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  1. Tempting Toffee

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    In order for hormones to synchronize, they need to use the right nutrients correctly. Research has shown that synthetic hormones can affect nutrients. This information was taken from the book 'How to balance hormones naturally' by Kate Neil and Patrick Holford. Here is the link to information on this book.

    Here is what the pill does to vital nutrients:

    Vitamin A

    The pill produces excessive amounts of vitamin A. This can explain why many of pill users acne and heavy periods are cured. Excessive levels can be extremely harmful, and supplementing Vitamin A whilst on the pill is certainly not advised. However, when coming off the pill it is advised as levels will deplete. This can also explain why women coming off the pill suffer with heavy periods and spots even though they have never before.

    Vitamin B
    Synthetic hormones are hard for the body to break down, Vitamin B is involved in the process in the liver, it is advised to supplement Vitamin B whilst on the pill.

    Vitamin K
    It is linked to the pill, it's rarely included in multi vitamins as it is involved with blood clotting. There was a study, which women on the pill were found to have higher levels of vitamin K, than those not on the pill. It is recommended for some women to take vitamin K after coming off the pill.

    Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Iron
    High levels of copper are used in the pill and copper is associated with increasing the amount of oestrogen in the body and therefore increases the change of oestrogen dominance.
    If you supplement copper you must use at least 10 times the amount of zinc. But too much zinc can also deplete iron and manganese. An ideal supplement would include :
    10mg of iron
    15mg zinc
    3mg manganese
    1.5mg or less of copper

    Depression can be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin B, imbalance between calcium and magnesium, allergies and candidiasis. Our mood is very dependent on the food we eat. If high levels of amines are not broken down then depression can follow. The enzymes that are needed to break down amines are zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B. When supplemented these nutrients can relieve depression.
    Natural cures

    Vitamin E
    Can help reduce cramps.
    Cutting down on red meat and dairy produce
    Also helps lower back pains
    Helps with water retention.

    Vit B
    B6 helps with water retention
    B1- needed to help depression, anxiety….list goes on
    B3-energy and sugar balance
    B6 needs b2 for magnesium to be absorbed properly

    Low levels associated with cravings (and magnesium).

    Alcohol makes it harder for the nutrients to be absorbed.

    Vitamin A
    Heavy bleeding
    One study showed that those women suffering from heavy periods had half the levels of vitamin A. it was found that when treating the women with vitamin A for 35 days, half of them were cured and 14 more showed improvement. Meaning 93% improved. Howeve lack of other nutrients can lead to Vitamin A deficiency, nutrients such as zinc and vitamin E are needed to help them absorb.

    Vitamin C
    Has been suggested to help with heavy periods, taking it with iron rich foods is shown to help absorb the iron.

    Low levels associated with depression, fatigue, craving, nausea, poor appetite.

    Omega's have been proven to help depression and anxiety. Vital nutrients to help the brain function.


    Agnus Castus
    Dong Quai
    Saw Palmetto
    Soy Isoflavones
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  2. BethG

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    Nice post TC!

    I've been off birth control for about a year now, and I started taking a mult-vitamin about 4 months prior to quitting. My multi is pretty complete (besides being all natural) and does have everything you list, including vitamin K.

    Some of the minerals are a bit different:
    6mg iron instead of 10mg
    2mg manganese intead of 3
    2mg copper instead of <1.5mg.

    I take this in addition to a prescription pre-natal vitamin -- oddly enough, the pre-natal one is less complete overall so I've been taking both. I also take an extra vitamin C everyday.

    The transition off birth control was very smooth and my cycles stablized after the first two. Perhaps the vitamins played a role in that.

  3. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    It's out of a book called balancing hormones naturally, it's amazing!

    I've just bought a new multi-vit which is for women and has higher folic acid and the other b-vits!

  4. Myste

    Myste New Member

    I'm nearly a year off HBC and I took vitamins the first couple weeks but never consistently and ended up giving up. I really need to start getting back to taking them.

  5. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Mytse, I keep everything in a basket on my kitchen table so it became habit very easily to take them with dinner every night. Also, taking vitamins on a full stomach helps eliminate the nausea some people get.

  6. kattchi

    kattchi New Member

    oooh i really need to get back on some vits. When i was on the pill i took vitamin B and kept taking it for about 6 months after i came off but i think i must have run out and just never got round to getting some more. I must get myself a good multi vit, especially for the winter months which are fast approaching!

  7. Apearl

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    I had a nasty time coming off the pill. I was a pill user for 12 years with no problem. Then I switched brands/dosage and was on a REALLY bad one for about six months.

    Coming off the pill vitamins and herbs were VERY helpful for me.

    I have been using a brand of vitamins called women to women for three months and it has been very helpful. They are not cheap at all ($60/month)- but I have noticed a huge improvement. Also they come in a convenient pack so you can stash them in your purse or desk at work. Here is a link:

    I didn't see anyone mention Omega 3s (fish oil). These are included in my women to women vitamin packs that I take everyday. They are great for every part of your body and every function.

    Also, I had anxiety and depression pretty bad. I take a supplement called 5-HTP. It is from an african seed and is easily converted by your body into serotonin. This helped me quite a bit as well

    I'm currently going to acupuncture. I've only had one session so far - but it went pretty well.

    It's really sad that science is only now starting to connect the importance of hormones to all of our bodily functions and our personality. But new research is showing what a lot of us women coming off the pill already knew - hormones can have a huge impact on your overall health and outlook.

  8. kia

    kia New Member

    Have you ever tried taking hormones from natralpath?? They are diluted down like 100 times and help to regulate hormone levels, more natrally. I have problems with hormone levels not being where they are suppose to be, thus far, this is helping. I am also taking a product called, "femagen" which helps to deal with PMS and major period cramps. For me, my main reason for being on birth control, besides the obvious reason. I also find, it is easy to be aware of when hormone levels are changing, i know exactly when I am ovulating, and know when I need my partner to wear protection. I am new to taking these two products, the femagen has greatly helped with pms, but only slight improvement with cramps. BUt its not in my system long yet. You have some great info on vitmins and such. I'm just new to this forum but am loving all the great info!!

  9. kia

    kia New Member

    sorry hormones are diluted down more than 100 times, more like 1000 times, but still very effective...

  10. Raunchy-Row

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    Hey, thanks TC [​IMG]

  11. GreenTea

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    Great work, TC! We needed a thread like this. I'm definitely going to refer people here if they say they're coming off the pill.

    A few things to clarify: how is vitamin K linked to the pill? And should it be taken while on the pill, or while coming off?

    Omega isn't spelled out--there are both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It's the omega 3's that have those beneficial effects. Omega 6's may not be harmful in and of themselves, but our food supply has way too much of them, so taking any more would be harmful. Wild meats have high levels of omega 3--that's why fish are so well known for it; it's the only type of meat that's routinely caught in the wild these days. Farm raised fish do not have such high levels, and neither does farm raised meat--anything raised like that tends to have more omega 6. Interestingly, edible wild plants also have a good amount of omega 3, including places you wouldn't expect to find it, such as leaves.

  12. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Sorry yes, I just added the omega as a poster suggested so-add if you would like :)Please feel free to edit it, if you would like to add vitamins.

    I haven't got a clue where the book is, it's not that the pill directly increases it, but a study found that women on the pill had a higher level of K in their blood. It shouldn't be taken on the pill, but after coming off for a while.

    I've added the books details in the introduction.

  13. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Vitamin K increases your clotting factors--probably why women on the pill have that increased risk of blood clots? That would make sense to me. We give it to babies post delivery to keep them from bleeding uncontrollably, especially if they've had a long and difficult birth, because theirs don't kick in until later. I don't see why you'd need to take it after coming OFF the pill, though, I'd like to know more about that.

  14. Tempting Toffee

    Tempting Toffee Active Member

    Get the book [​IMG] xxx

  15. kris1980

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    Just an FYI for anyone looking for a womens health vitamin. I found it at Target and now i swear by it.
    Origin for Women- Multi for her

  16. Violet

    Violet New Member

    Just FYI, I've been using the Women's Ultra Mega from GNC for a quite a while now, and swear by it. It has all the vitamins listed here and much more. They are big and make your urine a lovely shade of yellow for a little while, but it's worth it.

    Before I started taking them, my periods were irregular, heavy, crampy... and went to just about perfectly regular within just a few cycles. (before I was on the pill, and hopefully will return to this when I'm off!)

    My question to folks, what time is best (or is there one?) to take your vitamin? And should it be the same every day? Lately I take mine after dinner, but wondering if it makes a difference?

  17. GreenTea

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    Whenever is best for you. Some vitamins are better absorbed if you take them with food, and some people get nauseated if they take them on an empty stomach, so it's advised to take them with a meal. Which one is up to you.

    I've taken mine both right before and right after eating and never noticed a difference. I prefer right after, because supposedly they absorb better then. Also, I take mine at breakfast (that way, if I forget, there are two more meals in the day), and I also drink coffee at breakfast--and caffeine inhibits the absorption of some vitamins. So I'd rather take it after the coffee. If you smoke (I don't), that's also a consideration, because nicotine can inhibit absorption, too--so the best time to take them would probably not be right before you have a cigarette.
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  18. indefatigable

    indefatigable New Member

    If anyone is interested, I take a vegan multivitamin. The biggest difference is that it has high levels of B vitamins, especially B-12, which is hard to get from non-animal sources. This might be helpful if you want to minimize the number of vitamins you are taking.

    I also take my vitamin in the morning, after breakfast. I take an Omega-3 DHA after dinner, calcium after lunch, and a probiotic before bed, as that says to take it on an empty stomach.

    I dunno, I kinda like to spread them out so my body doesn't have to deal with them all at once. But I've never heard if this is worthwhile, or if I just think it is!

  19. disco

    disco New Member

    If you're having problems sleeping try a time release B12 vitamin.

  20. MarisaGoVegan

    MarisaGoVegan New Member

    I really appreciate this threat. Very informative!

    FYI Other vegan sources of
    Omega 3 fatty acids: flax seed (i make dehydrated crackers out of flax seed that have been soaked and add flax meal to my oatmeal and baked goods)
    Vitamine B12: spirulina (it's a blue green algea, you can get the powder at natural food stores. it's grate added to smoothies and sprinkled on salads, soups, rice, etc.)

    Remember, if we have access to a variety of foods, then we can get all our vitamins from whole foods and herbs rather than, pills. A great place to look up what nutrients are in foods is

    One thing I think I should do is get a blood test to check my nutrient levels, which can be done for free at a local clinic-- but I am really scared of getting my blood drawn! I need to muster up the courage to do it...


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