The Effects of Stopping Birth Control (Part 2)

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    Many, many of our users have experienced long, difficult recoveries from their hormonal birth control use and have posted their extensive experiences over the years. The original thread became very long, was lost and reposted, and then locked. It can be found in the Archives. This thread is for women who would like to continue to discuss the effects of discontinuing birth control (hormonal contraception) and support one another through what can be a frustrating time!
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  2. quittingthepill

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    So in the old thread Clark asked:


    how does everyone think they are at to feeling 100 % back to their old selves ????

    mine still can vary. today was good and i can say i felt about 80 % there.

    other days i feel in the 70- 75 % range which can be frustrating.

    I'm 3 months and 10 days off the pill.

    I am getting a lot of days now where I feel like normal me for at least part of the day. These days started coming for me about 3 weeks ago, and now my days are often a mix of feeling normal/good and then my anxiety or "weird" feeling randomly returning.

    For example Saturday, I felt normal all day, had some anxiety in the afternoon, felt fine later. Today I had a really good day, truly felt like my old self, but then I fell into the awful trap of, "If I'm feeling good now, does that mean I'm bipolar? and this whole pill thing was really just that coming out?" which is of course the thing I worry about more than anything else. My issue is that I go onto websites and reading the symptoms of it sounds like a lot of what I have gone through from the pill and so I freak myself out, which brings on anxiety [​IMG] I hate it so much because before all this, I NEVER worried about that kind of thing, ever. Now when I have a good mood I always *question* it to death!!! I want nothing more than to just be normal.

    So, the good news is that I have a lot of time now where I feel like I'm 80-90% but I do still have times of anxiety that gets me. I'm also on day 39 of my cycle with no period.... yippee. I guess that should clue me into the fact that my hormones are still messed up.

    I am drinking and loving this tea:
    The reviews it got are GREAT! I am really hoping it regulates my period...
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  3. theringishell

    theringishell New Member

    Im only 12 days off the ring and i feel the same way! some days are better than others but it seems i get of few hours of "me" a day now.

  4. kris1980

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  5. AlyssTG9

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    Quitting - I'm sure you are still having hormonal issues, especially with a cycle that long. I feel like that too even though I've only been off the pill completely for 6 days. Just don't beat yourself up over your thoughts. You're getting better! [​IMG] I'm glad you feel better!

    Thering - Was the ring the only hormonal birth control that you've ever taken or were you ever on a pill or pills?

    Kris - what other teas do you recommend besides the female toner?

    In regards to Clark's question, I'm feeling about 80-90% percent and I'm definitely feeling better all together now that I'm off the pill completely. I guess I'm sort of happy that I weened myself off of Yaz before getting off all together. The transition off has been relatively smooth so far, with minor anxiety and irritability, but nothing major (thank God, I just don't want to jinx this). So I'll see how it goes.

    How is everyone doing/feeling?

    - Alyssa

  6. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    They have a great PMS tea that i also used.

  7. theringishell

    theringishell New Member

    I tried Seasonique or seasonel (i cant remember the name) and it made me bleed for a month and a half straight. That was about 3 years ago and I never used any other HBC till the ring.
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  8. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    how does everyone think they are at to feeling 100 % back to their old selves ????
    mine still can vary. today was good and i can say i felt about 80 % there.
    other days i feel in the 70- 75 % range which can be frustrating.
    In response to what Clark had said...

    I was doing most fabulous for a long time, the past week or so I think I have been off again at about 70%. I wish I felt better than I actually do, I wonder if it's stress? Or not working out for the past few days? The colostrum? I am just feeling BLAH, like no ambition to work, which I NEED! No workout need, feeling sad that I don't seem to lose weight even when I try! ARGH, sorry to vent but it is so frustrating! I am sure it will pass:( I also worry that it is my hypoglycemia, or still my hormomes, I think I need a physical and some tests!

    My friend made me some herbal tea, I think I might be breaking it out and trying some tea too!

    7 Months, 11 days off BCP(Triquiliar, Yaz, Ortho-Lo-13 Years)

    Also how far along is everyone, I know Clark and Alyss are about the same as me?!

  9. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    Awh sorry Bitter. It's probably just normal life problems and the stress too.. it will pass! I haven't been on a good workout schedule at all:(

    I'm wondering if anyone else here has the really annoying memory problems [​IMG] Sometimes it's not as bad, but often I'll try to remember what I did last Saturday or something and it takes me a long time to remember "oh yeah I went to that restaurant with those people, etc" and I constantly have to refresh my memory of what I did. Anyone else?

  10. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Thanks Quitting, I hope it's just a stress phase!

    My Mom says I always say "What was I going to say?" all the time, so apparently I have a ton of those moments! lol, I never even noticed it until she mentioned it!

    I am determined to get my butt out of bed tomorrow morning at 5:30am to workout! Who would have thought I would like working out in the morning better? Tonight, I plan on drinking a red bull and doing some spring cleaning! YAY! hahaha!

  11. whattodo89

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    Bitter: it's good to hear that you feel 80% back to your old self, even though there are bad days. Today is 5 weeks off for me, still no period! I would say....i'm maybe 20% back to my old self compared to the first couple weeks off of it. Just trying to keep pushing through...

  12. Bitter B*tch

    Bitter B*tch New Member

    Thanks Whattodo! I am sure you will get it eventually, sometimes it takes longer. Mine was still on track as my pill had regulatated me for so long. Now it comes a day or two early or late, I do like when I am on it as I lose some weight! lol, plus I feel more myself...strange! [​IMG]

    Oh I am pushing thru! Plus my fiance is not working for a few weeks, so him always around doing nothing, sleeping in is killing my schedule and ambition to go to the gym in the morning! I don't want to be mean, but it is annoying as I like my space in the morning as I am a grouch! lol, I don't like apologizing for being grumpy in the morning! hahahaha:)

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hey ladies

    so is this the new thread we should be posting in ??

    im good with whatever. any newbies coming on please check out the archives for our complete stories !!!!!!


    quitting, you are not bi-polar ! OMG i had the same thing happening with me. i had some days where i felt pretty darn good, then the next day was crappy. so i thought WTF ! am i bipolar !! it got me scared to death for a bit. so i told my hubby where he of course told me know. then i went on-line at took an on-line bi-polar test. and alas i am not bi ! haha

    as crazy as it sounds it calmed my nerves. there were like 35 questions and i only answered yes to one. (anxious thinkning)


    it does seem like sometimes we jinx ourselves. i think one day i am 80 % feeling good and then the next day im down to a 60 %

    God is it ever frusterating !

    so glad your off alyssa with no major problems and that you feel 80-90 % there. i long to be that close !

    glad to see you r posting again Bitter ! i think wedding stress is getting to ya a bit, dont worry !


    hey whattodo, just keep pushing through. honestly at that stage its the only thing you can do. 5 weeks off is deff early on.
    what symptoms are you still having ???


    same thing ringishell, keep pushing, keep telling yourself you are not crazy ! hormones are powerful things.


    try and stay away from googling your symptoms to death. it will only hurt you. trust me i know. i had myself convinced i was bi-polar, manic depressive, schitzo, etc......

    i did find another dr locally who deals with hormonal issues and bio-identacal hormones. i was very unhappy with my last dr visit and had only been to her 3 times so i had no real connection to her. she is not an expert in the field but i thought she knew her stuff as she was helpful with telling me to toss bc.

    anywhoo have an appt with new dr on the 26th to check up on how the bio-progest is doing. honestly im not sure how it is doing. i had some days at the 1 week mark where i thought, holy @$#%^@, this is doing something. but then period hit, emotional bullshit, and now i just dont know ????

    they will prob re-do blood work to see where my levels are now and i think thye will test for some stuff the last dr did not test for. (she only tested progesterone)

    i can say i have not had any side effects from the natural progest. nor have i felt any worse for taking it. just was hoping to see a bigger change . i have been taking it for 2 weeks and 3 days now.

    stopped bc at the end of september
    so i have been off october-nov-dec-jan-feb-march and working on april
    so over 6 months now..... geeze thought it would be over by now !

    have a fab week

  14. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    Good luck with the new doctor clark and let us know how it goes! haha, thanks for reassuring me... it's really so stupid, because up until this BC mess, I had never had depression at all. The most i'd ever had was crying a lot because of one of my ex-boyfriends :p googling my symptoms to death is the WORST thing I do!

    Very busy week for me this week, I hope everyone is doing well today!

  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    feeling a bit rough today.

    I HATE THIS !!!!

  16. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    This past week I have been feeling just fed up with everything, too. I mean, I do my normal things, getting up, going to class, etc and I definitely don't feel as bad as I did at first!

    but I have been having a hard time with my schoolwork and I'm REALLY getting fed up with my period! I had one period 62 days after stopping the pill. Now it has been 42 days since that last period... with noooo period whatsoever. I try to focus on my studying but I always end up thinking about the whole bc mess. It's like its all I can think about whenever I'm in my free time [​IMG] anxiety comes and goes but I'm just hoping I will continue to get better since I'm at 3.5 months now.

    I just want my period! and not to be always looking up birth control stuff.... gahhhh.

  17. DaniBear

    DaniBear Member

    Hey ladies!!

    I hate this too! Wish there was no need for us to be on this forum.

    Well, I have some good news. My period is GONE! I know that's not much good news but it is for me. I didn't want an everlasting period and well, today, it's gone!. I really think the raspberry leaf tea that I drink has helped with the two cycles I've had since going off bcp.

    And I have more good news-tomorrow is my birthday! YAY! I am not much for celebrating *my* birthday but I am thankful and blessed for another year.

    quitting-I wouldn't worry too much about your period because even women who don't have all our issues with bc have irregular/absent periods when they go off them. I have only had two periods(besides withdrawal bleed) and I stopped bcp back on oct. 31st. Also, have you spoke with a doctor about your period? Maybe you could give raspberry leaf tea a try? I've been told that parsley does wonders with making a woman start but I've never tried it myself.

  18. quittingthepill

    quittingthepill New Member

    I started drinking raspberry leaf tea a week ago! (traditional medicinals female toner) I'm hoping it does *something* for me. my question is, should I continue drinking it once my period finally does start? or should I stop? I think I will continue... and of course I also have bought the yogi Women's Moon Cycle tea which contains chasteberry and dong quai... maybe I should start drinking that after I get it??

    I actually did see a doctor this past monday and got ALL my hormones checked. the lab results should be back in a few days and I'll share them here of course.

    parsley really does sound like it could work, so many women say it really starts their period! i'm just nervous, if I did that, would it send me into some bout of anxiety or sadness? lol I never know.

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to danibear tomorrow! enjoy [​IMG] [​IMG]

  19. novi

    novi New Member

    Hey THERINGISHELL!!! I was on Depo for several years in college but it mostly made me fat, not affecting my mind and the rest of my body a discernible amount... then i was on NuvaRing for several years and THAT is what started affecting the rest of me.

    Yep, the ring IS hell. I finally went back to my doc after dropping the ring (with no explanation) a little over three years ago (i only went back for a pap)... sitting in his waiting room my blood pressure elevated to some crazy levels! literally - the thought of what it did to me made my blood boil!!! lol

    To whoever was asking about memory - YES!! I have never had a great memory but when I was in a fog - it was truly foggy! yeah, it did take me quite awhile to get my bearings to remember what thing i did when. my memory is still not amazing, but is back to what it used to be! ha ha

    Well, I hate to brag, but I'm still 100% great after taking the colostrum in February. Well, minus the typical PMS stuff. it kind of scared me, like i was going back to those feelings the entire time. but then it passed, and i breathed a sigh of relief. :)

    One thing that did help me the most while I was still feeling awful was to eat better - avoid sugar, sodas, energy drinks (which screw with your digestive system anyway) and eat lots of veggies, whole grains (stuff you see in the bulk bins at the grocery store), chicken and fish. I do believe detoxing gave the colostrum the best ability to do its work...

  20. theringishell

    theringishell New Member

    hey everyone
    15 bc free now. Every single day is a little bit easier than the day before. Maybe gaining 2% a day, at 70-80% depending on whats going on around me.
    As far as memory goes I must admit that I smoke a good bit of weed but I have certainly noticed a difference since this whole mess started. I began to keep a journal. Just jot down when i wake up, when i go to sleep, how I feel, what I ate, and a general summery of what I did. It helps me remember and gauge how im doing day to day.
    I reduced my anxiety allot by figuring out what my core fears were. (Dying, not being in control of my mind, being separated from my fiance, ect.) It helped me to recognize that all of my fears and anxieties were just some version of one of these main fears. It helped me to come up with coping strategies and positive statements that addressed my fears at the base.
    For the past couple days I've felt really out of it. Kind of foggy, disconnected from reality. My emotions are all kind of base line and muted. I still dont really feel like eating but I've been able to force myself to recently. Thats a definite improvement. I still havent been sleeping well and I feel really fatigued.
    I'm waiting to see how my period will be. the withdraw bleeding stopped a few days ago but i stopped one week into a new cycle so I have no idea when to expect it.
    Now that the anxiety has settled some my fiance is allot calmer as well. Taking it day by day I guess.


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