Stay at home moms on a major budget

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by EliseCM, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. EliseCM

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    Im pregnant with my first, 28 weeks, and I was hoping there were some stay at home moms that could offer some advice. Ill be a stay at home mom for the first few years so I was hoping someone could offer some tips to good budgeting with only one working parent, as well as things I might be able to do from home for some rxtra cash.

  2. iampam

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    I get almost all of their clothes and gear from garage sales. I also do cloth diapers, LOVE it. As far as working from home, you have to look at what you enjoy doing and what your skills are. There are lots of jobs that involve selling stuff, but the MLM ones usually end badly.

  3. AnnaM

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    I've made a habit of buying my kids clothes, toys books since babyhood in charity shops, garage sales and now they are bigger they participate and it is a bit of fun. I used cloth nappies for a while too. Homemade baby food frozen in ice cube trays then transferred to plastic boxes. Homemade playdough, borrowed stuff that we wouldn't need forever, you know like bassinet. Hand me downs were great, did swaps with other mums from playgroup for clothes, toys etc. I long term breastfed not just because of the obvious benefits for the baby but also it is free and no mess ( once I got the hang of it). Recycled maternity clothing. We planted our own veggie garden and had chickens so that helped our budget a bit ( fun for the toddlers) but I guess it depends on where you live and whether you like chickens. I did most of the cooking, jams etc to cut down on the cost of groceries, but I think Australia has more expensive food. I am not sure what to suggest for working from home. I did night shift for a while when I was able, and the kids were at school. I was pretty well in to a stay at home Montessori alternative lifestyle and that seemed to be a natural progression towards recycle and make do. We stopped buying really good wine!

  4. *mel*

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    I agree with second hand baby clothes, they are only in them for a couple of months at most usually so buying new is a waste of money! Most equipment you can get second hand too for next to nothing! People can be very generous when giving baby stuff away too, most of the time it is big and bulky so people just want rid of it as it's taking up room!
    Babies don't actually cost that much, it's when they get older the real expense starts! As for working from home, for a while I babysat a friends daughter 2 days a week while she was at work. Didn't earn a fortune but it was abit of extra cash. I stopped a month before my second child was born.

  5. MizzAmber

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    In terms of extra cash, what is your area of expertise? Personally, I am a writer and I was able to parlay my experience as a writer into some gigs from home.

    In terms of saving money, I love love love Facebooks yardsales. Before I consider buying something new, I always log on and check the yardsale sites first.


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