The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 6)

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by Raunchy-Row, May 18, 2015.

  1. Raunchy-Row

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    Many, many of our users have experienced long, difficult recoveries from their hormonal birth control use and have posted their extensive experiences over the years. The original thread became very long, was lost and reposted, and then locked. The second thread quickly made it over 1000 posts and the 3rd to almost 800 but the 4th beat them all with over 1100 posts in just a few months. Number 5 got reaaaalllly long before I closed it! These resources can be found in the Archives. This thread is for women who would like to continue to discuss the effects of discontinuing birth control (hormonal contraception) and support one another through what can be a frustrating time!

  2. Shaynes457

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    Wow I didn't realize the last thread almost reached 5000 posts! :eek:
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  3. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Hi ladies:) hope you all made your way to the new thread okay!

    I'm back from my Hawaii trip. It was AMAZING. I had such a great time, my rocd barely spiked and my anxiety was very manageable. Thanks so much for encouraging me not to turn back bc I was afraid.

    Currently, my rocd is a 1/10 (10 being worst ever). My anxiety is about a 5 and my depression is a 5 1/2 . Idk why my anxiety and depression have spiked up on me but they are super uncomfortable. It's hard to describe how I'm feeling, I can't tell whether it's anxiety or depression, I just feel kind of down/flat but anxious at the same time...hard to fully put my finger on the feeling. I just "don't feel good" you know?

    I'm still taking 50mg of 5HTP which had always helped me and I just started 200mg of L-Theanine which is supposed to be AMAZING for anxiety, I just started it today so I'll let you know how that goes. I graduated (uni) this spring so I'm home a lot dwindling my thumbs looking for a 'real' job. I think this time alone gives me way too much time to brood in my anxious thoughts. Do any of you ever feel this way? I'm really happy that my rocd has attenuated so much, now if this weird anxious/low downer would pass all would be perfect.

    Hugs xoxo

  4. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    that's perfect missbliss! I'm so glad you went and you were fine. sometimes you need to push yourself!!!

    as for your anxiety and depression spiking back up mine is too as well not so much depression. I just have finals week at my school and I'm stressing out sooooo much for my exams. I always applied for dental and I don't know if I'm going to make the program I find out in June. my nerves are just going and going it's running me down BUT it's understandable I have a lot going on that's important!!!!!!!! also work has been cutting my hours for the past month which is making me aggravated!!!!!

    hope all returns to well xo
    keep doing daily activities and such. you will be fine :)
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  5. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    Hey MissBliss, I read some of your older posts and saw that you tried an SSRI (I think). Did it help you at all? I'm starting to take Zoloft and its helped lots with obsessive thoughts/anxiety but not so much the depression. I can deal with the depression because I've had on and off depression my whole life. I can't deal with the thoughts and anxiety and everything though.. Did you improve at all on it? Did you have any withdrawal symptoms? I dont know if I should still take this in fear of bad withdrawal symptoms but things like 5HTP do not help me at all..
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  6. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    Hi girls !

    Can't believe the amount of posts on the previous thread! My goodness!

    So glad you enjoyed your holiday MissBliss - so glad you're doing well.

    I am doing well too - it was my birthday yesterday and I was in such a happy mood!

    My period is just coming to an end and I truly now believe it does get a bit easier after each period - which was less painful, and regular right on time !

    Anyway, the sun is shining here which makes me happy! Have a great day xx
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  7. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    I hope that other girls will found us!

  8. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member


    Glad you had a great birthday (and period!) Nicole!

    And missbliss, glad you had a blissful time in Hawaii!! ( I'm such a loser)

    I'm ok at the moment, same as missbliss, I can't quiet put my finger on how I'm feeling. The word 'meh' always comes to mind.

    But all well.

    I hope that lindee girl finds this new thread, she only just made her first post in the old one! X
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  9. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    2 days of school left and I'm stressing so bad about my exams :( I'm so scared I'm actually freaking out

  10. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    Hey girls,one question.
    I was check my hormones last week and they turns out like normal(sex hormones)but my thyroid isn't ok.
    can I be so depressing and anxious because of thyroid in combo with BC? :(

  11. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Hi Shaynes, yes I took zoloft too. I was on it from January to June 2012 and it really helped. I should note that my anxiety started before the hormonal imbalance. I started having panic attacks, anxiety etc back in 2012, went on zoloft, felt much better -- was healed, felt as though anxiety was truly a closed chapter in my life. Lived life super happily and it all felt like an old distant memory.

    That was until January 2014, that's when I was hit with the hormonal crash and allllll my anxiety came back. I didn't go on zoloft again but considered it.

    Back when I was taking Zoloft, I noticed I gained weight and I have a pretty slim figure, so it was super annoying and I hated it (my face got so round!! Lol) . I lost it though when I came off so don't worry about weight gain, just worry about feeling better :). I was on the lowest dose only 25mg but it still really helped with feeling hopeless as well as panic attacks and anxiety. How long have you been on it? It takes a few weeks to kick in, took about 4-6 weeks for me and I did experience heightened anxiety in the beginning so that's natural. I had no withdrawal symptoms at all when my doctor weaned me off! I thought about going back on it when I hit a bad setback last year but got on 5HTP instead. What brand and dose did you take of 5htp? I feel like it's not working as well for me anymore -- still works but not as effectively as before. Zoloft should do the trick for you though :) keep me posted xx
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  12. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Thanks EmmyLoo :) Maybe one day we can all take a big Aphrodite girl's trip to Hawaii ;) hahaha!

    And I totally know what you mean by feeling "meh", I feel the same, can't put my finger on it. Not sure if it's more depression or anxiety, hard to tell. Just let it float on by and don't focus too much on how you feel. That's what I've been doing even though it can be tough sometimes! Hugs xx

  13. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Don't stress Britt, you got this! I was so anxious about my finals too, I thought I was actually going to die. It was my final semester of uni and I had one major research to finalize that I would then have to present at an academic conference, I was completely burnt out. Don't worry, just keep going, get lots of sleep when you can, you'll have lots of time to wind down when it's all over. This is all healthy stress even if it feels nasty. Just hang in there and be gentle with yourself :) xx

  14. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Yes the depressions and anxiety can definitely be caused by your thyroid. Is your thyroid too high or too low? Do some research on natural ways raise/lower your thyroid there are definitely vitamins/herbs you can take that will really help. I'll let you know If I come across anything :) xx

  15. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Happy Belated Birthday Nicole!!!! :) May this year be filled with lots of wisdom attained during this difficult but important journey, you're doing very well and as cliché as this sounds, these trials do make you a stronger and better person and with ongoing healing you will continue to enjoy a very full life. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Bless you xx
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  16. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Hi ladies, could use a second opinion on this little issue I'm having. Not sure who else to ask and my anxiety is clinging to this quite a bit tonight (always something lol!).

    During my trip my boyfriend and I were intimate. As I'm obviously not on bc pills, my bf and I have oscillated between using protection and being very careful (pull out). The night we were intimate he withdrew kind of frantically and very, very "last minute" (no protection). Afterward I asked him, totally horrified, if he thought he "made an oopsie." He said he was pretty sure he didn't but that he couldn't be 100% sure that some didn't get inside (wtf!!!). I began full blown panicking because I realized I was ovulating. He calmed me down and told me in retrospect that he was really confident he didn't slip up. But this hasn't reassured me (which is why I posted about it while on the trip)and I think about it every day. I was going to take the Plan B pill (emergency contraceptive) in Hawaii but I couldn't risk sinking into a black tar depression bc of hormones (I had barely made the trip in the first place!).

    My period is due around the 28th, I'm becoming really nervous that maybe I won't get it. Do you think it's likely? I know that even one little spurt can fertilize the egg during ovulation. Although, I got ovulation pains about 3 days after the 'incident' so maybe I wasn't ovulating that night after all...? Who knows, still enough to keep me up at 2am. Let me know your thoughts xx

  17. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    Hey MissBliss, what HTP5 brand do you use? ( Ive started buying vitamins off amazon, which isn't always great as you can't always trust the reviews!) Especially when i bought some vit D3 and it asked for me to leave a review to get a whole new batch for free! So im guessing 90% of the reviews aren't even accurate as they want you to leave positive reviews to get free stuff... grrr !! ( But the Vit D3 has really helped girls, highly recommend it)

    As for the 'slip up' whilst being intimate. I would encourage you to take plan B ( but im assuming the time frame has lapsed now) I don't think the hormones in a plan B pill will set you or any of us back that much. And we need to make sure we ain't making babies!
    I would make a visit to your doctor and see if there is anything they can do/suggest. But im sure you'll be fine come the 28th :) You just need to ease your mind and anxiety and the best way to do that is speaking to a professional ( even if its just popping into a pharmacy and talking to the pharmacist on duty)


  18. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    My TSH is slightly high,like normal is 4,and my is 7.
    But in December was in normal range,like 2.So I believe that pill masked my thyroid.Because I have a lot simptom's that something is wrong with that.Thak you m.b,you are always so kind :) xo

  19. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    since I been stressing and stuff Tottally have a QUESTION for everyone !!!!

    today I was eating breakfast when in the middle of my breakfast my face felt like it was dropping in my like my checks witch then made my head feel funny obviously ... and then I lost my appetite like I threw out my whole breakfast.

    do you think that's a normal anxiety thing .... only reason I'm having aniexty is from my finals. I barley see myself having panic attacks or anxiety unless I'm really close to my period with mood swings and such. time to time I might get a little little attack here and there but nothing like before.

    also I been hanging out with my friends so much more !!!! it's been a great feeling to start getting back in habit and slowly feeling more comfterable :)

    1 final today and 2 tomorrow .....:( I'm stressed
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  20. Britt

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