The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 2)

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  1. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi ladies i too have been suffering from anxiety for the past 2 years and made a link it was always around days 13,14,15 when ovulation would happen and days 21 - 27 before period came. ive also found out that i can not drink alcohol around any of these days as it increases the anxiety would love to know if anyone else has this problem!!. i decided to stop my birth control pill to see if it was my body or the pill doing this to me ive been on it 12 years, had a 2 year break bin back on it 5 years but its the last 2 years ive noticed this happening im only 30 so dont think im premenapausal just yet!!
    anyway ive stopped the pill 11th oct 2011 and im so hoping it will get better any info would be great on what you do to relieve anxiety symptoms as i do not want anti depressants as this only happens certain times of the month.
    thanks mel 30

  2. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Hi Mel, youve come to the right place [​IMG]
    What things have you tried for the anxiety? A friend of mine is using zen 200mg, my doctor just gave me this lastnight for the anxiety I get around my period. Look it up when you get a chance it's got some good stuff and reviews you can read about it. I have a natural pathic doctor who is pretty strict about what I take, so don't worry it's natural [​IMG]

  3. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Mel,

    I get anxiety the same time too - I've been off the pill for over 7 months now. The level of anxiety has decreased a lot, but it's not 100% gone yet!

    I go to a naturopath and take B12, D, and Orchex (used to take Minchex). If you have the means to, you should try to talk to a naturpath regarding your symptoms and see if you can get a hormone panel done.

    Stay well,

    How is everyone doing? I'm on day 14 of my current cycle and my anxiety is peaking a bit, but again, the level is pretty low, which is great. I have to watch with caffeine - I had a Starbucks coffee on Monday and was jittery/anxious all day!

  4. larara

    larara New Member

    hi girls, not much has improved since i last spoke to you all. everything seems so much worse. my head is all over the place.. the other day i nearly left my boyfriend cause i was so convinced i had to, something inside of me was egging me on and i was crying my eyes out so much, surely if i did want to leave him id be so calm about it? and i wouldnt cry and get this stressed?!
    i just hate this so much, ive been referred to a counselor cause my mood is so much worse. i cant see any way out at all
    why is it getting worse now?! i thought i was supposed to be getting better, i need this to go before i do something i regret, please girls i cant take this anymore..

  5. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- have you gone to a doctor to get your hormones checked??
    It took me going to a natural pathic doctor to get answers turns out my progestrone level was really low. It's important to get your levels balanced, after bc we need all the help we can get with out it we can end up getting worse.

  6. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi ladies thanks for your replies glad to know im not alone on this!!
    ive started taking a multi-vitamin as my diet is really poor & i dont eat veg this has helped as i no longer nap in the day or feel really tired, but i wanted to up my intake of vit b6 & b12. i have also had 1 reiki session & discovered my problem areas are my chest (prob from anxiety), my womb area and my kidney area (she felt i was extremly dehydrated as i do not drink water). when i have bad days i take kalms herbal tablets these do help me out alot. doc tried me on 10mg citrolpram after 3 days i had 2 stop them i was like a zombie even on day 1 (im very sensitive to meds) i didnt feel i needed these as my anxiety issues only happen a few times a month and not everyday. im just hoping that now ive stopped birth control things will get better only time will tell xx

  7. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi alysstg9
    did you have anxiety while on the pill?? or just started happening when you stopped?? also i am sensitive to caffine too since this started happening to me, i can no longer have coke, i dont drink tea or coffee and deffo no energy drinks!! do you have increased anxiety the day after drinking alcohol? i do especially around the days of my cycle when im prone to anxiety, the other days of my cycle i can drink alcohol fine weird!!
    i also asked doc for a hormonal test to check my levels n he told me this cant b done because hormones go up and down all the time he jus told me to go back after 3 months off the pill x

  8. larara

    larara New Member

    Well when i went i asked and the doctor told me not to bother with one but i might have to, i cant seem to believe its the injection..
    im only about 5 months off, is it still able to affect me this much??? is it normal to believe it soo much?? like you your gut is telling you yes but something inside of you is fighting it so much?
    how long did it take for your anxiety and bad thoughts to go away, mine are stupidly strong at the moment

  9. campengurl17

    campengurl17 Member

    For u ladies who have gotton thru this mess, did u get all ur feelings back for ur signifigant others's?

  10. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    Where did all the posts between Nov 18 and Nov 20 (today) where we all provided input for a member's research? Did they get removed? Why?

  11. Kimberjean08

    Kimberjean08 Member

    OMG. Did anyone see the banner at the top of the screen? "ask president obama to support birth control; sign the petition." Seriously?!

  12. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Mel,

    My anxiety started the last year that I was on the pill. I only suspected the pill was causing it after 6 months and decided to switch pills at that point. Then I stayed on for another 6 months and finally stopped in April of this year.
    How about you?
    I can have caffeine more and more now, but around ovulation and my period, I have to limit it.
    Yes - with alcohol my anxiety increases at night and the morning after, but goes away eventually. It seems as time has gone on, my tolerance for caffeine, sugar, and alcohol gets better, but I still get reactions now and then.
    When did you stop hormonal birth control? I had to wait to get tested to - I also waited 3 months after I went off to get my hormones checked.

    Stay well,

  13. mel 30

    mel 30 New Member

    hi alyssa, id bin on microgynon 30 for 12yrs everything fine, never had anxiety in my life then approx 2 yrs ago it started always around ovulation and week b4 period due, thats y i suspected the pill. i tried to switch birth control to cilest but lasted 7 days i was havin worse anxiety and it wasnt even when i was due my anxiety!!. i stopped taking birth control 10th oct 2011 had anxiety really slight on day 14, 25 and 27 nothing like when i was on the pill. now im on day 12 of second cycle off the pill hoping it gets better, so hopefully after xmas i will go back 2 the docs n they will do something about it!!. so did they find anything wrong with your hormone levels??
    thanks melx

  14. larara

    larara New Member

    hey girls, i had one crazy weekend.. friday i completely broke down and was in floods of tears and anxiety.. but saturday i came on my period!!! 8 months of waiting and seriously a MASSIVE weight has lifted, my head is so much more clear and i feel happier and much more lovey dovey. we havent had sex in a while but i hope my labido comes back [​IMG]

    campengurl17: please hang on, if i can make it im so so so so sooo sure you can too. its the hardest thing ever but dont ever give up [​IMG] i didnt and im not looking back xxx

  15. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Mel - I was on the pill for two years before I started having panic attacks/anxiety/depression, so it's very interesting and not surprising that you were on it so long without having any side effects. I was on Yaz for 2.5 years (anxiety started at the two year mark, but I stayed on for an extra 6 months before I linked everything to the pill), then I was on Levora for five months, and finally Zovia for a month. Then I stopped on April 7, 2011 because the other 2 pills (Levora and Zovia) didn't help to allievate the anxiety, although once I went off of Yaz, things did get a little better.

    I hope things get better for you - have you had a period yet?

    I had/have high testosterone and the ratio of estrogen/progesterone ratio was off. I'm hoping that you get answers as well.

    Stay well!

    P.S. Congrats to Larara for finally getting your period! Continued healing to you! Cheers!

  16. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey ladies! I'm locking and archiving because we're already over 1000 replies! I'll leave this one in place for a few days to a week to give you time to go back over your most recent posts and start up the new thread. Thanks for making this a hot topic! [​IMG]



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