This wedding is making us so poor lol

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by StLGaL, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. StLGaL

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    Im serious..we have like maxed out pretty much all our credit cards..I know thats bad but we have no other way to pay for stuff...Im worried were not gonna have enough money..thankgod his parents are paying for our whole reception or we'd really be screwed..but still we owe a lot of money..photographer,Florist,Limo,Dj,Invitations..etc

    Our Reverend and cake are both already paid in full but still this is making me so stressed out b/c of the money and my work is giving me like no hours and I make @$#%^@ for money..I asked for more hours but they arent giving any full time right now.

    My last job paid me pretty well and I worked full time there 40 hrs a week plus we didnt pay rent b/c I was a mgr for a storage facility and I lived on site in the apartment connected to the office..but yeah I got fired from there back in march bc our new District Manager was an asshole and got mad at me for giving a credit to a tenant that had damage to items due to snow getting into her unit and basically he said that he told me not to give the credit and I did anyway which wasn't really the true and its a long story but basically everyone Ive talked to agree'd that it was bullshit , esp since I had been there 4 years and had even won awards with the company for my performance..but whatever

    Im just so stressed about paying for this damn wedding...I just had to vent some

    Thanks [​IMG] lol

  2. MNM

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    Arent weddings fun?

  3. Trilixia

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    I am sorry to hear that. This is the reason why I want a small, intimate wedding if I get married. Just family, thats it. No close friends either. Just the family.

    I don't want to be paying for it for the rest of my life.

    I am sorry to hear this. Good Luck!!

  4. desertgirl

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    My advice to anyone considering marriage....ELOPE, ELOPE, ELOPE!! Weddings are ridiculous. I'm hoping mine will at least be fun. Just two months away...

  5. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    Ya know, the next time I get married, I'm so pushing for Eloping. Save ourself some headaches and money. I wouldn't do it again if someone paid for the whole dang thing. (well, I say that now :))

  6. Trilixia

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  7. kellybean

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    Oh Boy!

    5. New Orleans - The home to Mardi Gras really is the Big Easy when it comes to matrimony - Louisiana allows out-of-state residents to get married without a waiting period. Grab your bouquet (and some beads) and head for the French Quarter or Audubon Park.

  8. kirasmart

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    You can't totally skip your wedding expenses. You can safe quite good money, if you hire a wedding planner ( ). And you can focus on the fun parts... and leave the boring bits to someone else.


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