Tea Drinkers?

Discussion in 'Beyond Women's Health' started by kellybean, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. nafi

    nafi Active Member

    I don't like green tea. Least not the stuff I've tasted. Not sure about the flavoured stuff either. I drink just regular Tetley or Red Rose. I like it really strong, with little milk and lotsa sugar [​IMG]

  2. shopaholic85

    shopaholic85 New Member

    I love tea too, I used to drink it often when I lived at home, but not much anymore... mostly because I end up having to pee (TMI i know:p) SOOO often after I drink it... I don't know whyi like so many different kinds... chai and earl grey are my two favourites! [​IMG] I always have milk and sugar in my tea... and when ever i order it at a restaurant or if I have it at a friends house people always look at me weird.... lol oh well! [​IMG]

  3. Huminbird

    Huminbird New Member

    Peach black tea for me or anything with peach in it. I have recently tried the new Lipten triangle mango peach white tea and I am in love. I like mine fruity and sweet.

  4. artemiss

    artemiss New Member

    mmm, some of these sound just yummy..

    I drink a lot of tea at work..less caffeine than coffee.
    My usual is Earl Grey or Lemon Lift (bigelow). I also like their Plantation Mint iced in the summer.
    Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime is also near and dear to me. (but not for work!)
    Just a bit of sweetener (honey is good but I can't do the "real" sugars anymore.)

  5. kimmchu

    kimmchu New Member

    I love cold teas. There's one that I bought from mall which is a flavoured one. It was like banana milk tea, and it became my favorite since then.

  6. Michael Andrew

    Michael Andrew New Member

    Hi everyone! Does anyone already tried the graviola tea? [​IMG]

  7. Laila

    Laila New Member

    I'm addicted to hot green tee. I love hot beverages, especially when is cold. I drink a lot of ginger brew with raspberries juice and lemon. It's really keeps you warm!

  8. Farlyngston

    Farlyngston New Member

    While I love a variety of teas, if I had to pick “one tea to rule them all”, I would pick Jasmine Pearls. They can be resteeped TONS of times and they have a nice floral flavor but still have that green tea punch. I could drink it all day …. if there weren’t so many other yummy teas out there in the world. But it’s a great go to/stand by tea.

  9. Phillyboy

    Phillyboy Member

    I hate hot Tea. It is always too hot!!! But I do like unsweeted cold tea. That way I can add the right quantity of sugar! :) I believe I'm a sweet man (???), but I don't like too much sugar in my ice Tea :)

  10. Surry

    Surry New Member

    I love tea! Mostly Earl Grey, Fruit Tea and Green Tea. I like my black tea with milk and the green and Earl Grey tea with lemon, it's soo good!
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  11. MartyMac

    MartyMac New Member

    I really like ginger tea and rooibos tea. Whatever kind of tea I'm drinking, I add a green tea bag to it.

  12. Ericka

    Ericka New Member


    I love teas! my favorite one is the three mint tea ♥


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