The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (part 5!!!)

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  1. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    I fucking bate anxiety so much! I hate that it can create these thoughts and these images in my mind that aren't real! I hate this. Ugh anxiety please go away :(
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  2. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    miss bliss I miss you girl !!!!! where you been how are you ? and that is so funny ahaha

  3. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    my opnion your better off lying then telling her and her preaching you and you being more upset and stuff about going. it def is out of the comfert zone but enjoy go and just go with every minute. don't think so hard just go for it ! you will be in an amazing PLACE! that should make you think of peacefulness !!!!! I think you will be fine and you will love yourself for going

  4. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    Hey Shaynes,

    This is a massive step! Acknowledging that the anxiety is almost tricking you into believing the feelings of love and passion aren't real but that the thoughts of not being in love, and questioning, and emotional turmoil ARE real, are all part of this ridiculous roller-coaster ride. You've now reached the point where you're like 'Yeah, I DO majorly love my boyfriend and have done all this time!' This is the REAL you and your thoughts, it now becomes that little bit easier to keep the anxiety at bay and knowing its just a sucky little parasite trying to wriggle its way into your thought process and make you believe its true. IT IS NOT TRUE!

    So relish those few little moments of pure love and joy you have, they will become more frequent until its just second nature again. And just remember that any other thought that worries you, or upsets you or makes your more anxious than normal, are not your own thoughts and pay them no attention.


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  5. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    Hey Girls,

    Sorry ive been AWOL this weekend. (bank holiday in the UK so not really been at a computer)

    But i tell you what, ive been majorly distracted and its helped put all ROCD and what not out of mind. I haven't had a rubbish thought it about 3 weeks now.

    1. My bathroom at my flats getting re-done which is a complete nightmare. Showers at work = so annoying!
    2. I might have to move really quickly before the end of the month, so finding a suitable place to live and move in like 3 weeks = not fun!

    Although these all kinda crappy things to have to deal with, my moral and thoughts are really good at the moment and i haven't really had a bad day. so distraction really does work! Getting on with normal day to day things like sorting the flat out, sorting our bills etc etc just brings a level of normalcy to what has definitely not been a normal 5 months for me. Being so inside my own head really does distort and skew the reality of whats going on around me. But now i think im able to see past it and definitely do feel like im returning to my normal self.

    I also got my period which is great. I didnt have a build up of emotions or thoughts leading up to my period and i have none now thats it here. It is a relief to just be menstruating though so i can return to a normal cycle ( one that i can at least predict a start date!)

    So all in all, its going great. And i wanted you guys to know that, even if it takes you 2 months or 12 months to return to feeling normal again, it will happen!

    Hope you'e all doing really well!
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  6. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    Okay so ladies. I need your advice. I found out I'm slightly anemic and that the anemia makes me anxiety bad pretty much all month long minus a few days. Which probably explains why I get good days with my boyfriend here and there. How do I go about correcting this problem? What vitamins should I take for an iron deficiency? My periods are still extremely heavy (flooding) and I know taking Iron supplments with replenish the blood cells lost and cause less bleeding and also I'm using the progesterone cream during the later half of the month because I know a sign of low progesterone is heavy periods.

  7. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    Maybe look to buy something like this: or an american equivalent? I would go into a health food store and ask them what they recommend. Try eating more iron based food too.

    Are you taking Vitamin b6 too? Im taking it in hopes it will regulate my period. it might help with making yours more consistent/lighter - but no guarantee!

  8. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    I been anemic my whole life I never had anexity Till the pill. I don't believe that it makes your anxiety worse. maybe it can effect it while your hormones are off but I lived everyday anemic and fine it just makes me tired ! eating foods and Vitinans with iron will help a lot. look that up online it will give you all foods to make with iron :)
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  9. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member


    Hey Nicole, the Maca root arrived today and it doesnt look good and packaging looks dodgy... I bought this one in the end:
    I'm not sure it is made in the UK as theres German on it And the capsules look more like plastic than soft gel. The maca powder inside the capsules, looks more like something you dissolve in water. I wouldn't want to swallow it.

    I haven't opened it so I might send it back and get a refund. Not sure i need maca now anyway...

    let me know how you've been getting on :)


  10. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    Um whoever told you having anemia doesn't cause anxiety is wrong. Anemia puts the body under a lot of stress and the sympathetic nervous system constantly sends out responses causing anxiety. Maybe yours isn't as severe I guess..

  11. missbliss

    missbliss Active Member

    Britt!! I missed you too!!! I hope you're doing well. I'm ok, I was really well for a long time but this trip has triggered LOTS of anxiety. I think it's a combination between lying to my parents about who I'm going with (even though I'm 23 :/) and a mix of being alone with my bf in a strange place. This anxiety is major though I'm not sure if it's hormonal (why would it be! Period was last week)

    My anxiety has been SO bad, I got 4 hrs of sleep last night I kept waking up sweating and super anxious. Anyone ever get this kind of anxiety? My thoughts ruminate and brood and are very self-blaming like "your life is a mess! You've got to find a job! You're letting down your family by having lied about this trip!" Etc etc just negative thoughts about myself as a person. Last night I broke down and cried, my anxiety was through the roof. I kept thinking I should let my mother know that I'm goig on this trip with my boyfriend and not my girlfriends like she thinks -- but she would be livid that I lied in the first place.

    Anyway, haven't had this kind of anxiety in AGES, even during my little blip around this time last year I wasn't this anxious. Anyone ever get the feeling like the skin on their arms or legs gets hot when they're uber anxious? I think a lot of this is fueled by this vacation anxiety and the fact that I haven't been honest about it toward my mum.

    Sorry to unload like this!xx
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  12. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    maybe ! I just never heard of that happening before the pill and I had it my whole life lol! look into it! maybe yours is more than mine, I am not sure

  13. Britt

    Britt Well-Known Member

    your so nervous about the trip I think your still doing fine your just worried about this trip which is normal it's a little ( well a lot) out of your comfort zone !!!!! but your 23 you live once! you need to let go and enjoy every second. you'll be nervous in the beginning but I think once you warm up you'll be perfectly fine. who wouldn't be in Hawaii?

  14. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    One thing that has been super magnified for me since this all happened, is guilt. I feel guilty forgetting to reply to a text from a friend or my boyfriend - the guilt literally eats me up, which is absolutely crazy for such a trivial thing. However I know there is a difference between not replying to a text, and going on a holiday with your boyfriend and not telling your family but you have to look at it this way, you're young but at the same time old enough to look after yourself, and two your parents know where you're going to be, you wouldn't be living your 20s properly if you didn't fabricate the truth ever so slightly!

    The older woman at my meditation class - which btw has been through all this in her 20s - says to me, every time a negative pops into your head, flip it, switch it up, add roses, sparkles and happiness to it, do not allow room for that negative place - it was you who actually taught me the "this too, shall pass" affirmation you have to train your subconscious into only saying positive things, it is wanting to eat you alive with negativity because it sees how vulnerable you are at this present moment. Fight it, you're better than those silly untrue thoughts about yourself.

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  15. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    Hi Emmyloo,

    I just had a look on the reviews and it seems to be a winner as well, that is a shame! My Maca capsules aren't the softest capsules, they are quite hard too & those are the ones from Holland & Barret, not sure if that is pretty standard.

    That's amazing news, how are you feeling? I'm pretty much still numb, which sucks, its swings and roundabouts, I'm either slightly better or just on an even keel of feeling nothing? If that makes sense? I don't worry about my negative thoughts around my head telling me I don't want to be with my boyfriend - I'm assuming that's because I actually believe I will come through this and that it is the anxiety talking?

    Wish I could come through this a whole lot sooner, and for it to be at the back of my mind forever!

    Anyway, enough gloom! I'm so happy you're in a good place right now, amazing news :)

  16. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    In the UK, if you are anemic, the doctor prescribes you iron deficiency tablets straight away. I'm not sure how it works in he US, but because our health care is free, its just a given that they give you these at the time of diagnosis.

    Was it your doctor who diagnosed your anemia ? Maybe ask them for some advice?

  17. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    I might buy some from H&B in a couple of weeks if i feel like it ( i trust H&B far more than someone off Amazon) but at the moment it doesn't seem too necessary :)

    I feel really good. I don't have really intense, intrusive thoughts anymore. Especially ones that make me really doubt my relationship. I do now and again, look at my boyfriend and think 'are you too young looking? Do we act too childish around each other?' So, basically, we have nicknames for each other and put on childish voices when we're being silly and lovey ( which we did before i started BC) but now i kind of question it like 'can we just talk normally please?' But i know if we did, i'd be like 'why did we stop? Don't you love anymore?!' So the ROCD is still kinda there but its more like knit-picking that big, grand doubts like ' Do i even love you anymore?' So the intensity has definitely been dialed down at the minute.

    It is all really about recognizing when the 'anxiety' or ROCD is making you think in a certain way or trying to make you feel a certain emotion. I know for me, when it was trying to tell me i didn't love my boyfriend, is when i would become really anxious. Now that i hardly think that, my anxiety is waaay down.

    I am slightly nervous though, as im only 10 and a half weeks clear, and know girls have taken way longer to get to a certain point. But i do feel a lot better. Im preparing myself for some crap to come, but thats OK. I reckon by the 6 month mark i'll know more than i do now.

    Going to meditation class this week?


  18. NicoleH989

    NicoleH989 Active Member

    Emmyloo your relationship is the EXACT same as mine! My boyfriend and I do that, he thinks I say things hilarious, so makes me say them all the time or he or I will say something in a silly baby voice, and I used to think it was HILARIOUS, but sometimes I just think STOP! Cringe! I hate that! and I always say things like "can we just have a normal adult conversation, I feel like all we do is speak like blooming babies" and I can see his shoulders sink as if to say "we used to love doing this" :(

    But like you said, I think we're probably both at a similar stage as I don't get the major intrusive thoughts like "do I not love you anymore" its just those silly little things like we've both mentioned above.

    I've been pretty awful at taking my supplements as of late, to be honest I am generally just going with the flow, good days, bad days, numb days - I'm just trusting time now, that time is the missing link in this massive puzzle.

    Unfortunately it's off this week due to the election so will be there the following week, it is my boyfriends birthday on Friday and my birthday the following week so will be keeping myself relatively busy :)

    Hope your house plans are coming along ! x

  19. EmmyLoo

    EmmyLoo Active Member

    Haha its weird isnt it?! I think thats what this whole thing does, it makes us home in on the tiniest of things and dissect them and analyse them within an each of their life! But its just innocent baby voices and nicknames! Its just absurd. I then find myself going ' Oh we're having a grown up, normal voiced conservation now, cool...' WHY AM I EVEN COMPUTING THAT?! haha it's just so odd that i try not pay attention to it anymore, and like you said, go with the flow :) I've haven't ever rbought it up with my boyfriend - didn't want to hurt his feeling or even give the thoughts the time of day by saying them out loud!

    Try and keep up with the supplements, i think its what's helping me. At breakfast i always take: 1 evening primrose oil, 1 B6 and 1 Vit D3. I don't think it doing anything miraculous but its something :)

    Enjoy your boyfriends birthday and your own! Those are always my favourite times. Although, this whole sh*t kicked in on my birthday last year. I was sitting across from my boyfriend, at a beautiful restaurant, and BAM! the thoughts came creeping into my head. Scariest thing ever. But distraction is key so revel in the birthday celebrations and enjoy - you'll have a great time :) x

  20. Shaynes457

    Shaynes457 Active Member

    To anyone who has dealt with anxiety from stopping BC or currently still going through it, when you're going through an intense amount of anxiety, is it normal to just feel emotionally numb? Like you should be feeling something, getting upset about something, sad, happy, whatever.. but you cant. You just feel detached, numb, and apathetic. I know this has to do a lot with depersonalization/derealization. But this scares the shit out of me. It makes me feel like im some psychopath thats like void of emotion. How long does this last? I've been dealing with this off and on since April :( and only ever comes when I get my period and the week of ovulation. I feel SO detached from reality during these two weeks. Its like reverse PMS.
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