Trouble Conceiving After Ectopic Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Surviving Miscarriage' started by nessa26, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. nessa26

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    Hi guys!! I know that this thread is kind of a cross between the TTC After Ectopic, and Metho and Ectopic Pregnancy threads. I thought I would start this one for anyone who just doesn't seem to be having any luck conceiving after their ectopic. Whether you have conceived, and miscarried, or have had fertility, or menstrual problems that are the obstacles in your way of getting to that BFP, and your precious little baby. This is the place to be!!

    I myself had two perfect cycles after my Ectopic Pregnancy. My ectopic was surgically removed along with my right fallopian tube in April, 2008. Had two beautiful 30 day long ovulatory cycles afterwards, then 7 months of looong dreadful, miserable anovulatory cycles after that. Finally got checked out in October. Ultrasound showed that everything structurally was fine, no cysts, no fibroids. Only thing was that I have a retroverted uterus which I was told has no impact on your chances of conceiving. Woo hoo!! TSH was normal, Prolactin was normal. I just was not friggin ovulating!!! Prometrium was taken to induce my period three times, all with terrible side effects: Moodiness, hot flashes, sweating like a pig 24/7. Each cycle after the Prometrium, I was suppose to give my body a chance to try and ovulate on its own, which it didn't. Finally in December, AF started on the 14th after taking Prometrium for 10 days. Ovulated on my own on day 22 of my cycle. Only BDd once, the day before ovulation. Still remained hopeful that there was a chance that I caught the egg......Nope!! Af started today. So, now I try Clomid this cycle. Even though I ovulated on my own this month, my doc fears I may ovulate infrequently, and therefore Clomid will increase my chances by hopefully making me ovulate regularly (and earlier) every month. So Im gonna give it a whirl on Tuesday through Saturday. My doc gave me a strict regimen to follow: "Take Clomid day 3-7 of your cycle. Have intercourse on days 12, 14, 16 of your cycle. No intercourse between that! Progesterone check on day 21". Never thought having a baby would have to be so scientific. But whatever it takes, I am willing to do!!

    Anyone else been having issues after their ectopic???? Would love to hear them! Please join me! I am 27, my ectopic was first ever pregnancy, and not the best way to experience my first pregnancy. Feel free to post your stories!!

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    Hi, I too had ectopic pregnancy.. twice to be exact (June 2006 and March 2008). Sad but I have already accepted, the lost pregnancies and the lost tube as well. I am also wanting to be pregnant now, actually I have been wanting since June last year.. but still no luck until now. I am starting to feel depressed ones again specially since all the girls around me are pregnant! My OB Gynae said that he checked and made sure that every thing is normal for me ones again and there should be no problem in conceiving.. but I am wondering why until now am I not pregnant [​IMG]

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    Hi Chikkie, thanks for joining. I know it. I was on the TTC after Ectopic board, and now most of those girl are pregnant, and they all were pregnant like within 3 months of their EP, and one waiting a few months, and became pregnant the 2nd month of trying. Not fair huh?? Are you charting, doing OPKs. Have you checked with the doctor to find out why you are not conceiving. My doc said that one tube does not lessen your chance of conceving. Hopefully if you can just get some answers as to why you are not conceiving, then you can get it fixed, and then try again.

    For me, I know why I wasn't conceiving. I wasn't ovulating. So thats why I am going to try Clomid and see if that works!!!

  4. chikkie14

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    Hello Nessa, My gynae said there is nothing wrong with me.. and he just wont listen when I want to do tests or asking him about IVF. He just have this thinking that I am way too young to be thinking of this things.. (im 28 i dont think thats young) Anyways I always go for my check ups and still no baby [​IMG] I have a friend in the ectopic thread, we had our surgeries almost at the same time.. and she's 3months pregnant now!

    Im not doing any charting though.. my period is just so crazy.. I used to regularly have my period every other month but after my second surgery It's way more irregular now. Like I would have spotting at mid cycle but then even after 1 month or so my period still wont come [​IMG] sometimes it would start so weak as in like a dischrge and then after 10 days it will become a full blown period. Oh I dont know.. sorry for my ranting :p BTW is clomid something that will make us ovulate? I am also thinking that I may not be ovulating on my right ovary, coz both of my pregnancies before were on my left side.. and I had my left tube removed last time. It's just so frustrating [​IMG]

  5. nessa26

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    Yes, Clomid makes you ovulate if you don't ovulate on your own, or from what I have heard, it makes you ovulate "stronger". Chikkie, go find another doctor. Please!!! There is someone that will sit down and listen to you and really understand that having a baby is very important to you. Fight for what you want!!!! That doctor is not going to help you, there is one that will. Shop around and see if you can find a doctor that will run tests to rule out things that could be causing these problems. I also used to have midcycle spotting, and found out it was caused by extremely irregular levels of hormones.

    Go call around. Let me know how things go!!

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    Hi ladies, I'm new names Carrie I'm 33 and have 5 children. In November I went to the ER for abdominal pain. Much to my surprise the doc came in and congradulated me and prescribed me prenatal vitamins. This was on saturday the 8th. On monday the 10th I went back to the ER again and was told that it was ectopic. They rushed me into surgery so fast that I had no time to call my family or fiancee.I was about 12 weeks along. We are both so devestated. I thank god for my 5 healthy kids but I have this feeling of emptiness and yearning for my baby I never knew....sorry I had to get that out. Nobody wants to talk about it.

    So now here we are 3 months later. My period went back to normal right away. Until now. I'm almost 3 weeks late. I went to the doc at 12 days late and he put me on provera...that was 12 days ago and nothing still...I'm hoping and praying that I'm pregnant. Thanks for reading

  7. BJ99

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    First of all...I'm so sorry for your loss, I know all too well how that feels and still feel that emptiness and sense of missing even tho you never actually physically grasped it. It seems the motherhood factor in us does a complete turn around and we are mothers at the point of conception.

    I believe you need to be in the TTC after EP thread currently. The link is .

    I will say here since your already reading this if you were given provera that they should have made sure you weren't pg prior and I would hope that would in this case mean your not. As provera is bad when pg.

    Please join us over at the TTC'ing thread and we can walk you thru this process. Most of us if not all have had messed up AF's if they come at all since our EP's.


    By the way beautiful southern name!

  8. Alluring-Ash

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    Good Luck ladies

  9. carrielynn

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    Thanks for the link! I come on here via my blackberry, so when I got a phone call I forgot to log off here after.... Also thanks for the doc said he didn't think I was pregnant since I had a negative urine test at 12 days late. I'm not sure I like him. He said to take provera for 10 days than wait 10 more days and get a blood test if I haven't started. He even gave me the prescription! Well soon see! See ya on the other post

  10. Mommynurse

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    Hello new to the site. Had BFP 7/17/08, US showed it was Ectopic, had MTX injection 8/5/08. HCG was zero on 10/13/08..could TTC again after Oct.'s AF. Been trying ever since and nothing [​IMG] i been preg. 6 times before. though 4 were misc.'s , one is 5 years old, and the Ectopic.. igot PG very quickly everytime, the longest was 4 months...Since my EP i started OPKs and BBTing, i detected nothing, but only once in periods been way out of wack..before EP i was 28/29 days....Since EP.....1st AF 9/14...10/19..11/30..1/3..2/3...currently waiting for AF to show this month, took HPT 2day...BFN [​IMG] I dont even get PMS since be4 my EP..and i dont bleed as long or as cramps only twinges...Was supposed to see Doc 2/25 to discuss clomid or femara but she cancelled on me due to she had the flu virus..rescheduled for 3/11 but Marchs cycle will prolly be here and gone by then, so ill have to wait til April. [​IMG] Had blood work done in Dec. also..everything is fine...had U/s too, were considered normal results...which was: small amount of fluid..4get if she said ovary or tube BUT i know she said in the Right, which my EP was in my right tube....Also 4got to mention my tube was saved by the use of the MTX , idid not need any surgery. Im just so frustrated, i got Pg so quicky before but now i feel like im never going to get PG again [​IMG]

  11. court

    court New Member

    hi mommynurse....I am sorry about your ep ...I had one in march of 08 and am still ttc. I have a 2.5 yr old. I would be interested to learn more about the fluid in your uterus. sometimes when the tube is closed, fluid can build up in the tube and be pushed into the is embyronic toxic. I also had a little bit of fluid in my uterus this last month. so just something to maybe look into. it is called a hydrosalpnix.
    I have to feed my dd dinner now, but just wanted to let you know that there are more ladies in your same shoes over on the ttc after ectopic preg forum. if you can't find it let me know!!!
    hang in there..

  12. BlisterInSun

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    Hey guys, Im glad i found a forum where you guys talk about Ep, Most forums are mainly question but nobody gets into details.
    Here is my story, after 3 years or marriage we decided to try an start a family, within the first month we found out we were pg(Nov.26) Around Xmas i started to feel sick and cramping alot i figured this was normal but then it got to the point where i couldnt walk. I went to memorial hermann and they did an ultrasound they told me they suspected it was an EP and sent me home. Told me i needed to go to a specialist, i was mad! ( BTW I DID NOT PAY MY BILL DUE TO MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE, THEY FINALLY CLEARED IT OFF but thats another story)

    The next day i went to the Womans Hospital and they rushed me into surgery, my left tube was just about to pop. I lost my left tube and the baby. It didnt hit me till i went home and i realized that we had to try all over again and this time it wasnt going to be easy. We have been TTC for about 6 months now, and nothing. I skip periods and when i do i never know when, tracking Ovulation is like chasing a chicken. CRAZY! Although trying is fun haha im glad my husband and i at least are getting closer and finding the "bright" side of things but im running out of patience as a woman.

    Im even doing the hold your legs up high trick and nothing. This month i skipped a period got excited but PG came back negative.Its getting frustrated.

  13. babyflakes

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    hello everyone. Iam here to share my story and ask for advice. I had a tubal reversal 3/16/2012. Oct.2,2012 went for a hsg..dr.said he could not find my cervix so it was cancelled,drove 2hours for this app. Got home called my fertility specialist he schedule another hsg out of town 3hours away in Texas. (I live in OK) My fertility spec. is from Beverly Hills, CA. Well at the second app. in Texas I was given a lab for urine.(did not get this lab at the first app)anyway it was a positive prego..YES!!!This was 10/10/2012. DH and myself was very emotional and close family..notified fertility spec. got orders to do hormone labs 10/11/2012 showed progestrone level low was order to take progestrone susspotory 200mg 2x daily. Had another blood lab done on 10/13/2012 dr. report all is in good hands..later that night had sharp pains went to er found out i was about 7weeks prego and it is eptopic. 6cm in my right tube,had right tube removed. At home the next day my heart and soul is left blank. I feel confused. I have searched and searched I found out that this happens alot to women who have a reversal.Also had obgyn run the dye in my left tube it is clear and he said that right tube was blocked at the surical point that is probly why my baby was growing inside my right tube. MY question is when can we ttc again should I be on clomid or any other often will my left side ovulate? when should I get AF? I went to walmart and bought some ovulating paks for later use. Please this is so frusting and I would like some help to get me calmed down and some feed back would be help. Thanks

  14. babyflakes

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  15. Confused-Hasya

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    Hugs! I am sorry for your losses of baby and tube. Glad that your other tube is clear! You're just as likely to ovulate from either side. The egg gets released into the abdominal cavity and the fallopian tube scoops it up. Technically, the tube from the other side can pick up the egg too, but I believe I read somewhere that the it increases the chances of another tubal pregnancy if the egg is picked up from the opposite side. Not sure if I am right. Do find out about this. Some women get monitored to only try when ovulating from the correct side. Do discuss these with your doctor.

    Nessa26 and Labby06 are very knowledgeable about this. Good luck!

  16. *mel*

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. You can start ttc again when you get the okay from your doctor and when you feel emotionally ready. There are a number of women that have gone on to conceive after an ectopic who would be alot more helpfull than me, I did however want to reasure you that conceiving with one tube is possible. I only have one tube (the other is deformed, blocked and doesn't connect to the uterus), and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant. Good luck [​IMG]

  17. MalibuRum

    MalibuRum New Member

    nessa26 - Im sorry for your loss. Just two days ago, i found out that i am having an ectopic pregnancy and was given methotrexate. It is still very fresh in my head and I can definitely feel your pain. LIke you, it was my first pregnancy and i am very afraid to try again. I very much think there's something wrong with me at this point because how am I part of this 1% of ectopic. I think really need to check myself out. I'm just sad for my husband since it's really my body that is not behaving. I can't really help you but im hear to listen because i certainly need some guidance as well. Feel better!

  18. Kalikali

    Kalikali New Member

    So Sorry for your loss MalibuRum, I had an ectopic 3 months ago on my birthday... Like you this was my first pregnancy and was misdiagnosed by my first Dr in the ER. i had the MTX shots and a day later was airlifted to for emergency surgery. At first it didn't sink in until 3 days after my surgery. I was 6 weeks pregnant and had known about the pregnancy for about a week. Both DH and I were very happy and excited, but things change. At first i didn't understand why it was happening and still don't, but i feel like now I'm more ready than before to have a baby. Keep your spirits up and try to come to your own terms of dealing with the EP. I was very lucky because I had a good support system. Talk to your husband and let him know how you're feeling. That helped us a lot, especially because it such a different emotion for them than it is for us. I'll keep you in my prayers and know that I'm here if you need someone to talk to

  19. Confused-Hasya

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    Maliburum, it is very rare that the woman did something to get the ectopic unless she picked up an infection somewhere. Even then, it is not like she went looking for it! Don't blame yourself. S*** happens for absolutely no obvious reason at times too. I had an early pregnancy loss, in a very weird way. Definitely get everything checked out because you may need to time BD to the side that is clear. Monitoring is done using transvaginal ultrasound before ovulation happens.

    Nessa herself is a good example of someone who lost a tube and went on to have 2 healthy, beautiful babies.

    Kalikali and Maliburum, take time to heal yourselves emotionally first. I am not saying that you'll forget your loss. That will most likely never happen. But the wound will heal slowly. Once you are ready and after getting yourself checked out thoroughly, you have as good a chance as any other woman does, of getting pregnant when ovulating from the good side.

    Ask for an HSG test. That'll tell you if something is blocked. In some cases, it even clears blockages.

  20. emptyfeeling

    emptyfeeling New Member

    Hi ladies... I am really new at this and I am glad I found somewhere to "vent" so to speak.. Well my background is that I have a microadenoma tumor on my pituitary gland and that caused me to have periods here and there... I have been wanting a baby so bad since now I am 30 years old and have finally truly found someone who loves and cares for me everyday.. We decided to have a baby but chances were slim but low and behold on January 30th of this year, I received the phone call from my doctor and we were overjoyed... Doctors said I couldn't get pregnant because of the tumor and well I proved them wrong thanks to my medication I was prescribed to lower my prolactin levels.. Our joy and happiness was short lived.. On February 13th, I was experiencing some bad pains in my lower abdomen that all of a sudden went threw my entire back!! I went to the hospital and I was in such excruciating pain that I couldn't believe!! This was when my boyfriend and I had to make the decision to either have surgery or have the shot.. I told him and my mother to make the decision and we opt for the surgery.. At 5:30am on Valentine's day, I was wheeled into emergency surgery at 6:30am because I was experiencing even worse pain and come to find out, my right tube ruptured... I woke up in my room at 11am and I had felt like something in my body was missing, then I saw my wounds.. Since that day, things have never been the same.. Everytime I see someone with a baby I have this jealous feeling thinking that I did something wrong to lose my baby and I hate it.. I have gotten really depressed and it hurts knowing that maybe we can have another "go around"...

    You ladies are strong to go through this more then once and I don't know how you can do it.. I look at the calendar and realize I would be 6 months this month..

    My question is, what have you done to try and get pregnant again? I am on prenatal vitamins right now and also on my other medication.. I'm just so lost and wanting that feeling back again...


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