathology reports? I dont even know what to ask. I go Tuesday so I guess i'd have time to look up some things on the internet. I want to be somewhat educated by the time I get there.

  6. leeaman7777

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    Time to lock up this thread. I have started a new one and will move this one out of the way in a day or so.


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