The effects of stopping Birth Control (part 4!)

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    Many, many of our users have experienced long, difficult recoveries from their hormonal birth control use and have posted their extensive experiences over the years. The original thread became very long, was lost and reposted, and then locked. The second thread quickly made it over 1000 posts and the 3rd to almost 800! These resources can be found in the Archives. This thread is for women who would like to continue to discuss the effects of discontinuing birth control (hormonal contraception) and support one another through what can be a frustrating time!
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    Larissa: I really hope that is what is going on here and that the tea is helping to get this synthetic crap out of my body. The tea is called "detox" and is by a company called Yogi. You can get it online at the company's website or on Amazon. I also found some at Whole Foods.

    I had a good day yesterday. It started off terribly but got much better. I was with my boyfriend which helped. Sometimes when I'm having a bad setback, I feel numb and anxious around him but mostly I feel better around him. Every single one of my good days has been a day that I've seen him. It's hard during the weeks when I don't see him. So moving in with him will be nice because we can work on my progress and recovery together. There's just so much to be done before the move and I think that's stressing me out. Anyway, I hope everyone is feeling better and having a nice weekend!

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    Wow we got a new board! Amazing.

    Hi ladies, sorry I haven't been on in a few days. It's been hectic with the holiday and I've been feeling pretty normal lately [​IMG] I still have some of the horrid ocd thoughts but I'm trying my hardest to remember that they're pure bullshit and lies. Not an OUNCE of truth to them. They don't consume me like they used to though.

    IBelieveInUs: I definitely think the detox tea is the reason for your setback. Especially because you are breaking out at the same time. Your body is releasing the toxins and cleansing out your system. That's GOOD, that means it's working! Keep drinking LOTS of fluids to get them out of your system for good. I haven't been drinking mine religiously, only when I remember. I need to get better at that.

    This is a little tmi but it kind of freaked me out and I wanted to see if any of you have experienced it. My boyfriend and I were having sex last night and it felt like he hit something inside of me, it really hurt for that one second that he hit it, but I didn't have any pain afterward. After having sex on Sunday my lower left abdomen was sore, then on Thursday when we didn't have sex, my whole lower abdomen was sore and it felt like I had pressure. It was so strange. I just emailed my doctor asking if it was normal. I haven't had a Pap this year and I am dreading it, but I really hope this isn't anything to be concerned about. Ugh. But like I've said before, I would rather deal with physical symptoms than emotional, ANYDAY [​IMG]

    Sierra: Yep that breathing thing really freaked me out but it's definitely anxiety/hormone related. I too get the tight's a symptom of anxiety. That LONG list of anxiety symptoms that was posted a little while back lists that as one of the symptoms. I have had it for a couple of years and never knew what it was.

    My 18 year old cousin was asking me about birth control the other day and I sat her down and said, 'listen to me...PLEASE avoid the pill like the plague. There are tons of natural ways to protect yourself, it's all about learning your cycle and using condoms". She seemed on board thankfully. She's a smart kid, and I explained what the pill did to me so she knows the evil that it's capable of. If I could warn everyone of the dangers of taking this crap I would.

    Hope everyone is feeling good!

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    Ugh unfortunately the thoughts started coming back full force about 20 minutes ago [​IMG] but my ovulation day starts tomorrow so that explains it. I can't believe the way this crap works. Now the thoughts are trying to go after a friend of mine. Wtf, I've never and would never think of something or feel something like that toward any female especially not a friend of mine. Ugh sometimes these thoughts feel so real it scares the crap out of me [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the advice on the tea, IBelieveInUs...I'll be giving it a try and will report back on how it works for me! [​IMG] Best of luck with your move, by the way.

    Pink Leopard, is it possible that your boyfriend hit your cervix? Are you familiar with the sensation? I have had that happen before and I can tell you it hurts! It's a sharp stabbing pain for a split second and then it's gone. It's happened to me before in certain positions (any position where the guy can get really deep in there, like from behind).

    I don't know if I've experienced soreness like you are describing, however, when I first quit hbc I tried a Femcap and there was this whole debacle where I couldn't get the suction broken after trying it out and ended up hurting my cervix and bleeding when I finally removed it. At the moment I pulled it off the cervix there was sharp pain and my cervix bled and then I felt soreness there that whole night. It passed rather quickly and it wasn't days later like yours, so I'm not sure if that is any help or applicable to your situation at all...

    Oh and it is so good to hear you were able to share your wisdom with someone! My twin sister recently started hbc pills and I tried to have a non-assuming discussion with her about what I went through and am still going through and what you ladies are going through (I hope you don't mind!) and it did not go well. She told me that she has never felt so good as she does on the pill and that it's completely working for her and then she scoffed at my new method of birth control (Fertility Awareness Method with abstinence during ovulation) and told me sarcastically to let her know if that works out...It was not a good discussion. I wish someone had told me of these risks when I started hbc. It is important that we share our experiences and I am glad to hear that at least in your cousin's case, it was well received!

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    Ok, sorry for my temporary freak out...I'm feeling better. This is just ovulation creeping up on me. I looked at my calendar and I started ovulating today so that explains everything. It's just so mind boggling how real these thoughts can feel. I had to remind myself to not give the thoughts any emotional reaction because that only makes them stronger. Bottom line is those thoughts are bullshit, and they'll never be true! [​IMG]

    Larissa- That's a good theory, I hadn't thought of that, I will research more on it and see if that's maybe what happened. I didn't have any pain today so that's good.

    I am also glad that my cousin listened to me. I hope she stays FAR away from the pill. I have some friends that think the way your sister thinks. My one friend even said "well my mom was on the pill for 7 years and she never had any problems". They just don't understand. People think that just because your doctor prescribed something that it's safe. Not the case at all. And honestly, I felt fine when I first got on the pill too, then all of a sudden the side effects kicked in.

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    Hey everyone [​IMG] Thanks for the support and encouragement. It helps so much. And I really do think the detox tea is working. I'm still breaking out a lot. I've never in my life had acne like this. It's definitely not a coincidence. I think ( I hope) the toxins are finally getting out of my body! And I had a really good day today. It was normal and I felt like the old me and it was great. My boyfriend and I went furniture shopping today and I'm so excited to move in with him again. The thoughts still creep in a little but they are so much easier to fight off on the good days. The good days are so wonderful. Can't wait till every day is a good day [​IMG]

    Pink leopard: That was awesome how you handled the thoughts earlier and stopped before you let them completely consume you. You should be really proud of yourself. That's not easy to do! And we're here for you during your ovulation stage if you need us [​IMG] I know how hard it can get.

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    PinkLeopard : I don't know it it will help you but I can telle you I had the same experience, and it was because my bf hit my cervix, and short after that my lower abdomen was really sore, I was scared. But the pain finally went away.

    It never happened to me because my body was not functionning naturally ( on a hormonal point of view) before. Hope it helps; and hope you and all the girls feel better!

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    Hi ladies,

    I've been lurking for a while but finally decided to post, because you girls have been keeping me hopeful for the past couple months! Here's my story...

    I had been on BC (Lo Ogestrel/Cryselle) for about 5 years or so and while I was slightly emotional for the first month, I quickly adjusted and was fine. Fast forward to this past September...I had been having gall stones for the past year (all the doctors mistakenly told me it was IBS because I'm young and thin) and had to have my gallbladder out. While in the hospital, someone asked me if I was on the pill and mentioned that BC pills can cause gall stones, which I had no idea about. I decided that it was probably a good idea to give my body a break and go off of them anyways.

    Today marks 3 months off the pill and I basically feel like I've gone insane. Like many of you, I am the MOST happy-go-lucky, optimistic girl and she is nowhere to be found today. It's very interesting- I know many of you have developed R-OCD, but because I am single (and because of my surgery, most likely) I constantly have obsessive thoughts about my health and feel very "impending doom" a good amount of the time. I just can't relax. Funny enough, the only times I've felt close to my old self were during my last period and for about 2 weeks afterwards (still waiting on my second...right now I've been spotting for over a week and I just want it to get here!) Here are just some bullet points of things I'm experiencing/experienced, which I'm sure others can echo:

    -Constant unease/almost fear
    -Crying spells (at EVERYTHING)
    -Waves of panic (I've never had a panic attack in my life, so I'm not sure if what I've been having qualifies, but it's like a "whoosh" of anxiety- often worse in the morning and afternoon)
    -Feeling mentally "numb" - spacey/almost catatonic at times (this comes and goes like the panic)
    -The other night I had tingling hands/feet which REALLY freaked me out until I googled it and saw a bunch of stuff from girls coming off of YAZ...apparently it's from low estrogen (which I learned is connected to low serotonin and makes SO much sense)
    -Distorted reality/OCD thoughts - I've always been a little "germophobic" but lately the thoughts I've been having are just nuts! And I TOTALLY understand what you guys are saying about being sensitive about things on TV/in songs - I can't handle anything medically-related or that discusses life and death!

    All of this as I'm trying to get through grad school (I have my comprehensive exams this weekend and I'm freaking out) and am 1,300 miles away from home (NH) in Florida! I've even started counseling at school and considering how I feel today, I can't believe I told my counselor that I was almost completely back to my old self during our last session- though that is how I felt! I can't believe how these "setbacks" cloud our memories and vice versa on the good days!

    Sorry this was so long. I just needed to get it out somewhere besides crying on the phone to my mom every day! As far as supplements, I've been taking the B complex and just started Fish Oil today, but I am crossing my fingers that I get my period ASAP and will feel better! So happy I am not alone - I just want to feel like ME again, and on days like this it feels so far from where I'm at.

  10. PinkLeopard

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    IBelieveInUs: I'm SO happy to hear you had another good day. It just goes to show all these thoughts and feelings that come with the thoughts are utter bullshit. Of course we KNOW that but the thoughts try to convince us otherwise. Thank you, I'm really glad I was able to get myself out of it so quickly. It just came on so suddenly, as usual, and it really got to me. Luckily I was able to bring myself back down and remind myself that it is ovulation time and that's the only reason I was feeling that way. I notice that the particular type of ocd thoughts I experience almost choose a theme, like it picks a different person to obsess over for a while. It's quite ridiculous. I was worried that I was going to have a rough night and not be able to sleep well but luckily I slept great.

    Evanessa: Thank you, I too think he might have hit my cervix. I researched it and that sounds pretty accurate. I'll let you guys know what my doctor says when I hear back from her.

    kiwi13: I'm SO glad you decided to post here...some of us have different themes of ocd like thoughts but the fact is we're having obsessive thoughts and it's from the chemicals in the birth control. You are who you have always been....just as all of us are the happy go lucky girls we've always been, in love with our boyfriends, confident about our health, sexuality, etc. These thoughts are pure evil and can get the best of us sometimes. The B Complex and Fish Oil is a good way to start as far as supplements go. I'm also on Bioidentical Estrogen and Progesterone creams, I have had 3 periods since starting those. Have you gone to a naturopath or a doctor who understands what you are going through and won't try to put you back on the pill or antidepressants? The girls and I notice a dip in mood around ovulation time, so that might be the case for you. I know it's hard to track that though when you don't have a normal period. Lucky for me, with the bioidentical creams I have to follow a calendar that has my cycle laid out for me so I know exactly when days 14 and 15 are. I also discovered an app for my iPhone called Pink's pretty cool. It tracks your cycle for you and tells you when you're ovulating. You can keep track of your symptoms, your weight, when you were intimate, etc. You might want to look into that. It's free [​IMG] But other than that, just hang in there and stick to this board. We're all helping each other get through the difficult part of recovery. There are a lot of success stories from girls that used to regularly post on this board. They just don't post on here any longer because they're better [​IMG] Sometimes it takes girls 5 months to recover, sometimes it takes over a year. Everyone is different. I think it also depends on how long you were on the pill. I was on it for almost 5 years with a year break in between so it might take a little longer for me to recover fully. I've been having really great days though. Just had a minor setback yesterday.

    I'll be testing my hormone levels next week to see where they are after being on the bioidentical hormone creams for 3 months.

  11. kiwi13

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    It's so nice to know that I'm not alone! I'm going to call my GYN tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment and have my hormone levels checked or something...I took Paxil for like a month, but am off of it now because I was NEVER like this before and don't want to introduce more meds! I was also on the pill for 5 years but I am hoping I will feel normal sooner than later...time seems to be what helps most, but it's tough to be patient!! Hang in there, girls [​IMG]

  12. PinkLeopard

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    Yes, it's important to check your hormone levels. Make sure you go to a doctor who specializes in hormones. Unfortunately regular doctors aren't educated on hormonal health. When I came off the pill, my Estrogen and Progesterone were so low they were almost non existent. They were both in the post menopausal range. Not good, but it was all thanks to the pill.

  13. erika1234

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    welcome kiwi13

    im glad you found this forum, im sure you're relieved to know that you are not alone. just hang in there, we are all going to get each other through this mess. everyday we all get better and better. i too dont have a boyfriend so i don't get rocd but i do get the health ocd thing a lot. im better about watching the news but still get a bit anxious here and there. im over the crying for no reason now, but at first i was really bad about that. my mood changes throughout the day and then i think "omg could i be bipolar?" and a freak out happens. but i just remind myself that I've never thought before the bcp. i understand about the school thing, i have finals coming up soon, and paper due but i just can't concentrate on any of that. honestly i feel like i cant cope with anything lately. the worst is me thinking " what if something really bad happens you my mom? how am i going to cope with that? if i think im going crazy now maybe that will push me over the edge and ill really go crazy?" but coming on here and reading the other girl's post helps ease the anxiety. i got over the depression part rather quickly, its the anxiety that is really bad for me. its as if i just cant relax at all. ive been off the pill(orto tri-cyclen lo) for about 3mths and i just got over my 2nd natural cycle. i have noticed that they are shorter now than they have ever been.

    ive been taking b-complex, fish oil, and vitaminD3 since coming off, but i cant really say if they've help. hopefully i will go see a chiro for nutritional response therapy see what she has to say. ill keep you girls posted on that.

  14. PinkLeopard

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    This is interesting:

    I went back to my last ovulation time and read what I posted on the Part 3 board during that time, and I was having a hard time then as I'm starting to see that pattern of the symptoms acting up during ovulation time. At least I know what it is [​IMG] I can't wait until not even ovulation time brings on the symptoms. I can't wait until they're completely gone and I don't have to deal with these awful lies that the ocd tells me. One day [​IMG] My boyfriend left for a week today to record a new album with his band, and after I closed the front door I broke down into tears because I'm going to miss him so much. I hate when he goes away. But I loved my reaction because it reaffirmed my true love for him. Those are my true feelings.

  15. Clark2012

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    I just want to share a real incident with you all. One of my friend has been dealing with the depressive side effect of Yaz/Yazmin for almost 3 years. Recently she has noticed drastic changes in the last 6 months like severe migrane, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, weight gain etc. Her condition enrages me and now I've decided to write against these dreaded drugs.
    Will some of you help me with your experience that I can use as evidence in this case?

  16. IBelieveInUs

    IBelieveInUs Active Member

    Welcome to all the new posters! You're not alone! I'm glad our posts are helping people, even those who don't post. But if you're reading and going through this, please post and share your stories! It helps so much to talk it out sometimes.

    Pink Leopard: Stay strong! I just went through my ovulation and it sucked. In my darkest days, I thought this would never pass. But it did! And it will for you too. I promise!

    As for me, I had a great weekend! I felt 110%. Completely normal, happy, and in love. Being with my boyfriend always helps and so I think moving in with him next month will really help in my recovery. If anything, this HORRIBLE bcp ordeal has helped me fall in love even more. It's made me really appreciate my love on the good days and it's made the bond between my boyfriend and I even stronger. And when this is finally done and I am finally recovered, this will be the case every day.

    I was slacking a little with my vitamins during my bad weeks because I was out of them and then I kept forgetting to bring them with me. My vitamins have definitely helped me feel better. But also, this is my best week of the month. I always have a good week between ovulation and mestruation. So while I feel 100% still today, I'm a little worried about my next setback. I just feel so good and I don't want to feel bad again. I also haven't drank the tea all weekend (I ran out of it but ordered more) and I had great days. So I definitely think the tea is helping but that it's a "worse before better" thing. I felt horrible while drinking the tea but my better days were the best I've ever had post-pill.

    It's really scary how much our brain tricks us. My boyfriend and I were at a concert this weekend and he got so into it and had so much fun and I thought it was the most adorable thing that I've ever seen. I watched him during the concert and thought about how lucky I was to have someone so wonderful. But I know that if this had been during one of my bad days, I wouldn't have found it cute at all. I would have thought he was being annoying and my brain would have used it as a reason to break up. It's nice to finally be seeing more clearly but it's really scary how much the bcp/hormones can alter our minds.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambles. Just going to try to enjoy my good days. I'm able to let my guard back down and be silly and affectionate with my boyfriend and it's such a wonderful feeling. I've missed this so much.

  17. pinkdoodler

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    hello, I used to come on here years ago, I didn't realise it was still around!
    I suffered terrible depression with Yasmin so went back on my old pill, Dianette/co-cypridniol. I've never had any bad side effects with it and have taken it for nearly ten years. However in the last month, two days from the end of my pill cycle, all my depression symptoms came back. I suddenly felt like I didn't love my boyfriend anymore, and just felt lethargic and low all the time. My bf has been really supportive but my thoughts about him are making it worse and I keep thinking how awful it will be to split up. I had my period and a week or so later I started to feel a bit better around him and we even had sex a couple of times (I was as horny as hell!) but the other day (coming to the end of my cycle again) I suddenly sunk really deep into depression again and I'm crying all the time. I feel no love again and just feel anxious all the time. He says it's the exact same as the last time this happened but this time it seems to have happened for no reason and I've been perfectly fine on Dianette for years. Why would this have happened? I was so happy in my life and with my bf until a month ago but now I just feel horrible.
    I saw my doctor and I will be coming off the pill for the time being and see how it goes. It seems like it is a hormonal problem but my brain tricks me and tells me maybe I have fallen out of love with my bf and THAT'S the cause of the depression.

  18. kiwi13

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    So I just got off the phone with the nurse at the GYN and you were right, PinkLeopard - they just don't get it! She was so dismissive and was like "no, the pill can't cause anxiety, make an appointment with your primary care." I told her about all the stuff I'd been reading online and she just played dumb! I couldn't believe it. She was also like "No, there's no supplements you can take..." and suggested that I go back on the pill to get my cycle regulated again!! Unbelievable. I'm going to look into the naturopath thing. I'm just so frustrated because the morning anxiety/panic had gone away and it's come back in the past 4 days because I think I'm either mid-cycle or just about to get my period, not sure which. And I've been spotting for almost two weeks, ugh! I am just trying to think of my good days last month and the beginning of this month. I am praying I feel better by the time I go home for the holidays in 2 weeks!

  19. Jenny13

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    Kiwi13: Good to see someone new! I'm still pretty new here myself. I've currently been off the pill for a month (still no period or withdrawal bleeding). I feel pretty good for the most part, but my moods have been somewhat erratic. Overall, my negative symptoms from the pill have really tapered off, but I've been having random, short "fits" (an hour or two) of anger and sudden mood changes. I also have a lot of trouble sleeping through the night--I had this problem on the pill as well. Not sure if it's from the medicine or maybe it's just me! Glad to see others are going through similar things!

    I saw that a few of you mentioned a detox tea you have been drinking. Is there a particular brand or type anyone can recommend? I'm still waiting to get my first post-pill period, so I'm hoping something like that may help rid my body of all the nasty chemicals I was taking. I do drink a lot of green tea...I'm not sure if that is supposed to help. But I've also been drinking TONS of water and overloading on fruits and veggies to try and get everything out of my system. Any vitamins or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I'm sure many of you have heard of this, but I recently purchased and started reading "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler...and I cannot tell you how much I love this book! Every woman (and man for that matter) should read it. The information it provides is so much more liberating than the pill ever was!

  20. Jenny13

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    Kiwi13 (in regards to your most recent post): So sorry to hear about the conversation with your GYN. After I decided to stop the pill, I made an appointment with mine to discuss alternative methods of birth control. I asked her about a diaphragm and she laughed at me and told me I should stay on the pill! She also said there were really no "natural" methods of birth control besides a condom or IUD...which I have now realized is ridiculous! I mentioned this in my other post, but if you have not read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" I HIGHLY recommend it! It is so sad to me that doctors and other medical professionals are so naive when it comes to women's bodies, and don't seem to care about or acknowledge the negative effects of the pill. The pharmaceutical industry has so much power, and it is a shame that other methods of BC besides the pill are not advertised at all. It is so upsetting that 12 and 13 year olds are being put on the pill so haphazardly and they just don't know any better.


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