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    If you have made it this far and found a girl who is up for a chat then you're more than halfway there. It's at this point though that you can so easily blow it if you're not ready or skilled in the art of online chatting. I can't emphasize the importance of this enough, this is make or break stuff and if you get it wrong here you may as well just walk away from the entire show.

    Here are few tips for getting it right and giving yourself every opportunity to take it to the next level

    Show you have a sense of humor- This item tops my list because there is nothing a woman likes more in a man than a sense of humor. Don't over do it though. You don't have to be a stand-up comedian, just deliver the humor subtly without forcing it, as it will be obvious if you do.

    Remain calm and relaxed at all times- This is simply a case of not showing your nerves. As nervous as you may be feeling at first, it's critical that you come across as calm and relaxed. Women will sense your nervousness in the way you respond so keep it cool and together at all times.

    Develop your typing skills - This is something I discovered very early in the piece that women notice. I had some formal training in my youth with typing and it has been a blessing ever since. Given the computer age didn't dawn until some years after I completed my typing course it was more a case of luck than good planning. If your typing skills are poor then take the time to improve yourself, it's a life skill that can only be an advantage in the long run.

    Engage in topics you know she is interested in - By this stage you have read her profile and you know what she is interested in. Use this information as points for discussion. It will show you have bothered to read her profile and you can engage in subjects she will feel comfortable discussing. It will put her at ease and have the added benefit of getting the message across that you informed yourself about her.

    Don't rabbit on about yourself - This is something I have heard numerous complaints from women about over the years. They are always quick to tell you about the boring joker who went on and on about how good he was at this and that in the last chat they had. Believe me they don't often go back for a second helping. By all means share information about yourself but choose to do it when they ask.

    Be honest at all times - Nobody likes to be deceived. Remember this very important fact, 'women are intuitive'. They will smell a pile of bullshit from a thousand yards so if you take this road you are destined to failure. What is the point anyway? If you're seriously trying to meet someone and further your chances of a relationship then you may as well be up front and honest from the outset.

    Don't instigate the pornographic chat - This is probably the single biggest mistake men can make in an online chat session. And so many men do! By all means, if the woman decides to go there then join the ride but in 99 out of 100 cases they just aren't interested in the size of your tackle or how often you scored in the past month.

    Always engage with confidence - Last but not least by any stretch of the imagination. Just as they will smell the lies they will feel your confidence. The best way to exude confidence is by being happy. Maintain a good sense of humor and respond honestly to her questions and the confidence will show. It's really that simple.

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    Not often, but from time to time people are signing up to a dating site, filling in the questionnaire honestly and in detail, it is believed that the main problems have been solved and now you can safely reap the benefits. It's the same dating site - they say - and, consequently, they should immediately inundated with requests from those who want to meet you.

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    In the life of any man's failures occur. Some have become accustomed to this and do not take these rejections personally. However, there are situations when you can not get interested in the girl, but really want to meet her.
    It is therefore important to know how to persuade a girl on a date, if it does not agree.
    Perhaps this girl studying with you or work. And maybe you met her recently on the street. Be that as it may, the fact remains that it is necessary to do something.

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    Thanks for these tips! I've recently joined a great chatroom , so your tips are incredibly useful! I always try to show I have a sense of humor and try to remain calm and relaxed at all times.


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