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    Not sure if this should go here but looking at the yummy recipes I thought maybe....
    Is anyone doing South beach Diet? I would love to have a spot here to share recipes and support....
    I have been on since Jan 4th and as of yesterday lost 15lb....(diet alone)
    Hubby was on board but fell off for a while but is trying to get back on.
    So yeah if anyone has any interest please post.
    Also I do not have any of the books, so I am not sure exactly how to titrate with the 2nd phase....I know we can reintroduce some carbs slowly but not sure the exact pace.....

  2. why

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    I am actually going to post my dinner for tonight...

    Chicken breast with onion and balsamic vinegar

    Pan fry (in olive oil) your chicken breast (boneless skinless) until cooked.
    Add a bit more olive oil to the same pan and saute 1 small onion until transparent.
    Add vinegar (unsure of exact measurement) approx 1/4 cup simmer that until it reduces by half.
    Top the chicken with onion and vinegar mixture.

    Stir-Fried Spinach with Garlic and Parmesan

    Heat heavy bottom wok or skillet with olive oil (maybe a couple turns of the pan) heat and add 6-8 chopped garic cloves. Heat approx 30-60sec, remove garlic.
    Wilt in 8oz fresh spinach about 2-3 min.
    top with parm cheese.
    (I have also added crushed red peppers to the garlic oil and it gives a great punch of heat)

    Sugarfree chocolate pudding cup
    Open lid and enjoy!!!!
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    clarko, do you have South Beach recipes to share? That's what this thread is for.

    Sorry for the digression. I've never done South Beach, so I don't know what all the requirements are. I know it calls for whole grains, which I do eat, and have some recipes for.


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