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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by leeaman7777, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Kelleigh when you signed up for FF did you do the tutorials? If not I would strongly advise you to do them. They explain everything so well and really help you to learn more about your cycle. When charting you will know when you have o'd after you have 3 days of high temps, that is when FF will give you crosshairs. Seen as you are on CD28 are you waiting untill next cycle to start charting properly? How long is your cycle normally?

    Also I notice you have a post in Reproductive Health about a leaking ovarian cyst? Have you told your Dr you are starting to ttc?

  2. Kelleigh

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    I have done some tutorials, and I get the helpful emails as well. Still a bit mind boggling, as I am new at this. But it's exciting nonetheless. I WILL figure it out haha. But as far as telling my OBGYN - No, I have not yet. Tuesday though. The nurse practitioner at my OBGYN is not necessarily the nicest woman so I am actually nervous to say anything to her because she frowns on young people being pregnant (I am 21, but she still gives me dirty looks for not being on BC), and I never actually get to SEE my OBGYN. I have an appointment with him Tuesday as a follow-up to the ER. I'm hoping by then after some much needed rest and staying medicated that it's come to pass and is no longer an issue. The doctor at the hospital, whom I told I was TTC said it would not present a problem. But, I am going to share the news with my OBGYN Tuesday about TTC, and ask for further tips from there! And let's just hope it's a healthy journey from here on out. I'm only 21, and I'm very hopeful and determined, and willing to try anything. So. Here goes!

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    is it true the best time to take a PT is in the morning? my hubbys getting a 3 pack of first response tests tonight. im anxious to take one. but, if it really matters, ill take it in the am instead.

  4. Kelleigh

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    I want to know about this False Unicorn Root - is it best to buy the tablets or the extract? If anyone knows their herbs help me out thanks!!

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    hey kell (is it cool if i call you that?), the only reason its best to take a HPT in the AM is because thats when your urine is most concentrated, therefore will have the highest amounts of HGC (preg. hormone) in it if its present. in other words, you dont have to take it in the AM, but if your testing early the AM is your best odds of getting a + result.

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    So when should you start eating a lot of acidic or alkaline foods to TTC a girl or boy? A couple weeks before Oing? A month? During Oing? And how much should you eat? Completely acidic/alkaline, most of your diet or just incorporate a little more than normal?

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    Shibby... I'm not sure about that. If you are really serious about gender swaying, you might want to just get the book on the Shettles Method (not the only gender-swaying approach out there, but the one I'm most familiar with). I've seen lists here and there of acidic vs alkaline foods. It's not as straightforward as you'd think - meaning, a food that we think of as acidic (e.g., grapefruit) can be processed in the body to have the opposite (alkaline) effect. I would think that for maximum effect, you would want to tip your overall diet one way or the other, but especially prior to O (the idea is to alter cervical fluid pH). Good luck!

  8. shibby

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    Thanks! I've been doing a little research about foods to eat and methods to try and have seen some books available. It's actually kind of interesting to learn about different acidic and alkaline foods and how they're processed in the body! [​IMG]

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    I should have read this earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time spent with my hips elevated or doing headstands [​IMG]

  10. ortholo-user

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    Oh, also maca root powder is great at shortening the cycle by causing the LH surge to happen earlier, and it is thought to increase fertility in women and sperm count in men. I took it this month, and Oed much earlier than expected, and actually earlier than any of my recorded previous cycles. It's great in shakes, you only need 1 t to 1 T.

  11. daisy_may1082

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    WONDERFUL information!! i made sure i book marked it to my computer. thank you so much for putting this on hre!

  12. Stasia Howard

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    I know this might not be a rather good question.. butt.My husband and I are ttc.,andd I bled, (starting wed or tues) just two dots, and it was light red, almost pink..it was not enough for fill a panty liner...at all. I'm not on any bc, at all I've had irregular periods...I've never had something like this happen before. I've been feeling really hott for the past couple weeks...on and of nausea and headache.Are those signs of pregnancy?

  13. TDG

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    Very interesting.. BUT OMG ..according to this Im only ever going to have boys! lol.

    stasia--you sure could be preg. I had spotting during implantation with all 3 of my pregnancys.

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    Stasia, I bought a whole bunch of pregnancy tests and OPKs at http://www.saveontests.com/ there are other sites that have cheap tests too. If you think you might be pregnant, you should test! If your cycles are irregular, the OPKs can help you pinpoint ovulation... also charting your basal body temperatures will help you understand what is happening.

  15. *mel*

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    Stasia is this a different spotting incident to what you had last month? If so when did your period show?

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    Not really a tip, but something I thought I would share.

    Me and my DH have been TTC for a few months now, and this month I realised that the lubrication we lazily use has spermicide in so we have stopped using it. I didn't even think before, but thought I would share in case anyone else is making the same mistake.

  17. Marcy

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    Great information!

    I'm interested in taking False Unicorn and Vitex, so I'm doing internet research to find the best way to add them to my system.

    I've read that the Vitex is best taken from Day 1 of your cycle, as it brings ovulation earlier, and False Unicorn to be started when you start ovulating, as it strengthens the uterus to allow for implantation. I think, once/if I get AF, I will follow this regime. Anyone else have a plan, (or experience or information), about Vitex (chaste tree) and False Unicorn?


  18. Confused-Hasya

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    Try PreSeed. Specially formulated for ttc.
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    I wish there was a TTC'ing trick for multiples!!! Lol

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    I know that the greatest chance of concieving is while you are ovulating. Good luck :)


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