The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 6)

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    Hi NataliaD,
    I'm not sure whether I'm better or worse than I was 6 months ago. Some things have gotten better and others have gotten worse. The thing that is worst is the anxiety. I also get frequent chest pains and numbness in arms and fingers.i didn't realise these were symptoms of anxiety when they started in July of last year. But now I'm being told I have anxiety then I must try to accept these symptoms are just the anxiety. But it is hard to tell myself that these pains are caused by my thoughts. Originally I was ok for the first 2 months off bcp, then I suffered the first chest pains with lots of heart palpitations and stabbing flutters in my entire chest area and I didn't know what was happening because I never experienced anything like that before. I thought it was my heart. Roll on to today and I'm still getting the chest pains. Sometimes I don't feel them when I'm busy doing something else but when I think about it I get the pains straight away!!!
    I never really suffered anxiety before-not like this anyway. I would get normal stresses about life and money etc but I was always ok. I did separate from my child's father few years ago and that was difficult but I never felt like this. I was always kind of sad little while and then I say to myself ok time to concentrate on the future and I'd keep going. Regarding depression-I dont think I'm suffering with this. I get a bit down because I want to feel like myself again but I don't feel depressed. I just want answers as to when I'll feel ok again.
    I've been off medication a week now and it has been hard. But when I've made it through the day I feel great. I have to keep telling myself this will be ok. I will be ok. Even if I'm not certain of it, I must believe it that I will be.
    I don't know if that makes sense.

    I hope you are doing ok. You must have been very disappointed with your husband for not being more supportive while you have been going through this. I find men can be quite selfish at times. i find I don't have patience for men now while I am going through this. :(

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    I'm wondering how everybody is doing? This forum has been very quiet. I'm guessing everybody is just trying to get on with their situation as best they can. I've had some quite good days and then I'll think of the anxiety nervous feeling and it'll return!! If I can keep myself busy anxiety isn't as bad but when I have time to dwell on it then it can build up.
    I'm not sure if my 9 days on Ovranette will have had a negative effect yet. I've had my first period since taking that and I did have increased anxiety but it was manageable after lots of breathing exercises. I guess it's the fear of the unknown. I don't know how I'll feel when I wake every day. Mornings have been bad for me usually. Except this morning was a good one.
    I long to get back to being myself without anxiety. It's an awful feeling. I know the majority of former posters said they recovered but I sometimes feel that I might not be so lucky. I hope I'm wrong. I want to be better.
    I hope somebody is feeling better. To shine some light and hope on others.

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    Hi Deirdre. I have the same fear, that I'm not going to recover. I worry that I have an actual health issue and not just anxiety, because all my symptoms are so severe and so constant. Its been 5 months off for me & reading back on old posts girls would have seen some progress by now, whereas I've just gotten worse. I literally never leave my house, see my friends or do anything. Ive spent my entire summer so far just struggling to get through each day. Its so hard.
    Mornings are bad for me too, I think its the transition from being so peaceful asleep to realising i have to face another day. I dont know the last time I woke up and didnt have a racing heart or feel sick. Ive actually vomited a few times immediately upon waking - thats how bad it is. :( forum is so quiet. Hugs to all xxx

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    I wish this had all happened this time last year when the board was super active every day with lots of different people!
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    HI Tabbycat,
    This is one of the worst things ever to happen. We have to trust we will recover. I was suffering all the physical symptoms of anxiety for months before realizing it was anxiety. It's only in the last 2 months I've realized what it was.
    I'm now going to cbt therapy and doing breathing techniques. It is helping a lot. I think it all takes time, unfortunately it's taking a long time. Be strong. Positive thinking helps. I get off days but I have to shake it off and believe I will get through this. Message anytime. I'll reply again later.

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    Okay I know this is gross and TMI sorry but I'm freaking out a bit! I was in the bath earlier and pressed on my boob and this discharge started coming out of my nipple, so I pressed on the other one and the exact same thing happened! I sat for like 10 minutes squeezing both of them and the more I squeezed the more came out?! I've never had this before - it was like a pale milky colour. It was as if I was lactating but I'm definitely not pregnant so I have to assume its to do with weird hormones but WTF?? I googled it and not much is coming up. Has this ever happened to anyone before?! Going to mention it to my mum but this is so weird

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    Okay I know this is gross and TMI sorry but I'm freaking out a bit! I was in the bath earlier and pressed on my boob and this discharge started coming out of my nipple, so I pressed on the other one and the exact same thing happened! I sat for like 10 minutes squeezing both of them and the more I squeezed the more came out?! I've never had this before - it was like a pale milky colour. It was as if I was lactating but I'm definitely not pregnant so I have to assume its to do with weird hormones but WTF?? I googled it and not much is coming up. Has this ever happened to anyone before?! Going to mention it to my mum but this is so weird

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    Hi Tabbycat,
    The only time this happened to me was when I had my daughter and when I stopped breast feeding her if I pressed them white stuff would come out. Perhaps, it is too much of one hormone. Have you gotten your hormones tested? I do remember seeing a Doctors programme years ago where a man had breasts that leaked white stuff when he pressed on them. I don't think it was anything to worry about. I think it was too much of one hormone he had. But perhaps check with your gp just to be certain as I'm definitely not an expert.
    I know that my breasts felt lumpy and bumpy after stopped bc and I had a freak out about them for a while but I had a physical exam done on them and was reassured they were fine.
    I know you are suffering with the anxiety but try to be reassured that a lot of this is hormonal. Others have recovered and you will too. If you can, try looking up anxiety meditation and relaxation things on YouTube and plug in your headphones and listen to them. It is hard to do but you need to convince your mind that you are ok. My symptoms were so physical that I truly believed I had something terrible. Even now I get aches and pains still and I have doubt that I'm not 100% ok health wise but I have to tell myself over and over that I'm ok.
    Try and leave the house with somebody if you can. Just a short walk or drive can make you feel good. Take small steps. I'm still anxious at points during the day but I have to talk myself into doing things. The minute I feel anxious all my physical symptoms of pain Eric return. It's awful. I long for the day that I feel like myself again. Be strong. Seek help online. Use meditations. Thinking of everybody experiencing this. I often look at others and wonder have they experienced something like this-I mean a lot of people have been on birth control so somebody I know must have gone through this at some stage. What birth control were you on? I was on yasminelle.... I wish I never went on it.

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    Thanks Deirdre, it just seems weird because I'm young and never been pregnant etc. It must be hormonal from the pill, but still weird that it just started happening.
    I try to leave the house as often as I can but usually it's just small things like going to the shops or going for a walk. I feel like such a loser, this time last year I was having the time of my life out with all my friends every day and this year i'm a total hermit!
    I was on Yasmin for 3 and a half years. I wish I'd never gone on it too :( except I liked being on it at the time, it cleared up my acne and regulated my periods, I didn't seem to get any bad side effects

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    Hi Tabbycat,
    I can't believe you were in Yasmin. It's the same company that make yasminelle. I was on Yasmin briefly prior to yasminelle. I can't remember why I was switched to yasminelle but I do recall having to switch it. Like you I had no trouble taking yasminelle-although looking back my sex drive disappeared and I had very low moods from time to time on it. I was always tired too. Only time I felt full of energy and in the mood for sex was when I had my period.
    I know Yasmin is a lot stronger than yasminelle dosage wise so I can only assume the effect is harder for you. I'm finding my situation difficult at my age so for you it must be very hard. You must be a very strong person though as you have made it this far. It's good that you are going out and doing things. I know it's very hard but keep it up. Things will get better for you. This thing really changes a person. It takes over your life. It's hard to see past what you are going through. But keep the faith that it will get better.

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    Lots of people who suffer seem to have been on Yasmin/Yaz/Yasminelle.. I spoke to one other girl who had similar symptoms to me after coming off Yaz. Hmm, worrying! Yeah actually now that you mention it my sex drive was really low too and it really annoyed me at the time
    I think part of my problem is that I was briefly switched to a generic for a few cycles, then I kept taking strips back to back for like 3 months on end to prevent having a period, THEN I stopped my pill mid pack. So basically my body must have actually been like WTF is going on?! And it just freaked out.
    I agree it really changes a person and takes over your life. I almost fantasise about years from now when I look back on all this and it's just a horrible memory. The only positive is that it's made me a way more compassionate person for people suffering from anxiety/depression/chronic illnesses. I can really understand now how hard it gets.

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    I sometimes wonder if I have PCOS or something that being on BCP masked until now as my periods are soo irregular and I have bad acne (different to how it was years ago when i went on the pill, now its very hormonal around my chin and cheeks).

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    I would give your body more time to heal. It's reassuring to know another person went through similar symptoms as you and they recovered. I dont know much about PCOS, but I do have acne and have suffered with it since my teens. The pill helped reduce it but it never fully went away. I'm having breakouts now but I'm run down from all this so I'm just working on cleaning up my diet now.
    I just have to keep busy or anxiety gets the better of me. Having too much free time sends me googling things and it's not good. I only check this forum now and check for diets that help balance hormones. I tried taking maca powder which increased my anxiety and made me sick. So I'm concentrating on diet and meditation and CBT therapy. Im hoping it will benefit me.
    Some days are great and others not so good.
    I hope it won't take much longer for us to heal. I'd love to warn people about taking these pills but even the medical profession doesn't think they can have these side effects coming off them so you can't prove it was the pills. Even though life was great until I stopped taking them. I am glad I'm off them though. I don't want to try going back on them. Others have tried and it didn't help the anxiety so I'll have to just wait for them to get out of my system.
    I too hope I can look back on this in time and feel better than I do now.
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    Thank you SO much for coming back to write that bit of inspiration for all of us ladies to truly means a lot while going through such a terrible and difficult time. I feel better hearing about women who have recovered. Just curious, about how long did it take you to start to feel better? I have been off the pill for almost 7 months now but have read that it can take up to a year or two for your body to regulate. I keep telling myself to just give it time and don't fight it, but my anxiety is so bad somedays I feel like I can't go on.
    Again, I really appreciate you coming back and best wishes to you. :)

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    Hi you guys, Kimi here. I haven't written in a little while as I've been trying to just focus on other things as much as I can...for a while I was obsessing over it and it wasn't helping the matter.
    Anyway, I am on month 7 off of birth control pills and although I am doing better than I was a couple months ago, I still am struggling every day. Some days are easier than others. I have noticed that I started to really try and "avoid" stressful situations and protect myself from anything where I could feel anxious, which isn't healthy but subconsciously it's just something I've done over the past months to avoid panic attacks. I don't drive, I don't stay home by myself, I avoid crowded places or stressful environments, etc. I know that this isn't healthy but I have formed phobias of certain things because I am terrified of panic attacks now. I am going to see a therapist for all of this which I have heard will help a lot. I struggled with anxiety and health phobias for much of my life since I was a pre-teen but I never thought it would turn into all of this once I stopped the pill. Now looking back I would trade anything to be like I used to be 7 months ago. But no use in living in the past, we have to focus on our futures and keep fighting each day. I know that in time this will all pass and we will look back and be so proud that we made it through this terrible time in our lives. Stay positive ladies, definitely meditate, do yoga and eat very healthy, exercise each day if you can and do whatever you can do each day to find peace and happiness. Hugs to you all and I'll try to be more active on here with how everything is going!

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    Hi Val, how are you doing lately? I haven't been on here much and see that you haven't been posting either. I hope that means you're doing much better!! Hope all is well.

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    Hello, All. I have been a lurker on these boards for almost 2 weeks.

    I was on a generic birth control for almost a year when my pharmacy stopped carrying it and provided me with Tri-Sprintec. I have had issues with this medication in the past, however my Dr said to try it for a month and see. I made it a month and a week before I started experiencing panic attacks. I stopped immediately. I waited 4-6 days where I did bleed and they wanted me to start taking Lo Loestrim Fe. I continued to have panic attacks and overall jitters for 2 weeks until I stopped those as well. To this day it has been 2 weeks since I last took hormonal birth control.

    As you can imagine, it has been a nightmare. I continued to have panic attacks almost daily, leaving my house gave me a sense of dread, nausea, dehydration, depression, fatigue, gastro-issues, racing thoughts, zero appetite, heart palpitations, unexplainable muscle pains -- you name it. I am on FMLA leave from work for the month because I could not calm down enough to operate correctly. Everyone at work has been super supportive, but I have been subtle with the details for fear that I will appear insane. Issues and situations that would usually give me low to mild anxiety feel amplified to a degree that just sends me right over the edge. I am depressed that this is my life now, and I won't get back to how I used to be just over a month ago.

    I have had anxiety in my past, but not like this. I don't feel comfortable in my skin at all. Everything either feels numb or like an exposed nerve. Some days getting out of bed is a chore, as it takes such mental and physical prowess to overcome these feelings. Going out to dinner with friends resulted in waves of anxiety and panic in a restaurant that I have been in at least 2 dozen times. When I was younger my heart would race for no reason and I wasn't diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) until I was almost 30. As a young woman I was terrified of these attacks and sometimes would feel significant anxiety after them that would eventually fade away when they stopped happening (racing heart happened every few years).

    I feel like an absolute loser. I'm sad almost constantly and apologize to everyone around me for being this way. As most every other post I have read states -- I was a happy, excited, healthy woman before hormonal birth control. These pills have wrecked me and emotionally and physically stained me. I took Tri-Sprintec about 9 years ago and had very similiar symptoms when I stopped taking it. When I explained this to my PCP she prescribed Clorazapam (forgive the spelling) but I have not taken it and wanted to prescribe an anti anxiety long term - I refused. I was not like this before and am very fearful of further medication, as I feel I am again in this situation due to hormonal birth control.

    The plus side is after 2 weeks I am starting to be able to control and become more comfortable with the feelings of panic. Sometimes I still feel like I am loosing control, sometimes I am so fed up that I will try to abruptly stop them or distract myself. I am beyond frustrated and miss my life so much. I feel hopeless.

    I see a Psychologist tomorrow. I am scared to pieces to drive to see her, let alone have her tell me I am a lunatic.
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    Welcome! Sorry to hear about what you are going through, it really does suck :( my life has been absolutely miserable for the last 5 months and I would give anything to go back to how I was this time last year - happy, healthy and excited for the future.
    Good to hear you are seeing a psychologist tomorrow, and she definitely will not tell you you're a lunatic, because you aren't! Look at the hundreds of women that have posted on this site over the years with the strangest symptoms after stopping the pill. For me, I don't know if it was the Pill alone that caused me to completely crash, but it definitely contributed. I went from a completely normal girl with maybe a bit of anxiety that i could have worked on, but it didn't hold me back or really impact my life at all, to a complete and utter mess who battles through each day. The amount of weight I've lost is scary, I have people I barely know telling me how painfully thin I look. I barely eat due to being constantly nauseous and vomiting a lot - I actually had to have CT scan earlier today to make sure that theres nothing going on internally since my weightloss has been so rapid! Had to order meal replacement drinks to bring my calorie intake up. It's a really really hard time.
    I know how you feel in terms of getting out of bed being a chore, I'm the exact same. I hate waking up & having to face each day, and I have nothing to be excited about. I've had to drop out of uni and I'm a total loser these days, rarely leaving my house. I'm constantly back and forth between doctors, I've had 2 therapists, I've tried SSRIs. The only thing that remotely helps me is Diazepam which I am so reluctant to take regularly.
    I personally find it hard to stay positive through all this, which is why I'm so grateful for these kinds of boards where other ladies can offer me positivity and hope and motivation to keep going. I'm sure you'll find a lot of help here, although the board sadly hasn't been as active lately as it was this time last year. Maybe it will start picking up a bit? Hopefully!

    You said you had similar symptoms when you stopped taking Tri-Sprintec 9 years ago, how long did it take for them to pass? That should give you hope, that you have been through this before and so can get through it again :) xx

  19. tabbycat

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    I'm 5 months off and really struggling - I actually think I've gotten a lot worse over the last month or so because ALL my energy and attention has been on how I feel. For the first few months I was able to push through and try to get on with life as best as I could, ignoring all the physical symptoms and going to therapy etc. I actually did notice improvement, until I had an almost day-long panic attack which sent me spiralling back into a really bad place and I had to go back home from Uni and was unable to return. Since then, things have got gradually worse. I've become really depressed, my mum wants me to try an SSRI again even though the last 2 didn't seem to agree with me. I get nervous to because of side effects and the fear of it making things worse initially than it already is :/
    I also avoid situations that make me anxious - I don't like driving and I don't like seeing my friends because the whole time all I can think is how normal they all feel and how they have no idea how terrible I'm feeling, which sends me into a big anxious mess. I literally have seen no one over summer outside my family - its so so sad. But I've only myself to blame!
    I keep fantasising about looking back on all of this as a horrible memory that I was able to get through. I know that when I feel better, I will be SO much stronger and more compassionate for other peoples suffering. It's really given me perspective on what is actually important and all the little simple things I took for granted.

  20. tabbycat

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    Also I said to my GP about the discharge from my nipples and I got a blood test done for my prolactin levels, so I'll be interested to see what comes of that - it'll be a bit of an insight into my hormones


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