The effects of stopping Birth Control (part 4!)

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  1. Evanessa

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    Larissa and Pinkleopard: Thanks a lot for your answers, it makes it harder for me to believe that the real me still loves my bf when I don't want to be kissed or touched [​IMG]

    Pinkleopard: I am sooo happy about your period, I really hope you will feel better and better and I am sure you will!And thanks for the quote, from what board is it from?

    Take care girls!

  2. PinkLeopard

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    That quote is from steady health. I found the link from part 2 of this thread [​IMG] It helps when I am feeling at my worst to go through the older threads and see all of the other women that were exactly like us and are healed now. Helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    It's still not a full blown period which is weird...I am just kind of spotting, and sorry, very tmi, but I have bloody mucus when I wipe. But hardly anything on my pad? Weird. I just want a normal period already. Hmmm, so do I continue the progesterone cream or stop? I will have to call my ND tomorrow and ask because I know that once you start to bleed you are supposed to stop the progesterone cream.

  3. Smfb1363

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    Oh thanks PINKLEOPARD for posting that. These last few days since my period ended have been really tough. My OCD is on overdrive!!! I'm really contemplating on getting on an antidepressant because I can't not function like a normal human being!!! These intrusive thoughts come in and I'm just freaking out. But it's my hormones playing tricks and I know it.

  4. Smfb1363

    Smfb1363 Member

    PINKLEOPARD I was told to stop the cream once I start to spot. Then I'm suppose to use it again once I'm done bleeding but not as much.

  5. PinkLeopard

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    Smfb: I know it's rough, but if you can try to avoid the antidepressants please do so. I feel they will only hinder your recovery. I know IBelieveInUs was guided down that route when it all began for her and it just delayed her recovery. Antidepressants only put a bandaid on the issue, they do not treat the route of it, which for us is hormonal imbalance. Hang in there, and as always, I am here if you need me!

  6. Smfb1363

    Smfb1363 Member

    Thank you PINKLEOPARD!! What do you do to take your mind off the thoughts? Suggestions please.

  7. PinkLeopard

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    You're welcome! I wish I had a trick, but I don't [​IMG] I just try to keep busy. I notice that when I am out and about with friends or my boyfriend they don't bother me as much because my mind is occupied. Having too much time to think is the worst thing you can do. I know the anxiety can make kill your energy and make you not want to do anything, but honestly that is what helps me most.

  8. Smfb1363

    Smfb1363 Member

    Yes I think that's what my problem is. The last two days I just been hanging out on my bed and I can feel my mind start to turn. Today I had it the worst and I got out of bed and went to talk about it with my MIL which really helped. I know this is the pill doing this. Like I said the last time I got off I did not have any intrusive thoughts or should I say only one that I was able to kick right away. God if I only listened to my body then and didn't get back on that poison.

  9. SLynn17

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    Hey girls! Sorry I haven't been on much today... I've been having a fairly good day and was busy!

    PinkLeopard: That's exciting that you're at least spotting! I wish I was haha! Hopefully it will come soon and you'll experience some relief!

    Smfb: Sorry you're having such a tough day! STAY STRONG!! Don't go the anti-D route! I know exactly how you feel - I was there a couple weeks ago. You will start to feel better. The dips will come and go, and come and go, until they don't come anymore. That day WILL come! As far as getting rid of the thoughts, in the midst of it it's usually so hard to do, but I did read some techniques yesterday morning. I had a really intense episode of thoughts on Friday night - it was really bad. But yesterday morning, to calm myself down, I did some research on success stories and it did help calm me. You have to be careful because sometimes you'll end up inadvertently reading stuff that will spike you, so I tend to try and skim the page or just skip stuff if it starts to get me nervous. But ONLY google success stories. Anything else will just do more harm than good. Anyway, one thing I read is that these ocd thoughts are like 2-year-old children. They scream for our attention and constantly try and get it. And the more we give them, the more they want it. The more we're scared by them, the more they come. So to try and combat these toddlers, fight them. Get angry with them. So if you're constantly thinking that you're having a heart attack or something just get defensive and be like "yeah, i'm having a heart attack right now and I don't care, so what! Yeah I'll probably die - so what!!!" Apply that to any of the thoughts you have. Also it helps me to talk about it with someone - especially if it's the health ocd. Usually it's a little difficult for me to want to open up if my thought was the harm ocd, just because it's so disgusting to me, but confide in someone you love. I've noticed that if I start to panic that I'm having a heart attack or if something else is wrong with my health, if I tell my husband that, he immediately says I'm going to be fine and nothing is wrong with me and it almost immediately calms me down. I hope this helps!

    I got my blood drawn today so I'm looking forward to getting my test results back. I tried to get them to test my progesterone and estrogen but they said they can only do what the doctor orders. So looks like I'll have to pay out of pocket for that =/

  10. Betsyl

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    SMFD: I agree with the others-if you can possibly fight it without antidepressents, do it. They are hell to get off, and many of them end up making you feel worse anyways.

    I had a bad evening. I got really horny at work today-all I could think about was being intimate with my boyfriend. I got home and put on a pretty dress and started making out with him, but he couldn't, erm, get in the mood? I took it really hard. I feel completely inadequate and sexually frustrated. I don't know what happened, that's never happened before with us. Usually I'm the one who can't get turned on. I can't help but worry and feel completely and totally inadequate. [​IMG] He said he's probably just tired and I know he feels really bad about it, but ugh I feel horrible.

  11. PinkLeopard

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    Smfb: yep that definitely doesn't help at all. Staying busy helps a lot.

    I have another theory ladies, I'm noticing that this is mostly all of our second time around on the pill, am I right? And most of us didnt have the intrusive thoughts the first time around, I know I didn't and Smfb said above that she didnt either. Sierra I think you said the same? Hmmm I'm curious about this.

  12. Jenna0777

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    Pinkleopard: I had never been on birth control before and when I did start it, I was only on it for 7 months before I got depressed and lost feelings

  13. Smfb1363

    Smfb1363 Member

    Thanks girls!!! I did exactly that SIERRA I went to go talk about it with my mother in law right when I started to have it. She's been soo helpful through all this. Mine was a harm OCD and I was so scared that I was having it. I woke up this morning like WTF??? I can't believe I would think that!!!! So I wrote myself a lil note telling myself that its only my hormones and that I would feel better the next day. When I look back at when I first got on the pill 10-12 years ago, I remember that my hubby and I were not on the best of terms (he was my bf then) and we constantly fought. Granted it was not all me but I was truly a hot mess!! Constantly fighting and arguing with him. Breaking up a lot. So I wonder that now my body got assimilated to the pill and now that I'm getting off my body now has to get assimilated to me off the pill. Mentally and physically. A friend of mine said she stayed off the pill because it makes her depressed and moody. Maybe that was what I was going through back then and I didn't realize. Plus I think I was estrogen dominant when I first got off that going back on after my kiddos made me even more estrogen dominant. My ND mentioned that some of us women are just estrogen dominant normally but obviously the pill put me in this position because what I'm going through now I have never experienced before the pill.

  14. Smfb1363

    Smfb1363 Member

    PINKLEOPARD this was my third round. When I got off it to get pregnant with my daughter no thoughts either but I was only off for 2 months and I got pregnant with her right away. My first two months getting off this time around I got the OCD thoughts right away. A week or two after stopping mid Oct 2012. And they stuck around until end of November. At my first period off the pill I started to experience the lightheaded dizzy spells. The unbalanced feeling. Then a month later. The last day of my period I experienced my first panic attack.

    SIERRA I wish you saved those success stories! That's kind of the reason why I don't go looking for them. When I read the other stories it spikes my anxiety. So I avoid it all together.

  15. IBelieveInUs

    IBelieveInUs Active Member

    Hey ladies [​IMG] Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I wasn't around much because I'm still feeling better. I've been good since the night of Valentine's Day now and that's my longest stretch by far. I'm not 100% and sometimes I spike for a second thinking that I'll never be 100% again but that worry eventually fades. I just have to be patient. I'm seeing my naturopath tonight and she's going to start me on a supplement to encourage my body to produce progesterone so hopefully that helps me to improve further. My period/spotting finally ended yesterday after two full weeks of bleeding. Not fun. So glad it's finally gone. My boyfriend has the patience of a saint, haha.

    One thing that briefly spiked me this weekend was when I was reading a mystery book and the victim was in a hypnosis session to remember what happened. All of a sudden, my intrusive thoughts started trying to tell me that if I did hypnosis, it would discover that these ROCD thoughts and depression are the real me and that I'm just in denial. So silly but it spiked my anxiety for a couple of hours. The good news is that the anxiety wasn't nearly as strong as it used to be during these spikes and the even better news is that I was able to move past it pretty easily and quickly. It's like while I've been feeling better, my mind still occasionally gets the intrusive thoughts but my mind doesn't dwell on them or obsess over them anymore. During a bad time, those intrusive thoughts about the hypnosis would have ruined my entire weekend. Now, they were just a tiny blip on the radar of a good weekend. And I agree that distracting yourself helps a lot. Like Sierra, I too have read how the OCD mind is like a petulant child who wants attention. Giving it attention is the worst thing you can do. It just fuels the fire.

    And like everyone else mentioned, please avoid anti-depressants if you can. I only took them because I didn't realize at the time that this anxiety/OCD/depression was the result of birth control. Only when the anti-depressants weren't helping did I make the connection to the pill. So there's a high chance that the anti-depressants won't even help since this is hormonal. And then you have to quit those pills too and, trust me, there are side effects to that as well. It was really hard battling both the side effects of quitting birth control and the side effects of quitting anti-depressants. Don't make this even harder on yourself. Since this is so hormonal, keep a note of the days that your anxiety is extra bad. You may start to notice a pattern over the months. I wish I had done that earlier. It's so nice to have a bad day and then see in your calendar that you had a bad day on that date last month too. It helps the mind to connect it with hormones. Plus it helps the mind to remember that better days are ahead.

    Ps: This was my first (and only, haha) time on birth control.

  16. SLynn17

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    Smfb: I'm so so sorry you had a harm ocd thought... I know how terrifying they are. I really hope it doesn't stick for you! I've had little thoughts here and there - some ROCD and HOCD that spiked me for a little bit, but never really stuck. I really hope that's the case for you!

    Betsyl: I'm sorry that happened to you. I know it's hard not to take it personally, but you shouldn't. Things like that just happen sometimes. Just like we can't get aroused at times, it can happen to them as well, so don't worry about it!

    So I surprisingly already got most of my lab tests back and it's kind of disappointing. I KNOW this all has to do with my estrogen and progesterone, which my Dr refused to test. My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) came back as 1.39 and it says that normal is between 0.10 - 5.50. I don't really know if my # is good or bad... what have everyone else's been? My cortisol was 12.5 and normal is between 8 - 25. Gahh!!! I just don't understand why he wouldn't test my other hormones! He was such a flippin moron! Now this just puts extra stress on me because all these numbers seem fine [​IMG]

  17. IBelieveInUs

    IBelieveInUs Active Member

    Sierra: DON'T STRESS. First of all, these blood tests are imperfect because what's "normal" for one of us isn't normal for another. So unless you have your personal history of these levels for you, it's impossible to know. Those levels could fall under the "normal" range but could be very low for you. Also, you need your hormones tested for more conclusive results. And on a specific day. Normal progesterone levels are a 10 and higher and I tested at a 9.6 on my highest day. God knows what it is on my lowest day, haha. But because 9.6 is close to 10, my regular MD told me that my hormones were fine when he glanced at the results (Mind you, I didn't even ask him. I was there for something else and he commented. And didn't even bother to ask me what day my levels were tested). Meanwhile, I'm getting my period for 14 days a month and acting like a crazy person! Clearly, my hormones are off. AND YOURS ARE TOO! Look at how much your period is affected! My naturopath diagnosed me with a hormone imbalance before we even got my test results back because of my other symptoms, particularly my mensturarion irregularities. Is there any way you can see a naturopath? I'm so mad at myself for not going sooner. It's not a coincidence that since seeing a ND, I've had the best three weeks post-pill that I've ever had. Also, have you looked into acupuncture? It really helps to calm/balance me. Regardless, don't stress. You don't have the full picture. Plus with hormones and blood tests, the whole picture is impossible to find. You very clearly have a hormone imbalance. I know it's hard but please try to remember that [​IMG]

  18. IBelieveInUs

    IBelieveInUs Active Member

    Ps: Eating as organically as possible has really helped me too. I'm even trying to use organic beauty and household products as much as possible. I even bought organic/natural tampons, lol. It sounds silly but I truly believe that it makes a difference. It's impossible to be 100% organic but every little bit helps!

  19. SLynn17

    SLynn17 Member

    IBelieveInUs: Thank you... I know you're right! I'm going to take these test results to my NRT (nutrition response tester) and see what she says. She also has a contact that will test my progesterone and estrogen for really cheap so I have to get that set up. It's just so hard because I know you're supposed to do it on day 21 of your cycle, but I'm on day 121... crazy! I have definitely started changing my food and trying to go organic as possible. I've been using all-natural face products (except makeup... with all my acne because of my hormones I find it almost impossible to find a decent foundation that is all-natural). I have completely switched to just cage-free, organic eggs despite the cost, and have been buying my veggies and fruit at our local farmer's market. I've also started using this new blender thing called the NutriBullet, which is like juicing, but it keeps the fiber of the fruits and veggies in the drink which is supposed to be better for you. I just can't wait to get my hormones tested and get the results. I'm sure it will be some crazy number - it'd have to be with a 121 day cycle =/

  20. Smfb1363

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    SIERRA: it somewhat stuck but as soon as I start to work out my reality sets in and I feel better. It wanted to start up again this morning but I told it to go f itself. I was feeling pretty bad so I had to take a Xanax which helped but the nausea is so annoying.


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