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    Hi All,

    I'm a new user to the forum and I just started Saheli 11 days ago. A little about me:
    • in my late 30's, so a bit older than some of the users I've seen on this forum.
    • Married for almost 9 years, been with same partner for over 10
    • one successful, but horrendous pregnancy 7 years ago.
    • have never been on hormonal birth control due to the fact that I just don't like "messing with the plumbing," the side effects, and that I'm terribly forgetful. Rings and patch are not a good fit for me as I'm heavier, and Depo is a no. IUD weirds me out, too.
    • Partner and I used mostly barrier methods with occasional Sponge for contraception, but are generally unhappy with them.
    • My periods have always been heavy, since I started menses at 13. I have tracked over 10 years using and I average a 26 day cycle, lasting 7 days. I'm more or less like clockwork and have always been so, with the exception if I lose a lot of weight too fast my period will come early.
    • I used to get bad cramps, but they've lessened in intensity since having a baby. I still get them every few months and the makers of Ibuprofen are happy for my business, let me tell you! Cramping will peak around Day 2-3 and then lessen in intensity.
    • Currently on a weight loss plan with the Harcombe Diet (I am loving it big time!)
    I heard about Saheli on the internet and did a lot of research, liked what I saw, then broached the subject with my husband. I wasn't going to take it if he wasn't on board with the idea. I liked the idea of twice a week pill and I have a pill case for vitamins now that help me remember to take my pills. He was game and so I ordered from Reliable Pharmacy around 5/7. It took almost a month for my pills to arrive, but they came about 3 days before my period started on 6/4. I just took my 4th pill today (I'm on Saturday and Tuesday dosage).

    I didn't expect any changes for my first cycle, but it was shorter, which was...weird. It only lasted 5 days instead of 7. I don't know if that had anything to do with Saheli, though. That was actually kind of nice because we were on vacation last week and I risked going down to the pool without using a tampon at the end of my period. :D No problems.

    I haven't noticed any weird side effects, except for one and I haven't seen anyone else mentioning it. Since Saturday 6/11 I've noticed a kind of pressure in my uterus. It doesn't really hurt, I just notice it's there. It sort of feels like that little sensation you get right before cramps come. I haven't actually had any cramping. If you've been pregnant, it kind of reminds me of that "fullness" feeling you get in early pregnancy (obviously I'm not pregnant, though). Has anyone else noticed this? It's not really bothering me, I just think it's weird.

    I'm not sure if my boobs are shrinking from the Saheli or not, like some users have reported. Maybe it's too early and I have lost a bit of weight lately (19 pounds in one month). I have noticed they're a bit smaller, but that doesn't really bother me, though I can see how that would be an area of concern for other ladies. I had a breast reduction years ago and I'm still topping out at a lovely G cup (if you're like :eek: OHMAHGOD WOMAN! I used to be an I cup!). G is for generous! I don't have ANY back pain, though, and I can find clothes that fit now (seriously, unless you know I'm a G most people think I'm like a friends were dumbfounded when I told them). As you can probably guess, I don't really care if my gals decide to shrink! There will still be plenty left.

    I'll keep updating my Saheli Saga as I continue to go, probably on a weekly or biweekly basis unless something really weird happens (you if I wake up with a full beard or something).

  2. HeatherOnAHill

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    Week 3, Pill #6

    The weird pressure in my abdomen subsided a lot since I last posted 9 days ago. The culmination was last Saturday (same day I took pill #5) right after I went to bed, about 10:30 PM. I had some sharp pains in my uterus that radiated around from my back to my front. Honestly, it felt like I was going into labor (which I find hilarious now, but not so funny at the time). I got up and took some generic ibuprofen, hoping that would help. That's the only time I've taken anything for the pain. It stopped after about 10 minutes. My abdomen felt a bit tender right in the middle and I briefly considered appendicitis, but it wasn't in the right place and I didn't have a fever and otherwise felt ok.

    The next day it was gone. This week I've been relatively pressure-free, with a brief 5-10 minute period Monday after I woke up. So, it's gotten better. I took my 6th pill on Tuesday and had no pressure or pain at all.

    I haven't noticed too many any other strange symptoms, except for serious constipation. However, I cannot attribute that directly to the Saheli as I'm also dieting (as previously noted) and it's possible that's what is causing the constipation. It could be a combination of both, but I am not very happy right now. I am drinking LOTS of water, but it doesn't seem to help much.

    Saheli doesn't seem to be interfering with my weight loss, as hormonal birth control can. I'm down 23 pounds since May 7 and I've lost about 2-3 pounds this week.

    I did notice a lot of vaginal discharge today. I don't usually have that much (unless I'm ovulating). It didn't look like the kind associated with a yeast infection and didn't have an odor or itched, so I don't think I have an infection or anything. I don't know if that's a result of the Saheli or not, just thought I'd mention it.

    I did notice that I ovulated later than usual last week. I usually ovulate around day 11-12 (26 day cycle). I didn't notice discharge or uptick in desire until those days, which means I probably ovulated around day 13-14. This cycle definitely feels different, but not in a bad way. It just feels like things have slowed down. I'll be curious to see whether my period is delayed (I'm due to start June 30).

    Overall, I've been pretty pleased with Saheli. I'll update in a week or so after my period starts.

  3. HeatherOnAHill

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    Week 5, Pill #10

    My period started on June 30 three days later than usual, which for me is CD 29 since I average 26 days per cycle. I got the date wrong last post. It should have been June 27. I had the usual cramping, but it only lasted the first day instead of 2-3 days. It was a little heavy for the first 2 days, but not as heavy as usual. My period is usually 7 days long, but this time it was only 4! Last month it was 5 and I was expecting 5-7 days. So, lighter flow and shorter period overall. I like that very much!

    Other than that, no other weird symptoms have been noted. The strange low abdominal pressure I felt a few weeks back has not reappeared. I chatted with a friend of mine recently who is on the regular pill and she told me that she had that same feeling when she started hormonal treatment.

    Weight loss continues steady. I reached 30 pounds today. Centochroman is definitely not messing with my diet! :) My boobs are about the same size, at least from the way my bra fits.

    Will update again in 2 weeks when I'm over halfway through the 3 month introductory dosage.

  4. GPH

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    Thanks for the updates!

  5. SupaKat

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    Hi! I do not come on here very much anymore because I am a longtime user. I think this is year 10 for me. I had the "full" abdominal feeling and the constipation as well. The abdominal sensations mostly went away when I switched to 1x per week, but the constipation has been a constant issue ever since. Probiotics help a lot, and so does a gluten free diet. These are the probiotics I use:

    I lost about 20 lbs when I went off hormonal BC and switched to Centchroman. I don't feel like it impedes weight-loss.

    Hope things continue to go well for you!

  6. HeatherOnAHill

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    Sorry for the long delay. Things got kind of crazy here and I forgot to update. I finished the initial 2 pills a week regimen and am now on one pill, which I take on Saturdays. Still no odd side effects. I've lost almost 40 pounds and have been on a plateau for the last couple of weeks, but I'm sure I'll push past that soon. Obviously, Saheli has not messed with my weight loss at all!

    My cycle started today and was 31 days long. My period's been shifting later and later, but I know that Centchroman can slow up your cycles. I don't really mind. My periods are so much better now. I had some slight cramping this morning, but nothing bad and nothing else the rest of the day. That's a first. As I've previously mentioned, the first 2 days of my period are the worst. Awesome!

    I had a yeast infection last week, but I'm pretty sure that's because I have been limiting my sugar intake (part of the Harcombe Diet) and I had a couple of sugary drinks to celebrate back to school (I'm a teacher). Bam. Yeast infection. It cleared up with a 3 day OTC treatment. I haven't had one in YEARS and I've forgotten how miserable those things can be. Ugh. I've gone back to a probiotic just to keep the yeast at bay while I try to clear it from my body.

    I don't think my boobs have shrunk or gotten softer. My bras fit the same. Husband says they look the same to him (I'll take his word for it).

    This one pill a week thing is awesome. I don't really feel like I'm on birth control at all, but I've got piece of mind that it's highly unlikely I'm going to get preggo. I'm seriously done with babies.

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    I've seen a couple of posts talking about how soy and the phytoestrogens it contains can mess up the contraceptive effects of Saheli. I wanted to document here that I am allergic to soy and do not consume pure soy products. I am aware that soy can be found in some processed foods, but the amount is so small that it does not hurt me. Also, the diet I'm doing discourages eating processed foods and so I do not consume them much at all. I cannot eat most vegetarian burgers, tofu, tempeh, or edamame without suffering some nasty gastrointestinal side effects. I can eat small amounts, like soy sauce, without any ill effects. If Saheli fails and I do wind up pregnant, it won't be because I've been eating lots of soy.

    If I need to take antibiotics then I will be sure to use a backup method as I know those drugs can mess with ANY oral contraceptive, Saheli probably not being the exception. I'd rather be safe than sorry and use condoms for a few weeks.

    I am now a month into taking the single dose once a week. Still not experiencing any side effects. My last cycle lasted 5 days and I didn't have any bad cramps! I was ecstatic. They've become less and less in intensity since I started Saheli a few months ago and I think that's the best part of all.

    I expect my period to start around Oct. 2, unless they decide to stop altogether.


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