The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by Raunchy-Row, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Larara - I'm glad that you decided to shot taking depo and good for you for not adding more drugs into your system (anti-depressants, etc.). Your racing thoughts will subside with time, but you have to be patient with yourself. Don't beat yourself up over it. Also, Wings' rec for cutting sugars/caffeine is so true - plus try to avoid alcohol as it can have similar effects on your anxiety.

    I hope everyone is doing well. My period finally came this morning. I had therapy last night, which worked out for me because I had PMS this week. Mainly some OCD thoughts about my life (family/boyfriend/job/etc.) in the beginning of the week. My psychologist said that he's heard many women complain of this issue and said that it's hormonal. I definitely took comfort in that.

    Have a great weekend!

    - Alyssa

  2. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    How are we all doing ladies??

    As for me I'm fine I just think it's annoying how my period comes around towards the end of the month which means I get to spend holidays with anxiety haha ahhh the joys.

  3. larara

    larara New Member

    Hello, recently ive been a lot better! i still get scared e.g. when my boyf doesnt text back for a while and i dont actually mind that much, it makes me worried that i dont care anymore D:
    aahhhh im mad! i get such irrational silly thoughts its nuts.
    but i have been feel a lot better, might have some acupuncture soon [​IMG] xx

  4. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- it's normal in our case. Just keep pushing through it sounds like you're getting closer to the light haha

  5. larara

    larara New Member

    i really am honey, i cant explain how hard its been. well im sure you all can understand!
    but all this doubt wore me out, i cant wait to feel love and appreciation of everything again. i hate all the doubt and worry! x

  6. larara

    larara New Member

    how are you anyway?? how did today go?
    HAPPY HALLOWEEEENNNN! im dressed as a little hamster as we speak ;D

  7. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    I'm ok taking my god daughter out. I celebrated mine Friday night I was a white cat =^_^=

  8. larara

    larara New Member

    hehe cute!
    how is everyone today. Im ill [​IMG]
    and my mood keeps dropping cause i keep thinking over things
    like my boyfriend would prefer me if i was different n stuff [​IMG]

  9. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    I'm ok think I had too much sugar feel blah! What do you mean he wants you to be different? Because this happened he wants the normal you or something else??

  10. larara

    larara New Member

    i know he wants me back to normal, but when i see all these beautiful confident girls it makes me think "he'd prefer them over me :(" and it comes out of nowhere
    and thoughts like "i dont like him" make me panic like mad!!

  11. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara- it's you he's with my dear not them. There's just no real comfort when it comes to the pill you just gotta keep telling yourself you'll beat this soon and trust me you absolutely will without a doubt! Have you gone to the doctor?

  12. larara

    larara New Member

    mine was the depo shot so its a little longer [​IMG]
    i have lots of times, but its a load of @$#%^@ everytime, excuse my french..
    getting better though [​IMG] x

  13. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    Larara let it all out!! Haha

  14. wingsclipped

    wingsclipped Member

    How's everyone doing?? I'm now 7 months off! [​IMG]

  15. larara

    larara New Member

    aaah i havent been that great this weekend, worrying and thoughts got quite bad. i felt really numb [​IMG]
    im going to paris next weekend though, hopefully i should be better by then [​IMG]
    but yeah i hate feeling nothing and getting these awful thoughts, its really hard when i cant push them away. they make me think that theyre so true and thats the worst part [​IMG]

    How are you doing 7 months off? im just 4 months off now i guess, its still difficult at times though [​IMG]

  16. AlyssTG9

    AlyssTG9 New Member

    Hi Wings,

    Congratulations! I'm seven months off tomorrow. How have you been feeling?

    I've been fine. My period lasted about 5 days last week (the longest it's been since I've been off). The anxiety's been pretty low for the most part.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Larara - Just keep pushing through. Time will heal you, you just need to let your body take its time and in the process, take care of yourself to the best of your ability.

    - Alyssa

  17. BeeBee

    BeeBee Member

    Hi ladies - just got back from a week away with my family. Still doing well, although the anxiety before my period is still there. I literally wake up at 3am every night and chew over the smallest little things, and if there isn't something to worry about I find something!

    Other than that all the other stuff has gone and I hope it stays that way. This is my 6th month off.

    larara - hang on in there, the bad days will get less.

    Alyssa - so good to hear you are doing well.

    wings - you ok?

    Bee x

  18. larara

    larara New Member

    thank you, today was hard. I was so convinced that what i was thinking was true [​IMG] it was getting to me so much.
    but i better at the moment, going to paris this weekend [​IMG]
    how are you all?

  19. whattodo89

    whattodo89 New Member

    I am so glad I just logged back in!I havn't been back here in a couple months. FOr all the ladies that knew my previous story I was on the pill for about 4 months...went off of it in January and I had a horrible time. Depression, anxiety, mood swings, no sex drive. All of it started to go away by the 3-4 month. I had more good days than bad and me and my bf were better than ever! After about 5 months I started to feel "normal" again. I had lots of ups and downs, but the good days started to outweigh the bad. It does get better...although not to burst a bubble but these past couple weeks I have been feeling down again, and numb and it pains me so much because then I overanalyze everything and think maybe it's my relationship but then I think I wouldn't have any feelings at all when I do have alot of good days and some days my heart is absolutely full of love I want to scream! I wish it would just go away...why do I have to overthink everything I think I need to take a class on positive thinking and learn how to not dwell on things!

  20. FirstTimeFun

    FirstTimeFun New Member

    I've been off hormonal birth control for over a year and a half (I was on it for 1.5 years). While on birth control my libido and ability to become aroused diminished to the point where sex was starting to hurt. That's when I quit. While it's so much better off the pills, my sex drive is nowhere near where it was before I ever took BCPs. I don't fantasize anymore, therefore I don't get aroused just by thinking about sex, I don't use my toys anymore and I simply don't get as excited during sex and there's a decrease in sensitivity. This is all really effecting my happiness, and is frustrating and depressing me. I have never once had an orgasm. But, before the pills I was getting close, mostly on my own. Nowadays, I don't even get remotely close. And I've been reading about the permanent effects of BCPs on a woman's body (high SHBG) and wonder if there's any hope. [​IMG]


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