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    Ovulation is the time period when the matured egg is released from any one of the ovary and travelled to fallopian tube. Whenever you set your mind to conceive, You have to be sure about your ovulation timing through your ovulation symptoms for better chance of fertilization. Because ovulation is a short time period when a matured egg is released and remember that egg can live in women’s body for only 12 to 24 hours. So that the egg has to be fertilized by a sperm in the fallopian tube in that short time period. If the egg is not fertilized in that short time period egg will be dissolved. So ovulation is the most fertile time period of woman and it is very important to aware about your ovulating symptoms and ovulation calendar for planned pregnancy.

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    The main symptoms of ovulation appear during hormonal changes women due to natural internal processes. The first sign that the egg is ready, is to increase the libido (sex drive) in women. This is provided by nature to a female looking for opportunities for sexual intercourse, which will end the pregnancy with a high probability. Female body is preparing to conceive by raising the level of the cervix during ovulation. This is accompanied by the following features: natural uterine tissue becomes softer and its opening opens stronger

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    Excuse me if I'm starting wrong, but I have read some comments and seen how they were helped so I'm just going to ask my questions. Ok within the last two months my period has been late. Last month lasted 2 days. This month it was late and is currently still going I think. It started on the 4th moderately, on the 5th n today it's only seen when I wipe pinkish brown. I started cramping 6 days before this late period, n still is cramping during this spotting stage. Should I be worried, or what? So confused, I'm TTC.


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