The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (part 5!!!)

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Raunchy-Row, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Ymele

    Ymele Member

    Hi doxielover ur not alone we have experienced everything you just have so dont worry. Bcp has done that to you we swear. Since you stopped ur body is in shock and hormones are still absent thats why your system are in chaos. You are also depleted of important vitamins and minerals. Let time heal, supplement with calcium magnesium vit bs and herbal like chasteberry to regulate your hormones. Everyone here differs with their side effects but im telling you i have the worst experience and until now still havin those but also its gettin less every cycle. So be strong and girls here will help you Britt is the longest here and she can assure you what shes been through and shes gettin better.
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  2. Ymele

    Ymele Member

    may i ask whose doctor can i have my checkup coz ive been to gp and tested everythin and said all are normal they suggest psychiatrist but i dont like it i have single gallstone and i am thinkin if all my anxiety was due to it but thats too impossible everyday i felt this kind of feeling like im getting hot or warm and nausea and strange breathing and weird sensations and weakness like im gonna die and nausea too i dont know what ill gonna do i dont have insurance gynes doesnt help and dont recognize this kind of symptoms pls tell me is this panic/anxiety attack may i ask whose doctor can i have my checkup coz ive been to gp and tested everythin and said all are normal they suggest psychiatrist but i dont like it

  3. Joss

    Joss Active Member

    Doxielover you are most definitely experiencing these things due to coming off the pill. So sorry you are going through this now along with everything else, but time will heal! Sounds like you are already eating very healthily, the only other thing I would suggest is cutting out refined sugar, if not all sugar. (Except for natural sugars like fruit, dates, etc.)

    If you can, see a naturopath or a hormone specialist and get your hormones tested as well as your blood to see if you have any vitamin deficiencies right now. I personally was very low in Vitamin D and B after coming off the pill, in spite of a mostly vegan and sugar /gluten free diet.

    Just make sure that whatever doctor you're working with understands what you're going through and doesn't shrug off your symptoms or try to convince you that the pill doesn't cause any of these physical/emotional symptoms. IT DOES. We may be the unlucky few who have this reaction, but it's real and it needs to be talked about!

  4. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    This ROCD is beyond crippling me. I can't even be around my boyfriend without getting anxiety. My ROCD convinces me that me and him should just be friends, that I don't love him, shouldn't be with him, that he's not attractive (which he is very attractive), that I should cheat on him (these thoughts are the worse), and just a lot of weird shit that's trying to ruin my image of him. I don't know how to deal with this anymore.

  5. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    Look at my post upstairs.
    I have fear of world war today,and thinking about that a lot.So scared. :(

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  6. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    This helped me so much, thank you Nicole! I hope you're holding up okay :) xoxo

  7. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    EmmyLoo! That's so funny you say that because my boyfriend and I do the EXACT same thing -- we have nicknames and talk in baby voices haha. I have also had those rocd thoughts about not talking in our "voices" and being silly like that. Glad to hear you're feeling much better xoxo
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  8. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    I leave for Hawaii in 9hours and I'm at my boyfriends place at the moment. My anxiety is building (being alone with him) now I don't want to worry you guys bc it's been about a year since this all happened for me as I was doing very very well for a long time, I think it's normal to have blips here and there and I've personally been going through a stressful time in my life so don't be alarmed that a year from now you'll be in this spot! I am much better than I was before but have dipped into a valley lately so don't worry about recovery:)

    Does anyone get homesick on vacation? Thinking about being far from home made me want to cry today -- I actually did cry lol. My mom is on standby and she says I can call her anytime. I'm only gone for a week and I'll have wifi and data so I'll have access to the outside world haha. Just wondering if anyone else gets vacation anxiety? I've never had it before I think it's bc this is my first ever trip with my bf and rocd is spiking a lot.

    love y'all xx

  9. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    I have had something like that.When I was on start with this catastrophe,I was in my bf place for a first time and it was horrible.And i was afraid going on his place for his birthday cause I thought that catastrophe from January will become again.But he wasn't and it was great.^^
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  10. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    For a while now I've felt nothing, nothing for my boyfriend, nothing for really much at all in general. I don't get those little bursts of excitement that i experienced around my boyfriend like i did for a short time.

    I have next to no libido - I don't think my body even knows what it is anymore !

    I've only had my implant out since February so I'm guessing it is early days ?

    Hating this forever numb feeling!

  11. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    I thought homesickness was my problem whilst on holiday when all this first happened, it was my only explaination which I guess we always want an answer to everything so I stuck by it.

    Everyone in my life with years of life experience told me that going on holiday for the first time with your boyfriend is a massive deal, you are putting a lot of trust in that one person to make sure you are okay. I feel it's only been in the last 6 months almost that I've seen a psychological shift in terms of "oh shit I'm really an adult now" - my dads advise to me was "Nicole you've always been used to going on holiday where me and your mum have looked after everything, we've arranged the holiday, we've checked in on our flight, we've managed money, food everything - so doing it alone is all new to you" so I guess the moral of it is - it's not unusual to be in fear of the unknown, it's okay to be anxious.

    I hope you managed to relax once you are there and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and all the relaxation.

    Have an amazing time xxx
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  12. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    Every time a negative thought enters your mind, spin it with a positive. Your subconscious only knows negative right now, you need to teach it positive

  13. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    The worst days are about to come.. Ovulation. When my anxiety is beyond crippling and the only thing that even remotely calms me down is a benzo or weed. Ugh :(

  14. AprilLudgate

    AprilLudgate Active Member

    Today iz sixt day of my period...

  15. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    today I had the most perfect relaxing day with my boyfriend we didn't fight once we were so lovey Dovey like when we first met. we went to a nice boat house reasturant by the water u just 2. we went to the movies with all of our friends after wards. I'm on my period so usally I would be all bitchy and annoyed but I was so happy and I just went along with everything and I felt so good and alive like a use too. I do get very like blurry meaning I feel out of it at times but I'm still there lol it's weird but I'm sure you girls get what I mean! but I was so happy with today plus I have my period!!! that's a great improvement

  16. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    I would be having anxiety too it's DEF NORMAL! relax go have fun!!!!!! that's amazing that your even going! just go with the flow and try to calm yourself once you get there and settle in you'll be perfectly okay:) trust me you'll be so happy you went

  17. Breanna

    Breanna Member

    Hey girls. I've been good lately. That's why I haven't been here. But have you guys ever fought with your boyfriend over something so stupid and nearly broke up. And didn't but the next day you feel so bad about what happened the night before and you feel like it's over? Because I don't like feeling like this. Someone just tell me it's going to be okay.

  18. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    Yes I get like this all the time. The feeling will pass in a few days.

  19. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    Ugh I don't know what to do ladies. Every time me and my boyfriend have sex I get anxiety. So bad I just space out and just start thinking about random things and I'm not even focusing on the sex. I can't even enjoy it :( ugh

  20. ja13

    ja13 Member

    Shaynes457 have you been diagnosed with PCOS now then? That's now three of us from this forum who have it. I know that this isn't something I've got 'naturally' I'm convinced it's been brought on by the pill! I've never had bad skin, weight issues or excess hair and there's no history of it at all in my family. Has your doctor prescribed something for you to take? I've been taking metformin and changed my diet and I had what I feel was my first proper period in years. I've had irregular ones since stopping BC in July but they were always really short and light and so I think they were still synthetic. I had nothing for three months and then last week had what felt like a real period, I had period pains and was on for four days. I'm determined I'm going to get rid of the PCOS with diet, exercise and the metformin and then I can start to ween myself off it and hopefully maintain regular periods.

    I'd urge you all to question your doctors about PCOS

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