Tea Drinkers?

Discussion in 'Beyond Women's Health' started by kellybean, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    Anyone here a regular hot tea drinker.

    I am during the colder months. My favorite is Orange Spice tea witha bit of sugar.

  2. Bridie

    Bridie New Member

    I like Earl Gray but tea always tastes better from a posh tea shoppe with actual china [​IMG]

    I'll drink herbal teas until they come out my ears - my favourite at the mo is lemon and ginger.I've seen some VERY expensive teas on the market though, it costs like £1 a tea bag the rate they're priced ! What am I that they think I can afford that, the Queen ?? lol

  3. Valeri

    Valeri New Member

    Hot green tea! Every day.

    I also really like celyon teas, esp. orange ones.

    If I'm ill, then I put honey + milk in it.
    Helps sore throats.

  4. kellybean

    kellybean New Member

    what are celyon teas?

  5. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    Yum, this time of year is perfect for Guayaki's brand of yerba mate chocolate spice tea. Tastes delicious and rich (but almost zero calories), and has caffeine!

  6. Valeri

    Valeri New Member

    Ceylon Tea =

    The Original Ceylon Tea plantations are located in the highest mountain regions of Sri Lanka (Ceylon).
    Teas grown in this idyllic climate and high altitude produce a distinctively superior tea when compared to those grown at lower elevations.
    Nourished by pristine, wholesome waters in an environment where pesticides are virtually unknown, The Original Ceylon Tea products are known the world over for their rich aroma, golden color, and delightful flavor.

  7. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    Oh my god, I looooove hot tea.

    Unfortunately, I am pregnant. And pregnant women cant drink herbal teas.... and I SO want to try the new lipton triangle teas. My favorite hot tea is just plain with sugar, and a side of toast. Perfect snack!! Guess for now, I'll just have to stick to hot cocoa and whipped cream since I'm pregnant throughout the entire winter... *whine*

  8. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    Why can't preggers drink tea?????...I am serious I have never heard this and I drank ice tea, hot tea etc...Herbals and regular...


    My kids have all five toes and fingures....

  9. maryberry1987

    maryberry1987 New Member

    Is it safe to drink herbal teas while I'm pregnant?
    Many pregnant women carefully avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and unnecessary medications but think nothing of drinking cup after cup of herbal tea. If this sounds like you, take heed: Herbal teas can be harmful, especially if you drink too much of them. Most of the ingredients in herbal teas are safe, but many are not. Herbs are drugs and thus can be as potent as some medications. What's more, only a few of the herbs used for teas have been studied in pregnant women.
    Which teas are not safe?
    Many of the herbs used for teas, when taken in large or medicinal amounts, can potentially stimulate the uterus and induce miscarriage. These include anise, catnip, chamomile, comfrey, ephedra (called ma huang in traditional Chinese medicine), European mistletoe, hibiscus, horehound, Labrador, lemongrass, licorice root, mugwort, pennyroyal, raspberry leaf, rosemary, sage, sassafras, stinging nettle leaf, vetiver, and yarrow.

    Although some midwives use raspberry leaf (also known as red raspberry leaf) to aid delivery, its effectiveness hasn't been proven. In any case, it should be used only near term and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Avoid the rest of the herbs in this list during pregnancy and lactation.
    Courtesy of babycenter.com

    Also, my doctor told me to avoid herbal teas...

  10. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    .........WOW.......... [​IMG]

    I guess this is new or just news to me.....Thats really wierd...I know we are suppossed to watch the caffiene etc, but never knew that....

    Hmmmmmmmm...Now to call and yell at my doc...LOL

    Thanks for the info though, I really did not know about this....See learn something new everyday..... [​IMG]

  11. MissGarbo

    MissGarbo New Member

    I love hot tea in the winter. My favorite is peppermint, with a little bit of milk.

    I highly recommend Good Earth's Original Sweet and Spicy tea. It is black tea, but there is a decaf version. It's the bee's knees!

  12. DES1202

    DES1202 New Member

    I am a total sucker for Apple Cinnamon tea in the winter months...I don't know...it just feels festive [​IMG]

    I also really love Chai Tea too.

  13. Celebrian80

    Celebrian80 New Member

    Earl Grey for me. Sometimes a couple of cups does me good [​IMG]

  14. curcuma

    curcuma New Member

    I used to be a big earl grey fan (but only the snooty ultra tasty fancy brands) but then I switched over to gen mai cha when I wanted to cut back on sugar and fat. There are so many delicious varieties from all over the world that I don't miss my earl grey too much unless I smell someone else drinking it. Ah. Divine.

    Oh1 But sometimes in winter I like to have this powdered chinese almond tea that makes me feel all cozy, or this mysterious ladies' ginseng tea from the chinese herbilist. I don't think I want to know what it actually is.

  15. MissGarbo

    MissGarbo New Member

    Green tea is amazing too. I have some out-of-this-world Jasmine tea, looseleaf, which I think is a kind of green tea. You have to use an infuser (like a tea-ball), but it's worth it.

    Unfortunately, I *really* have to watch my caffeine right now so I can't have it very often [​IMG]

  16. tea.ali

    tea.ali New Member

    I drink tea all day long, not sure how many cups (a remnant of my British upbringing). I drink regular with milk and sugar. I have "the tea closet" and that's where my house guests usually go first when they want something to drink. If I want a little change, I go with Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry or Rasberry. I have hypertension, so I know that I need to cut back because of the caffine. [​IMG]

  17. MNM

    MNM New Member

    Earl Grey is my cup of choice, no sugar or milk just a spot of fresh honey...

  18. MNM

    MNM New Member

    Oh yah and fresh steeped Green Tea, I can get it at one of the local witch doctors so to speak here in town...

  19. lylliestarr

    lylliestarr New Member

    Mmmmm...I drink tea everyday! I like green teas (Yogi antioxidant green tea, and Celestial Seasonings lemon honey ginseng green) and white teas (Trader Joe's White Pomegranate). I also LOVE Earl Grey Green tea...just a beautiful blend!

  20. Beachgirl

    Beachgirl New Member

    I love sweet iced tea...That's what we drink down here in the south!


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