The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (part 3!).

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  1. Raunchy-Row

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    Many, many of our users have experienced long, difficult recoveries from their hormonal birth control use and have posted their extensive experiences over the years. The original thread became very long, was lost and reposted, and then locked. The second thread quickly made it over 1000 posts. Both of these resources can be found in the Archives. This thread is for women who would like to continue to discuss the effects of discontinuing birth control (hormonal contraception) and support one another through what can be a frustrating time!
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  2. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Alright! Part 3! I love this site!!
    How are all you ladies doing?? Well my peeio finally came and I must say I didn't have as much anxiety, still had the anger issue but zen 200mg helped me know it out, I took that for only two days, I'm not sure if it made me tired or if it was just the fatigue because of my period coming idk but other then that it was smooth. Almost 8 months off!

  3. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    yikes! I hope the BC pill industry is looking at the number of posts in this "hot topic". Ya think. Nah, their too busy raking in the cash and steam rolling over the mess they leave in their wake.

  4. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi ladies hope you r all doing ok 2day?? [​IMG]
    hi alyssa yes i have had a period since stopping the pill, i stopped 10th oct 2011 had a period 14th-18th oct then exactly 28 days had another period although blood lose was light i only bleed 2 days then nothing for 2 days then on day 5 spotting. (not even sure if this is classed as a period??). im on day 13 2day feeling anxious abit nothing bad going to try primrose oil as ive heard this can be good. do you have to take medication for hormones as they are not normal?? sorry for asking questions but ive actually found someone with symptoms like mine!! ie had anxiety while on the pill, not just from stopping it.

    congrats larara at least you know why u were having a break down!! hope things get better for you x

    mel xx

  5. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    Hi BeeBee. I agree, I hope the pharmaceutical companies take a look at this (or maybe someone in the media who can help spread the word). Though I know it is talks and they sure have a lot of it.

    I hope everyone is diong well. I haven't been on much because I've been busy, but I am having the pre-period anxiety still. It was better for a few months, but this month it is hitting hard.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone (for all of you people in the US, that is).

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  6. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Mel!

    Don't apologize! Ask whatever you'd like!

    I've only been on vitamins and natural supplements for my hormones including MinChex, OrChex, liquid B12, Vitamin D, and Gentian Root, which were all given to me by my naturopath. She had blood tests done on me to determine what I needed.

    In 3 months, you should definitely get your blood tested and specifically ask for a hormone panel, plus ask for the doctor to focus on any vitamin deficiencies as the pill can deplete the vitamins in your system.

    Wings - I'm glad things went well this month! [​IMG]

    Bee - Very true! The pharma industry is full of greedy pigs.

    Kim - I'm sorry that your anxiety came back. Are you taking any supplements now or are you all natural right now?

    I hope everyone is getting better day by day and doing well!

    Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow) to my fellow US citizens! [​IMG]

    Stay well,

  7. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    Hi Alyssa!
    I am still taking:

    Fish oil
    phosphatidyl choline
    amitryptiline (an anti-d that I've been weaning off of...still on 20 mg because it is supposed to be helping to prevent my migraines).

    My period came yesterday and the anxiety has decerased significantly's almost gone. Stupid pre-period week.

    Take care of yourselves, ladies.

  8. larara

    larara New Member

    Hi girls, it took me a while to find part 3.. im so silly haha!
    as you know, i finally came on my period after 8 months of waiting!! but today and yesterday have been awful..
    its about a week today that i came on and i finished on friday. The doubts were getting so strong that i broke down infront of my boyfriend again, we nearly went on a break/ broke up. I couldnt take it at all, i want something to make me realise how much i love him and want him, if i think of it possibly being because i dont love him anymore i panic, cry and it brings me down so much!! im not ready to give up just yet, girls please tell me if you had something like this, was your first period back bad? ive now started counselling and i hope its going to help. The doubting and constant questioning are begining to hurt and affect me quite a lot.. cause sometimes they feel so real, but i really dont want them to be..

    anyway moving from my rant :p
    how are you all? how have you all been?

  9. larara

    larara New Member

    also, recently ive been having a little trouble with sex, its starting to hurt a tiny tiny bit and i bleed a little after. also my labido is DEAD

    anyone else have something like this while coming off?

  10. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- you've got to keep in mind if you didn't feel this way about your boyfriend before all this pill mess then it's the pill. As for the not wanting have sex and it hurting oh ya I've been through that and there's not much you can do but use lube or just not have sex. This bc hell is tuff! That's just how it is all of us ladies have gone through it, we all get better at different times but close enough, if you can find a really good doctor that will listen to you and ask for a saliva hormone test that's what really helped me heal and put a stamp on "yes there is something wrong with me" all in all you gotta pump the breaks on yourself just slow down and remember this is not you, it's just your body's way of healing. This is all new to us this is something we haven't experienced so we drive our selfs crazy(even more crazy) with the what if's and why's it's only natural to think that way to something unfamiliar. Just try and slow down. It upsets you that you might not love your boyfriend the way you use to and you get sad and panic and cry your mind is feeding off the negative right now because if you didn't actually love him there wouldn't be anything to be upset about it would just be over and done with, your mind is just having trouble connecting the dots right now which is alright just besure to stay open with your bf so he's not out of the loop and the sun will come out again you don't need to make any fast decisions right now. For me it was the other way around I was barely dating someone and I didn't care too much for them before this bc mess then when I got off I found myself worrying about how he felt and what he thought, he wasn't pleasant at all after I called it off I felt I needed some time to heal I had to figure out what was wrong with me and I didn't need him buzzing around throwing fits like a child, thank god he didn't know where I lived it was that bad! I had to change my number, my email twice and Facebook so that no one can even message me! He would creat all these profiles to message me I would have to keep blocking him, every message I would get would be so horrible I wouldn't be able to sleep or eat it would send me in such bad panic. I remember being so upset with god thinking how can you just leave me so expose for just anyone to come and rip another part of whenever they please and I end up being the one who gets sick and can't sleep at night!! Well it was just my mind feeding off the negative he didn't know me well enough to ever say anything that would get to me but for some reason anything he did say would. On a lighter note I'm doing alot better now wayyyyyyy better anxiety gets light now a week before my period it use to be pretty bad. I'll be 9 months off on dec.6th [​IMG]

  11. Liz88

    Liz88 New Member

    Hey guys it's me again! I just had a quick question, I noticed a lot of you girls are from the UK...I'm moving there in January (my husband is British) and I'm wondering if I would be able to go to the gynecologist there and how much it costs? Right now since I'm still dealing with these bc issues I'm worried that I won't be able to see a doctor while I'm there. Thanks ladies [​IMG]

  12. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Kim,

    That's quite a list, but it's working for you right? I'm on B12 and D as well, in addition to Orchex and Flax seed oil. I'm glad that your anxiety decreased - is your cycle regulated at all? I'm on day 26 of my cycle and this weekend and today I've had some anxiety (mild), but my last period came after 40 days, so I feel like I'll have to deal with some anxiety for the next week or so. It's not as bad as it used to be, but I hate dealing with it indefinitely. Once I get my period, it just stops, it's so strange.

    To Kim and everyone: Do you have a certain amount of time before your period that you feel anxiety?

    I'll be off 8 months on December and my anxiety has been relatively light, just like you, Wings. So I can't complain really, but I just want to get a feel for your experiences in terms of cycles and when your anxiety peaks.

    Stay well,

  13. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    Hi Alyss! It is working well for me. My doctor told me that being on D3 (whether you are deficient or not) can actually lower your risk of breast cancer by 30%! For that alone, it is worth it to me...provided the most recent research about it is correct.

    I'm glad your anxiety hasn't been too terrible. My cycle was right on...down to the day....for a while there, but the last two months, not so much. This past month I was about 34 days. Oddly enough, the last two months have also brought me worse anxiety starting about 10 days before I started. The anxiety lately has been including tears and everything, which I thought I was done with long ago! My anxiety definitely peaks the week leading up to AF. I have also had a hard time focusing, especially the week before, during and after my period...that leaves me with one good clear week each month. Yikes!

    I guess at the end of the day, my body is still adjusting and I need to get myself to accept it and go with it, rather than fight it.

    I hope you don't have 14 more days of anxiety ahead of you! If I were you, I would be extra kind to yourself right well, exercise, make sure to sleep, and schedule somthing in that makes you laugh.


  14. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi alyssa
    i find my anxiety starts around day 21 till day 27 but not everyday!(at mo have a 28 day cycle!) im on day 19 2day n already my tongue is starting to tingle (by the way does this happen to anyone else not sure if its a sign of anxiety or jus me lol).
    i had slight anxiety on day 13 this month but havent had any ovulation symptoms as yet last month i had painful cramps but that was my 1st month off bc!!.

    take care every1
    mel xx

  15. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    I haven't experienced the tongue tingling, but everyone is different. :eek:)

  16. larara

    larara New Member

    wingsclipped; thank you, i obviously didnt feel like this before i had that poison. and anytime i think about us apart, as friends, as being awkward makes me feel physical pain and makes me panic. its much easier to control how i react to those horrible thoughts now. i guess i have moments of severe weakness and allow the thoughts to get to me. its incredible how much hormones can mess you up!! Of course i always keep him updated now, before i was too scared to do so because i was too scared to scare him away or hurt him, but now i tell him and of course it hurts to hear but i hope he knows that i dont mean it. Finally got my dreadlock to day and at one point i looked at him and couldnt stop smiling!! hehe, my anxiety really gets the better of me sometimes, im so sorry if i come on here sounding like a nutter whining and complaining but im silly and allow myself to get into these states. we have to keep strong girls [​IMG]

    thank you wingsclipped!! x

  17. larara

    larara New Member

    also im really happy to hear you're feeling better too, hope this month goes well for us all!

  18. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    I'm on D3 too - it has enormous benefits and can be known to decrease risks of osteoporosis.

    I am 6 months off now, and feeling so much better. I guess that's one month for each of the six pills I took. Still a little wobbly before my period and always get some leg numbness, funny how these things linger.

    But it gets better, it really does. Best to all.

  19. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- no worries girl let it all out on here! This is the best place and severs as a journal as well, I like going back and reading my old posts and thinking wow I remember how hopeless I was an look how far I've come, huge difference between then and now. As for the anxiety ugh it's the worst!! But now I don't notice any anxiety,it seems to pop up a week before my period but itsnt crippling like before. [​IMG]

    Bee- glad to hear you're seeing the light! Haha doesn't it feel good to be able to live a little??

  20. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Alyss- I would say a week to a few days right before, and then it'll come back for a few days after I stop. this time around I'll try to keep track it's hard because my period never comes every 28 days it's always around 32-34-40. So it's really hard to tell when it peaks I take zen 200mg when its close to those days and it's all a breeze, I tried to get on orchex but my body is too sensitive so my doctor didn't feel too comfortable with me taking that, zen feels really light and well zen'd hahaha. I'm not really on the site that much but fb me anytime girl! [​IMG]


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