The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Raunchy-Row, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Hi alyss! Bee! Larara!
    I'm good how are you ladies!
    I'm alot better I would say my anxiety I almost non existent. I'm working with a reiki healer and it's working! Hard to find a good one though there are alot of them who clam they have a healing touch and don't I can strongly say I know the difference the last lady I tried was a joke but I was so desperate at the time I was hoping for an easy fix. I've been on bc for 7 months and off 7 months. More of myself is coming back I'm able to get up clean run errands and decorate the house keep busy doesn't seem so hard now. My period should be coming in a few weeks lets see how this goes.

  2. larara

    larara New Member

    im so happy to hear your anxiety is better [​IMG] i know how awful it can get. i might try a reiki healer, sounds like a good idea!
    im about 4 and a half months off and the numbness hasnt completely gone yet, still hits me quite hard [​IMG] and anxiety can creep up on my randomly but my disconnected feeling seems to have gone for now! (hope i dont jinx it ;p)
    im off to paris tomorrow morning so i wont be on til next week, i know im not as excited as i would be if i wasnt on this bloody shot but i can still feel a little excitement which is good [​IMG]
    i really want this horrible numbness feeling to go away, i hate it so much!

  3. larara

    larara New Member

    also i havent had my period for about 8 months, but my boobs have been hurting for about a month now.. i have to come on sooner or later!!! my ears keep popping... hmm

  4. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Good luck on your trip [​IMG] just relax and enjoy! My ears did the popping thing too and then the right ear stayed plugged .. It still is! It's been about 6 months with it plugged tried everything =\

  5. Liz88

    Liz88 New Member

    Hey ladies!

    Sorry I haven't been on for awhile. I actually don't know how to rate how I've been since I last posted. I guess mediocre with a mix of good?

    I started taking 5-htp about a week ago, first at night but it wasn't really working, so I started taking it in the morning and I'm noticing a difference. I really recommend it so far!

    I've been to the doctor to get all my blood levels checked and of course they are all normal. In fact she was raving how physically healthy I am, like textbook healthy, which is so funny to me because a lot of times I've felt like I'm dying inside emotionally! Anyways, she explained to me that the birth control hormones are still stored in my fat cells, so whenever i'm having a bad day that means they have been released in my body. they can take awhile to go away. so on good days it means nothing has been released. This has actually helped, so when I'm feeling bad I just envision the hormones releasing, and it helps me feel less crazy.

    I've also been reading a lot about detoxing. I've been trying a bit of hydrotherapy, sweating in a bath, and exercising. I've even wrapped myself in a blanket and put the blow dryer on me to sweat and then went in the shower to quick rinse out all the toxins. Not sure if this works but supposedly this is what people do when they want to get marijuana out of their system and it works for them.

    I also got the copper IUD which I love! I want to recommend it to everyone, I'll probably post it on the copper iud forums but it hurt a LITTLE bit, some girls on the forums were comparing it to child birth pain! Well I've never had a baby, but if that's what it feels like, sign me up!

    I'll be 7 months in about a week and a half.

  6. larara

    larara New Member

    Thank you, ive been paris before its beautiful but ill tell you all how it went. Oh thats awful hopefully it'll unclog itself soon [​IMG] mines on and off, at the moment i feel like theres lots of cotton wool in my head, that might be cause im ill though ;p

    i have the copper coil too! it hurt to put in, but now its great, had no side effects whatso ever! i recommend it for a birthcontrol with no "ill make you so crazy" side effects [​IMG]

  7. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    liz - interesting what your doc said about hormones storing themselves in fat cells for a long time. What a godsend to have a doc who knows their stuff.

  8. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Lizz- glad you're back to post, keep the good work going! My doctor has said the same about the bc storing in your fat I try and work out as much as possible I believed that has help speed things up a little.

    How are you bee!

  9. campengurl17

    campengurl17 Member

    Hey ladies, im having some hard times right now. Iv been going thru this for 6 months and off birth control for 5. I have completly gone off my depression meds because they wasnt helping. Well i was feelin better, not completly like my self i was getting some of my feelins back and some of the numbness has gone away. But.... Now its about a week before my period an i feel horriable!!! I feel soo bad i cant stop crying and i jus feel nuthin so to say about my boyfriend. And its about to kill me.... I jus want my old life back, just want to feel happy again... Ladies i need ur support... Will i ever feel like i used and feel and love my boyfriend like i used too... I am soo tired.. Please help. Im only 22 i shouldnt be dealing with this stuff...

  10. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    campengurl - Sorry to hear you are going through this, it sounds so symptomatic of withdrawal from what I've read. Coming off any meds, BC pill, benzos, or anti-depressants is not a linear process, I think we all get good weeks, bad days, and all that crap - especially before your period.

    You will feel better, honestly. Keep the faith?

    I am doing ok, my period has bought back numbness in my leg, always does. Weird. Feeling hormonal, but hey what's new. I must admit I live in fear of a relapse. But it hasn't come thank god. Those 6 little pills have hopefully run their course. Still can't touch caffeine though. Probably a good thing.

  11. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Hang in there camp it will pass, it gets tuff but give it a few days. =\

  12. Liz88

    Liz88 New Member

    Campengurl please hang in there! I promise it will get better. I have felt so many times like giving up--please hold on! The best advice I've read on here is to keep yourself in a bubble--let yourself heal, let yourself be sick. Your body is ill in the same way as if you were physically sick. Just cry, be upset, be frustrated but also know your body is healing. Please try to stay away from caffeine, sugar, and alcohol because you want your liver to focus on healing out all the bad birth control toxins.

    Remember how awful you feel now and remind yourself of it later to realize what a strong woman you are. Keep us updated please!

  13. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Thanks for your post lizz we need more positive on our healing time [​IMG]

  14. larara

    larara New Member

    Hey girls, back from paris and im so ill! [​IMG]
    feeling really crappy today, my boyfriend didnt even text me when i got back which made me feel like sh*t, and it doesnt really help the whole doubting feelings. i hate having them so much i sometimes really think theyre true [​IMG]

    how are you ladies?

  15. larara

    larara New Member

    girls i really need help, my mood today is awful. i dont know what im feeling i just sit there and do nothing, i dont know whats going through my head its just blank. i always feel like crying and uhh its awful i dont know what to do..
    it feels like im not thinking about my boyfriend, its been nearly 5 months i should surely be better by now right? what if its not the shot i had. i hate this i want to feel normal again not just low and numb towards everything, please help
    im starting to get scared and my self esteem is so low, i hate myself so much

  16. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- don't beat yourself up dear, you need to just let go, let go of the what if's and say oh well. Don't drive yourself sick anymore. I know it's hard and you're very out of control with just about everything thats going on with you,you just have to let yourself be, you really have no choice dear =\ I'm 7 months off and still not brave enough to try to plan a trip! These things take time don't think too far ahead or too far back.

  17. campengurl17

    campengurl17 Member

    Girl right there with u, same amount of months off... Iv had a bad week myself. But i am feeling better i think lol and its all because im bout to start my period... But anyways hang in there, thats what every ones tellin me....

  18. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Hello ladies!
    I can tell I'm getting closer to my period, Im having slight cramps.
    As for my mood well all my periods up until last month I've had anxiety, anxiousness and depression, last month I had anxiety and anger issues. Well I'm sure this time will be the same I'm guessing, I feel anxious and angry yesterday I was so mad I couldn't help but cry it took a bit to calm down. Although I had reason to be upset I wouldn't get upset to the point I was about to raise hell and rage! Haha I see it this way I'd rather have a choice in having the emotion of anger then to be depressed. Still it use to take a whole lot to get me angry and even then it wouldn't last for more then seconds I've always been calm that's just how I am naturally I guess. It isn't rational to go from 1-8 in seconds, I have to get in the shower and cry it off to keep me from hitting the ceiling. I'm going to call my doctor today and see what she says and I'll keep you lady's posted [​IMG]

  19. larara

    larara New Member

    thank you girls, im sure you can understand how much turmoil goes through your head, i can sometimes get little glimmers of hope then it crashes all the way down and i get really horrible anxiety cause of what im thinking. i shake and cry and i never know what im thinking, i was fine a few weeks ago, why has it suddenly gotten to much worse?! i hate this so much, i just want to be happy again. sometimes its so hard to hang in there, cause i never know what im thinking, its hard to be happy/ angry/ cry..
    i still have no sign of my period, my boobs have been hurting for a good month and a half but nothing. i always feel like shouting shut up to my boyfriend when hes done nothing wrong, i feel so so so bad. i want to go back to normal, this stupid shot has really ruined so much of my relationship. its three years anniversary on saturday, i feel so bad cause i dont even feel excited.. girls is this me thikning this or the shot, cause sometimes i really dont know..

  20. Weirdartist

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