The effects of stopping Birth Control (part 4!)

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    Betsy & Sierra: My brain fog is terrible. Like I literally had a panic attack thinking I was having a stroke last week because my brain fog was so bad. I forget words constantly and I have a hard time absorbing new information. It's really terrible and frustrating. It's worse when I have my period.

    Betsy: That weepiness and the extreme emotions gets better with time. When I first quit birth control, I couldn't stop crying. I one time drove home from my boyfriend's (a 45 minute drive at the time) and sobbed the entire time. And this was before the ROCD started and before I knew what was happening to me. I literally cried the entire time for no reason. Then I started crying throughout the day... During lunch, dinner, in public... I couldn't control it. It was awful. But it hasn't happened to me in a long time so it does get better!

    Smfb: I'm glad to hear about your supplement program! It's so good that you've started one with a ND so quickly. I wish that I had started earlier. I was just so practically comatose with depression and crazy emotions back then. I wish I had done something earlier. A diagnosis earlier would have helped me so much. I give you credit for being so strong, especially so early on! Good luck with the supplements [​IMG]

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    Thank you IBELIEVEINUS!! I'm really trying but these last two months (months 3-4 for me) were really hard and month 5 is starting off just as rough but I'm seeing a lil improvement. If it wasn't for PINKLEOPARD and SIERRA and you I don't know where I would be. I'm really trying to stay positive and know that I'm going to be back to my old self. I just can't believe how something supposedly is safe is ruining the lives of so many women. I bet there a ton of women out there that are probably going through the same symptoms and are not correlating it to the pill. I wish I was smarter about taking the pill and seeing the signs when I got off it the first time.

    I have a question for you guys, this month I have been waking up with a nervous stomach and queasiness. Almost as if I'm pregnant. It just started this month with the queasiness. I know it's the anxiety but is there anything that you can take for the nervous stomach/nausea? It sometimes goes away but it's come back later or goes away for good or it just lingers all day.

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    Good morning ladies!

    I was looking back on another board on here called Feelings for Bf/DH part 6 and came across this posting of an article one of the girls found, it's pretty amazing! Also, the damage is not irreparable so just ignore that part [​IMG]

    "The Women’s Health Institute of Texas is thoroughly convinced that birth control pills are one of the primary factors responsible for causing PMS symptoms. I detected early on an extremely close connection between taking these pills and PMS development.

    Many of my patients also noticed the same association and stopped taking birth control medication on their own. But it was too late - these pills had done their damage by fundamentally altering the body’s basic hormonal balance.

    Birth control pills are quite literally a slow acting poison. They can do irreparable damage to the part of the ovaries that manufacture sex hormones. In a large portion of women I saw who went on the pill, PMS soon developed, along with a host of other physical problems.

    “The pill” is not the innocent drug we’ve been lead to believe. Even taking them for only a few months can lead to permanent damage. However – the effects are cumulative: The longer one takes birth control pills the greater the danger.

    The birth control pill is even prescribed to non-sexually active teenagers to control their abnormal periods. This was acceptable medical practice back in the 1970’s and 80’s - and unfortunately remains so today. As a result, two or three decades later these women have numerous gynecologic problems - including a side legacy of PMS and migraine headaches.

    The health risks are directly proportional to the length of time one uses them. It’s not unusual to come across women who’ve taken these pills for 15 or 20 years – and have a host of gynecological maladies to prove it.

    You Were Right All Along

    Many of you figured out a long time ago that there was something wrong with birth control pills. You noticed changes in your body that simply weren’t good. Many of you noticed that your PMS, migraines and several other female problems began some time after you started taking these oral contraceptives.

    Once you figured out the association with birth control pills and their adverse effects, you stopped taking them. You even told your doctors about what you noticed. Often times, even when you did tell your doctor of these bad side-effects from the pill - you were dismissed, patronized – then given a prescription for anti-depressants!

    However, in retrospect, you were right all along. Birth control pills are indeed a problem. And kudos for those of you that figured it out all by yourself."

    Here's another great article on how estrogen dominance causes ocd symptoms. I may have posted this before so sorry if you've seen this already:

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    Good Morning!

    Thanks for the article PinkLeopard - I just wish the medical community would admit it so we'd at least not feel so crazy and judged by them. I really hope all this is reversible... I'm sure it is, but will definitely take time. I just wish I'd stayed off the pill when I quit a few years ago and had no side effects =/

    Smfb: As far as your nausea goes, can you see a pattern in what you eat the night before? When I swtiched from Yaz to Ocella I immediately started having a sensitivity to dairy (of course I didn't connect the dots until 8 months later) but it gave me severe stomach pain and nausea because I was having a hard time digesting it. So you may have some sensitivity to a certain food group that you didn't have before. Just a thought!

    I had a really really tough night last night - the thoughts were so strong and upsetting and this morning I'm just dealing with the memory of it and being anxious and exhausted from all of this. I really just hope this is the "8th month curse" because geez... it's tough.

    I might try soaking in an epsom salt bath cuz I read that we're probably all magnesium deficient and that helps your body absorb a ton, plus it's relaxing!

    How is everyone this morning?

  5. Smfb1363

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    It says even permanent damage PINKLEOPARD. UGH now my anxiety is spiked!! Now I'm thinking of all the women that were on here before that haven't came back to say they're recovered. [​IMG]

    SIERRA: No I haven't eaten anything different. I think it's my anxiety and having to take the new supplements. I think I'm just nervous about taking them. Plus it a couple days after my period which is usually my worse time. [​IMG]

  6. SLynn17

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    Don't worry Smfb, I don't believe for a second that any of this is permanent. It's not - it's just a bump in the road. We will be able to balance our hormones eventually. Keep your head up - I've read from people on here a long time ago that you will get back to normal!

  7. Smfb1363

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    Thank you Sierra! I just want to be the same old Stephanie. I'm so antisocial, dependent and hate being alone but I can see little improvements. I just want it to be a light switch like how it was when I first got sick. I'm happy at least that someone has seen the recovery posts. I saw one on the holy hormones website and a few on the steadyfast but not that many. I would like to think that the women just moved on or didn't want to come back to the forum so that it wouldn't bring back bad memories. I'm somewhat like that too, but I promise to let the world know that I'm recovered. I'm also planning on getting a tattoo once I'm fully recovered.

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    Smfb- I get nausea and queasiness a lot with anxiety. I find that gravol (in Canada, dramamine in the States) helps me a lot. It turns you into a total zombie though, so be warned-you'll be pretty tired and woozy if you take it. I find that taking half a pill during the day really makes a big difference with my nausea, and the sedative properties help my anxiety as well without knocking me out too bad. A more natural alternative is ginger tea-a couple slices of fresh ginger in hot water with some honey. Ginger calms the stomach, and I find the smell and taste to be very soothing. The act of sipping it gradually helps distract me as well. Peppermint has similar effects.

    Also-if you have anxiety attacks, I have found one hypnosis video in particular to help me a LOT: I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this at the beginning of or in the middle of a panic attack and it has killed it. You have to be willing though-don't say "this won't work, nothing ever works" or it won't. Open your mind, relax, and focus on what the video is saying. I know not everything works for everyone, but this has been a total lifesaver for me as far as anxiety is concerned.

    Sierra, I developed a severe sensitivity to dairy as well, and now that I look back it WAS around the time I switched from Yaz to Ocella as well! Now that you are off both, can you eat dairy again? Man I miss butter...but not enough to put my body through the torture of being in bed with cramps for 5 days. A dairy sensitivity runs in my family as well though-my mom developed hers when she was about 32, I developed mine at about 18...and my grandmother and aunt both developed one as well when they were young women. Now my mom can eat about a cup of dairy product a day without being sick, but I can't even have a teaspoon without making myself horribly ill...I'm hoping that I'll be able to gradually reintroduce it, starting with parmesan and working toward the more difficult to digest things like cream, but I know I need to take it very slow. I'm scared to try anything yet, it makes me so sick...

  9. SLynn17

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    Betsyl: I was like you - if I just had the smallest sip of milk I would get the worst stomach ache, nausea and heartburn. It was awful. I can eat it now, but I notice that it does still bloat me a bit. I also try to stay away because I think it plays and role in the axiety/ocd symptoms because I've noticed a pattern that when I eat more of it I tend to get worse symptoms, but that could just be a coincidence too. It's just hard to stay away from it when it's not immediately giving me physical pain. I think once I balance out I'll be fine eating it. I miss cheese sooo much! I miss Peet's or Starbucks coffee drinks too - especially since I'm really against soy now. I don't understand why they can't offer almond or coconut milk as an alternative! Definitely annoying, but it does get better.

    Smfb: That's an awesome idea about the tattoo - do you have an idea of what you'll get?

  10. Smfb1363

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    Not sure SIERRA but I already have a few and I told myself if I can get through this that I will get something showing my strength and will power. I have a laundry list of things but most importantly would be taking my family on vacation to show my appreciation for their help and patience.

    Thank you Betsy!! I will give te video a try. I saved it in my favorites.

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    Hey Girls

    Thanks for the article, info and video.

    Sorry to hear some of you feel bad [​IMG] I am not feeling very good lately too, even when I am able to enjoy good times with bf I don't want to be really intimate, have sex, be hugged or kissed too long, I don't know why but I get easily annoyed by all this, and normally I love kissing or hugging him [​IMG] Can anyone relate to these feelings? I am at the end of my cycle and I don't know if I will have my period or if my hormones are messed up again. So maybe I am "pmsing".Heart palpitations and headaches are still here... Sometimes I feel like I drank 1000 epressos I feel shaky even when I am just lying in my bed at night.

    Anyway thanks again for being here girls and write me anytime if you wanna talk!

  12. Betsyl

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    Sierra-I definitely stay away from soy most of the time. I've found coconut milk to be an okay alternative (better than rice milk at least-that stuff is like water!), but yeah, it's no real comparison to dairy. I wonder if part of the problem is the hormones they treat dairy cows with? I know that causes a plethora of problems in women (girls getting their periods earlier, etc.)

    I have had such a horrible day. I cried my eyes out for like 3 hours. My boyfriend was bugging at me a lot today, obviously in the mood. Normally I think that behaviour is sweet and cute, but today it drove me nuts! And of course then I felt guilty about not being able to return the feelings and gestures to him. I really do love him-he's been incredibly supportive and caring through all of this, but I just don't want to be touched at all right now, much less be intimate.

    I have had an incredibly hard time being motivated to do anything I am overwhelmed by everything and get so frustrated by the slightest little thing going wrong. My computer freezes/takes a long time to load sometime (probably because I really need to delete/move a lot of stuff off it), and that just drives me nuts. I want to throw it across the room and scream! Where has my patience and determination gone? I really need them back right now. [​IMG] I don't even want to get off the couch to eat, because that means going in a messy kitchen I haven't cleaned. I'd rather lay here and cry and starve.

  13. PinkLeopard

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    I have a question for those of you with the rocd thoughts....have you ever gotten a surge of anxiety out of nowhere when seeing a picture of your boyfriend/husband? I was going through my phone last night and came across a picture I took of my boyfriend on Friday night at his show behind his drums and he looks so adorable but when I looked at it I got a surge of anxiety, almost like a mini panic attack. Like I got the cold sweat that comes over you and everything. WTF?! I literally yelled at myself internally like "Stop it! I WILL NOT allow this to happen again, stop it right now." I stopped myself from going into a panic but I still feel uneasy. I actually had a dream last night that my boyfriend and I were applying for a marriage license and planning our was SO awesome! I am really happy I had that dream. But now I'm so worried that when I see him later I am going to feel all weird. UGGHHH I can't wait until this is all over [​IMG] It's so painful.

  14. Larissa

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    I've gotten those feelings of not wanting to be touched also. I have been having nearly a week of spotting before my period actually starts and that is when I tend to feel that way. One thing my person always does is put his hand on my knee when we sit on the couch and talk or watch TV together. I absolutely love that normally and I never want him to stop doing that. It makes me feel very close to him. But if I'm in that spotting phase it almost feels like his touch is hot or something and I get a moment of irritation like I want to be left alone. I know it's just what my body is going through at the time so it doesn't worry me, but it is a very real sensation. It's almost like my body becomes so sensitive to touch that it becomes an unpleasant feeling.

    I am sorry to hear that so many of you are feeling bad. As for the "permanent damage" statement in the article posted, I can see where that'd be upsetting, but hopefully it won't further worry anyone. I've looked into some studies and realize that a lot of them aren't long term. So "irreparable damage" could mean that the women didn't recover during the course of the study and the author may have been determined to get the message across with strong language.

    That kind of language has freaked me out before when reading studies done on pain during sex caused by nuvaring. Many of them also say it could be irreversible and only surgery will fix it, but I've also read that some women recover from this, and I know they can recover from all of the side effects of hbc, so I suppose we just all have to have faith that our bodies will win in the end. It may take awhile longer than studies are conducted for, but it will happen.

    I hope you all feel better soon!

  15. PinkLeopard

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    Larissa: Excellent points. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Evanessa: I have experienced that, where I just can't get into it and I will actually be irritated if he touches or kisses me. UGH I HATE that because I love him so much and I am so close to him I just want to feel that again.

    I think I finally started my period...Day 53 of my cycle and I finally started! That's a relief. Hopefully I will start to feel better and my estrogen levels will start to decrease. It's so funny how I have a multitude of symptoms and physical proof that my estrogen is dangerously high, yet my mind refuses to correlate the awful thoughts/feelings I'm getting with that. But I guess that's typical of ocd like symptoms.

    Smfb: I am SO sorry I just saw your message now. Don't let that "permanent" thing spike you. That isn't correct. hormonal imbalance damage is NEVER permanent. If it were our entire society would be a mess. It's not permanent at all, I've seen loads of women bounce back. Not on this board, but on other sites. Don't you worry. We are going to be fine [​IMG]

  16. KK1976

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    Sfmb: It sounds like you and I are having a lot of the same worries lately. I have very bad morning anxiety still, and every day keep thinking that this is how I will be forever! It is very disheartening and very scary. Despite all the posts that we are all experiencing the same things, I still feel that I am constantly searching for a reason for my symptoms.

    I don't want to be alone too. I have always been a very independent woman, and now when my husband wants to go meet his friends, I have to be busy otherwise I start thinking again. Today, he is going to watch a basketball game with his friends and I am purposely driving an hour to go to my sisters house so I don't have to be alone. It bothers me so much as this is not me!!
    I feel anxious for no reason and it is so troubling. Went to church and the grocery store today and had to battle with myself to try to relax. No reason at all to be nervous but I still was. I know coming off the Lexapro over the last week or so has not been easy, and this may be contributing, but it was not helping in the first place and I want to be off of it. Not to mention, the other night I had severe nightmares I have never experienced that in my whole life! Side effects from Lexapro withdrawal do include this from what I can read.
    Please know you are not alone, Even though it feels like it.

    What other techniques do you ladies use when you start feeling anxious? I am trying to read books, will start counseling again this week, and possibly meditation. Yet I feel that the underlying cause it's to be fixed first. Any other suggestions? I'm taking these supplements, though they are not fully helping.



  17. KK1976

    KK1976 Member

    One more thing… I saw that smfb mentioned the holy hormone site in one of her recent posts. I actually signed up for a consultation with Leslie, who has her own radio show book and is the founder of the site. It is $50 for one hour, and she will do it via Skype. She is located in Colorado. Thought it couldn't hurt. If anyone is interested you can go to that website and sign up under the consultation area. I will let you all know what she has to say To see if it can help all of you as well.
    I would love to help all of us in some small way :)

  18. PinkLeopard

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    Hey Ladies,

    Here is proof from another board that it truly does get may take different amounts of time as our bodies are all different, but hopefully this persons words will help you realize that a hormone imbalance IS fixable and does not cause permanent damage [​IMG]

    "It took about 6 months, but I feel like I am finally back to normal after stopping the pill. It feels like it will never end, but it does! I did acupuncture during the time my hormones were readjusting and it helped a lot, if for no other reason than it helped to have someone tell me the hormonal imbalance was the reason for the anxiety, depression etc. I'm glad I found this site!"

  19. KK1976

    KK1976 Member

    Pink leopard: thanks So much for posting that . If you were here I think I would hug you [​IMG]
    Perhaps I need to go back be read some of those.

    The sad thing is, I back on the poisonous pill. So why am I not feeling better? That is my Biggest question still. I will be getting off of it once I wean off the Lexapro first.

  20. PinkLeopard

    PinkLeopard New Member

    Haha KK, aww thank you! I am glad it helped you! I'm sorry to hear you're back on the pill, but at least you're armed with the information you will need once you come off it again. I hope that you can be off both rx's soon. You will feel a lot better. We are here to support you through it!


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